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Vera - Kiev, Ukraine24€
Trusted teacher: Hey there, I am Vera, a singer, composer and a vocal coach, a member of NATS(National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA) if you also adore music and singing I would be glad to help you in developing your skills! I prepared students for entering the New York Film Academy to the program "Musical Theatre". Also, I prepared many recitals of my students and their bands in Ukraine, Poland, Canada, Israel, USA, Indonesia, Germany, etc..., recorded a few EP, have clips available on music channels, also perform their songs on the radio. Some of them have their own youtube channels and we are developing it choosing interesting songs for cover. Others write their own songs and have a contract with the music labels in the USA, and I always support these skills. Speaking of my personal achievements I can say that I am a singer and songwriter, I work in several styles- house, lounge, jazz, country, and pop, collaborate with musicians, sound engineers, and producers from many countries. I have experience of writing arrangements and working with professional musical programs such as Cubase, Nuendo, and others, also I worked a lot as a session vocalist in the many recording studios in Ukraine. So I can share my knowledge with you. My methods are directed to get the result as soon as it`s possible and also to develop your natural music skills. That`s why I use the most effective exercises in my work special for each student. Also, my methods are loyal so the student can sing his favorite songs at the lesson and enjoy it. See you at the lessons!
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Trusted teacher: Nicolás (DE) Gitarrenlehrer aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien. Als Gitarrenlehrer verfügt er über mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung und hat sich auf klassische Musik von der Renaissance bis zur Musik des 20 Jahrhunderts spezialisiert. Er hat auch Erfahrung in Tango, Jazz und Bossa Nova. In seinem Unterricht können Sie die Musik von Josquin des Prez bis zu Heitor Villa-Lobos kenner lernen, einschliesslich Piazzolla und The Bealtes. Er studierte an den wichtigsten Konservatorien in Buenos Aires. Er erhielt zwei Diplome als Lehrer und Hauptlehrer. Zurzeit absolviert er einen Masterstudiengang für Alte Musik (Instrumente der Lautenfamilie) an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. In den letzten zehn Jahren war er regelmässig als Solist und mit verschiedenen Ensembles in den grossen Konzertsälen der Stadt Buenos Aires zu hören. Er ist auch in Paraguay, der Schweiz und Italien aufgetreten. Im Jahr 2009 gründete er die Camerata Argentina de Guitarras (Gitarrist und künstlerischer Leiter 2009-2019). Im Jahr 2014 veröffentlichte er sein erstes Soloalbum "Morro de Saudade". Nicolás (EN) Classical Guitar Teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently living and studying in Zürich, Switzerland, doing a Master’s Degree program in early plucked string instruments at the ZHdK with Eduardo Egüez. He studied in Buenos Aires with Marcela Sfriso and Eduardo Isaac. As part of his training, he also took several courses and seminars with renowned guitarists, such as Pablo Márquez, Eduardo Fernández, Walter Ujaldón, and Miguel de Olaso. In the last ten years, he was featured regularly as a soloist and with different ensembles in the main concert halls in Buenos Aires city, such as CCK, Usina del Arte and Centro Nacional de la Música. He has also performed in Paraguay, Switzerland and Italy. In 2009 he founded the Camerata Argentina de Guitarras (guitarist and Artistic Director 2009-2019). In 2014 he released his first solo album "Morro de Saudade”. He has made national and international premieres of Latin-American composers such as Leo Brouwer and Javier Farías, with an ensemble and as a soloist. We can work in any kind of songs, strummings, fingerpicking, fingerstyle My classes are for: -Amateurs and advanced students. -Kids, young people, and adults. I can teach in English, Spanish, and High German. More about my classes My guitar teaching model is based on books and the approach of guitarist and pedagogue Abel Carlevaro. In some way, it is about understanding and analyzing the nature of the movements we make to play the guitar or ukelele in the simplest way possible. Just as to build a building you need a good foundation, to build a system of skills that allows us to be musicians, we need to know and practice in a conscious way all the movements we do. These movements are what we do when we play just one open string or what we need to do to play the most difficult piece of the repertoire. After getting to know and listening to how my students play I propose a short and medium-term work plan. This plan is presented taking into account the objectives and wishes of each student. Exercises and pieces are included that will also allow to know the repertoire of the guitar. Therefore, each work plan includes specific and general contents.
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Aloha. The Sacred Sound of the ultra-ancient Didgeridoo, is a profoundly powerful experience to be able to play, share, and grow from. My name is Michael, and in 1988 at barely age 18, I was fortunate to spend a great deal of time with Aboriginal Elders deep in the Australian outback. I was initiated into the 'DreamTime', and have been a Didj player, healer, Sound Journeyer, and teacher of the Didgeridoo ever since. I have played the Didgeridoo onstage live globally, and have given Didgeridoo concerts to the likes of Jimmy Page, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and have opened for Michael Franti and Spearhead, among other international EDM festivals, and events. I have studied the Didgeridoo and sacred sound for decades, as well as the healing and wellness-enhancing properties of playing and long-term Circular-Breathing, the art of continually exhaling through the lips while playing a wind instrument. Mastery in Didgeridoo is for Everyone and anyone who desires to learn something different while having a personal tool for meditation, mind clearing, having fun, and sharing with others. From Beginners to avid Didgeridoo players, I offer one off classes, as well as Mastery Level 4 week Courses. I will have you playing and circular breathing in no time, and from there the real fun and true playing begins Topics Of Mastery in Didgeridoo Course: *Making a Sound and Didgeridoo Basic Playing Dynamics *Breath Awareness and Body Dynamics of Didgeridoo Playing *Circular-Breathing and Breath Rhythms for Advanced Techniques *Multifaceted and Diverse Sound Creation *Deep Meditation Techniques and Didgeridoo Recording *Live Lessons with proactive follow-up Home Work *Understanding Notes, Keys, and Octaves in Didgeridoo Playing *Playing Didgeridoo with Various Music and Band types I look forward to sharing some of the ancient secrets in the Sound of Didgeridoo Playing and music. This instrument is simple to create and make, and can easily be learned by anyone of any age. The Mastery of the Didgeridoo takes a lifetime and to play it like a Pro I warmly offer you this opportunity to do so in signing up for Lessons and Advanced Programs in Didgeridoo Mastery with me. Mahalo ke Akua and may the Sound Be with You. Aloha Regards, MC
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Offering piano classes for anyone interested to learn (Harrow on the Hill)
Hi My son had attended few weeks ( one / two sessions per week) keyboard classes with Pooja. I am revising my ratings after these sessions. I am so happy with the progress my son has made in keyboard in such a short notice. Pooja's dedicated approach & Notes/ homework after every class really helps the students. I would recommend her classes. Thanks Sajith
Review by SAJITH
Violin for everyone! ABRSM or Trinity are possible (The Hague)
I had my first violin lesson with Mario. He is very patient in explaining the basics to a total novice who dreams to play the violin. Mario is very friendly and was very helpful in setting up the violin. It was an encouraging first lesson and I left feeling happy and enthusiastic. I will surely continue.
Review by MANJU
Learn how to use your voice correctly and how to improve your natural voice. Stay at home and keep singing guys!)
Thank you Vera for personal and very professional approach! I had several classes and it feels really good to get more and more confidance in using my voice. Very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Highly recommended!
Review by LARISA