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This 9 session (60 minutes each session) course looks at the history of pre and pharaonic Egypt (before and during Egypt's independent statehood) as well as cultural themes arguably first present during the Predynastic period. Timewise, this period was over three thousand years. To make research a little bit easier, Egyptologists have broken this period up into times when Egypt was a centralized state (placed by Egyptologists under the rubric of Kingdoms) and periods of time when Egypt broke apart into different regions (called Intermediate Periods). I hope to dispel the myth that the ancient Egyptians were completely obsessed with death. The complete opposite is true. Egyptians were amazing and had an incredible zest for life. Because the Intermediate Period classes will take less time, for some of those weeks I will also give a quick summary of the ancient history of the Fertile Crescent (partly because by Egypt's New Kingdom historical developments there are definitely impacting what is going in Egypt). Similar to my other courses, students can choose to take all eight sessions or just focus on the periods that they have a special interest in. I look forward to our explorations together! Content Breakdown Class one- Two: Introduction Class 1: Intro Part 1 < Egyptology's Beginnings and 'ism's entanglement < Summary of Hieroglyphics Class Two: Intro Part 2 < Egypt's Geography and Nile Flood < Overall Chronology Class Three: Neolithic-Early Dynastic Class Four: Old Kingdom Class Five: First Intermediate Period Class Six: Middle Kingdom Class Seven: Second Intermediate Period (Near East context) Class Eight: New Kingdom Class Nine: Late Period
World history · Archaeology · Art history
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Learn and improve to speak Italian with a real Florentine (Tunis)
I had the pleasure of learning Italian with Gemma, and I cannot recommend their teaching enough! Gemma is a patient, enthusiastic, and skilled instructor who made learning Italian an enjoyable experience. She created engaging lessons that catered to my learning style and helped me build a strong foundation in the language. With their guidance, my confidence in speaking and understanding Italian has grown significantly. Grazie mille, Gemma, for your dedication and passion for teaching Italian!
Review by FAREEZ
Teacher of French as a foreign language - personalized private courses (Ixelles-Elsene)
Cécile is a responsive teacher who uses an interactive and structured approach. She listened to my needs and was attentive to my level, tailoring lessons to how and where i can best make progress. The strength I am most impressed by is her ability to identify where exactly I'm having issues, and to work around those needs and structure homework in a way that best exercises it.
Private lessons and support in literary subjects (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)
Antoine did a great job of assessing my level and creating appropriate lessons tailored to my interests.