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1 alternative health teacher in Sant Joan De Labritja

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Trusted teacher: A healthy mind is the beginning of successful learning and also a fulfilling lifestyle. A healthy mind is a state achieved by realizing and being in a state of inner peace. This state cannot be achieved when stress factors are being relayed by the body to the mind in any form and more-so by illness and disease receptors and inhibitors. In light of this considerations, ones health becomes of paramount importance to experience nirvana of the mind and therefore a fruitful, bountiful, and truly fulfilling lifestyle for one-self and those that surround you - emanating positive vibrations. This twelve months course examines the intricate discovery of dietary lifestyle changes necessary for achieving a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible to achieve strength in old age and the healing qualities on natural food recipes vital for achieving peak body and mind health performance for all ages to not misquote the benefits of the "eat your foods as your medicines and not your medicines as your foods," analogy. This self paced course explores your disease and provides quick natural food remedies, healing values of foods tailored in cute recipes that bring back the physical and mental strength and will taken away by any disease that is necessary for you to report to learning school, skiing, having an awesome time with the grandchildren or reporting to work tomorrow. So, having finance is very good, but having mind and body power cannot take second place. Time is money. Trust me you would rather have either, time or money for your health.
Self-improvement · Alternative health
Trusted teacher: Pilates | Health Coach | Yoga Get rid of that cycle you have been stuck in for such a long time and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Say no to restrictive diets and constant cravings. Stop punishing yourself because you "need to lose weight". ​ Did you know that through eating healthy alone you can activate all your natural healing mechanisms, allow your body to function properly, and lose extra accumulated weight effortlessly? ​ Holistic Health Coaching focuses on eating REAL foods, whatever mother nature has provided for us, not what has been made in labs, coated in sugar and flour, or fried until the origin is untraceable. ​ I am here to help you find a healthier lifestyle that suits you better, that will allow you to thrive, and that you can maintain long-term. Eat better, not less. Choose between 4 different packages where you will receive: - 60-minute sessions - Weekly, Simple, healthy meal plans - Unlimited emails and calls for the duration of our work together - Pantry makeovers, weekly calls, and mindfulness tips for upgraded packages I have been in your shoes many times, looking for answers, wanting to make changes, and getting frustrated when I could not tackle any of those things. Having gone through a major process of changes myself and being empowered and mentored by incredible trainers and teachers around the world has made me into who I am now. I can offer you a unique approach, an anatomical view, care for detail, for YOUR story, and a genuine passion to help you reach where you want to be; both through nutrition and fitness. You will not regret it!
Sport coaching · Health · Alternative health
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