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2 adobe photoshop teachers in City Center

Trusted teacher: From the basics of photography (for beginners if its needed) to a complex high level complete workflow for advanced users. My name is Senén and I am a Master graduate in Classical Piano performance by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Maastricht ( Netherlands) , computer scientist and a fine art photographer from Spain currently studying Aerospace Engineering in Leganés( Madrid). I have received awards in the most prestigious international photo-contests like the PX3 International Photo competition (París, 2016, Bronze prize), Siena International Photo Awards(Siena, 2016, Remarkable Award), the V Salon International Photographie Catalan(San Perpignan, 2016, 1º prize) or the International Photo Awards of the U.S( 2016, Honor Mention). Recommended to have in the lessons: -own computer -camera with manual mode Detailed lessons scheme for advanced users: Landscape: -Framings. How to make a photo: The subject matter. -Focal lengths and tips. -Long exposure photography: Neutral density filters and more. Types of filters. -Adobe Camera Raw/ Lightroom. Lightroom complete workflow. -Masks and adjustments. -Luminosity masks. Exposition blending. -Color balance: Introducing to the glow. -Focus stacking. -Panoramic shots. -Dodge/Burn: deep analysis. -Flares and Orton Effect: Atmospheres. -Color Efex Pro. Why and how use this software? -Finishing the photo and saving it for web or printing. City and Architecture: -Framings and perspectives in the city -Composition based on the old masters in paintings. -Why black and white? Neutral Density filters. IRND. other filters. -Long exposure during the day. -The subject matter -Ansel Adam’s zone system and how to analyse a photography. -The masters Joel Tjintjelaar and Anna Gospodarou -Preparating the photo for the workflow in 16bits. -Perspective control in wide angle lenses- PTLens -Studying the image: what I will do? -Clouds and skies: Long exposure by software. -Selections. -Complex selections. -Luminosity masks(Tkuiper v4) -Silver Efex Pro -Exposure blending and dodge and burn -Finishing the photo and saving it for web or printing. Portrait: -Framings and focal lengths. -Exposing correctly: natural light and artificial light. -Flash and triggers -Light schemes: Rembrant, Butterfly, Clamshell, etc -Speedlights and studio flashes. Accessories or light modifyers. -Outside: The subject as an element of the composition. -Processing: Capture one and Photoshop. -Studying the photo. -Color grading and color harmony. -How to get the perfect skin tone in beauty photography. -Frecuency separation and IHP -Model/Posing/Styling/Composition/Lightning -Dodge and burn + healing brush + cloning : the retouching triangle Looking forward to meet you in my lessons!
Adobe photoshop · Photography
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These classes are for those who are are just starting out as well as those looking to break into the industry as a concept artist or illustrator. Topics/Services I provide: Fundamentals of painting Concept art for Film/TV Sci-fi / Fantasy illustration Getting into the industry Networking Work/Life Balance as an Artist How to Improve Fast Portfolio Review Paint-overs Assignments and exercises Why I provide Apprentus? I attribute much of his success from advice, skills, and lessons mentors so generously shared with me early on in my career. These valuable relationships continue to this day and have become reciprocal when it comes to solving difficult design problems, critiques and advice. These mentors have been an integral part of his professional journey, as advice has gone beyond the work itself to dealing with work/life balance, studio cultures, mundane but essential admin issues; marketing, taxes, etc. I am now offering mentorships to repay those who have helped me, and to provide that much-needed support for mentees looking to break into the industry as a concept artist or illustrator. About me: I am a Concept Artist / Illustrator from Dublin. I have over 5 years of professional experience working in film, advertising, games and sci-fi/fantasy illustration. I began my career in Ireland working as a storyboard artist for brands like Sony, Dunnes Stores and Lifestyle Sports. Having always had a passion for film, I transitioned into the film industry interning at SSVFX working on titles such as 'Room' and 'Black Sails'. This led to a move to London where I worked in-house at Painting Practice. Currently, I am working remotely as a freelancer while traveling the world. I work on film titles at the highest level, such as 'Black Mirror', 'His Dark Materials' and 'Artemis Fowl' for clients like Disney, Warner-Bros, Netflix and HBO. My illustrations have been featured in both national and international publications such as The Irish Examiner and Paizo Inc's 'Pathfinder' and 'Starfinder' series.
Adobe photoshop · Illustration · Digital arts
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Adobe Suite - Tools for creating images for the web (Paris)
Federico is a wonderful teacher! We have covered all the basis of Illustrator and he explained me very well how the program works, what are the main tools and features. It was exactly what I was looking for and what I learnt during our class helped me a lot. I would absolutely recommend Federico.
Review by KSENIJA
Math Tutoring for school, SAT prep, basic level math, GRE (Amsterdam)
Vidhi promised an interactive and well explained lesson and she indeed delivered! Her communication skills are impressive with the ability to easily explain the same problem in various ways, she helped me have a clear picture of the key areas of improvement which I need to focus on. Very happy.
Review by CATALINA
Learn the tools of InDesign CC 2020 software. (Saint-Gilles)
I had an extremely insightful lesson with Renaud, who explained to me the basics of InDesign but also other things that I would need in order to progress fast taking into consideration every detail of the overall outcome. Renaud is knowledgeable, patient and clear. Returning student.
Review by ELENI

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