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Recently Posted Private Classes

Esther Juyoung
Voice & Piano Lessons for all levels in Schöneberg
Voice & Piano Lessons in Schöneberg <Voice lessons for Children> Ignite children’s passion for singing with engaging voice lessons featuring Disney musical pieces, pop music, and folksongs. Our classes focus on: - Basic vocal techniques - Fun and age-appropriate repertoire - Building confidence and stage presence <Audult Voice lessons> - Improve vocal range and tone - Master different musical styles - Develop advanced singing techniques <Intensive Voice lessons> For singers aiming to perfect their craft, our intensive voice lessons focus on: - Advanced vocal techniques (Bel canto, Passaggio, high notes, low notes, mix voice, belting) - Music theory and vocology - Strengthening and refining your vocal skills <Piano Lessons> Comprehensive piano lessons for beginers to intermediate skill levels. Learn to play your favorite songs and understand music theory under the guidance. Join me in Schöneberg and embark on your musical journey today! All ages and skill levels are welcome!

Learn Spanish from a Native Barcelona Teacher: Personalized Lessons for All Learning Styles
Would you want to learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way? I'm a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona with 7 years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels. My classes focus on conversation, helping you to use Spanish confidently in everyday life. I also assist with homework and clarify any difficult topics. To immerse you fully in the language, I strive to speak Spanish throughout our lessons. I hold a Master's degree in Biology, am 26 years old and fluent in English. I'm currently learning German, which can be helpful for our classes. The first class is to discuss your goals and get to know each other. I offer both in-person and online classes, and we can decide what works best for you in our initial meeting.

English as a foreign language, helping you to build confidence to use your skills
Dear client, Since I decided to follow my passion in languages & people, which in turn led me on this incredible journey of teaching English as a foreign language, I have never looked back. As a young man I moved abroad with my family which put me in sometimes difficult situations until I was comfortable with the new language (Spanish). Therefore I know how it feels to be on the other side, to lack confidence, to not understand everything. This is why I have patience, allow my students to feel comfortable and instill them with the confidence to make mistakes as they go on their own journey learning a new language. In the last four years, I have been lucky enough to experience teaching students from all classes, backgrounds, ages and levels. Also, from modern classrooms to public schools & kindergartens, with either minimal or high tech materials. In the end, none of those things are important as long as the teacher possesses the confidence, energy, patience and flexibility to use whatever they have at their disposal to make a fun & engaging lesson for their students. This is why I believe I would be an asset to your company, after teaching in Vietnam & Spain I am now ready for my next challenge as I hope to settle in Berlin for some time to come.

Music lessons for multiple levels and areas with special focus on voice, composition and music production!
Music Lessons with Mia Unlock your musical potential with personalized lessons tailored to your needs and aspirations. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, I offer comprehensive music lessons that cover a wide range of areas with a special focus on voice, composition, and music production. Lesson Offerings: 1. Voice Training: - Beginners: Learn the basics of vocal technique, including breath control, pitch, and tone. Develop a strong foundation with exercises designed to build confidence and improve vocal strength. - Intermediate: Refine your vocal skills with advanced techniques, explore different genres, and enhance your performance abilities. Work on expanding your vocal range and mastering more complex songs. - Advanced: Focus on professional-level training, including stage presence, emotional expression, and vocal stamina. Receive guidance on audition preparation, recording sessions, and live performances. 2. Composition: - Beginners: Discover the fundamentals of music theory, melody creation, and basic harmony. Start composing your own simple pieces and learn the essentials of songwriting. - Intermediate: Delve deeper into advanced harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration. Explore various compositional styles and techniques while working on your own original compositions. - Advanced: Hone your unique compositional voice with personalized feedback and advanced techniques. Learn about scoring for different ensembles, arranging, and preparing your compositions for performance or publication. 3. Music Production: - Beginners: Get introduced to the basics of music production, including DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) setup, recording techniques, and basic mixing. Learn to create your first tracks and understand the production workflow. - Intermediate: Develop your production skills with in-depth lessons on sound design, advanced mixing techniques, and mastering. Explore different genres and production styles while working on your projects. - Advanced: Master professional production techniques, including advanced sound engineering, vocal production, and complex mixing and mastering processes. Receive guidance on producing high-quality tracks ready for release. Why Choose Lessons with Me? - Personalized Approach: Each lesson is tailored to your individual goals, ensuring you progress at your own pace and achieve your musical aspirations. - Comprehensive Curriculum: From fundamental skills to advanced techniques, my lessons cover a wide spectrum of musical knowledge and practices. - Expert Guidance: As a former student and alumni of star vocal coach David Lee Brewer, I bring unique insights and high-level training to our sessions. I provide expert advice and mentorship to help you succeed. - Flexible Scheduling: Lessons are available at times that fit your schedule, allowing for consistent and uninterrupted learning. - Supportive Environment: Learn in a positive, encouraging atmosphere that fosters creativity and growth. Whether you're starting your musical journey or looking to refine your existing skills, my lessons are designed to inspire and equip you with the tools you need to excel. Let's make music together and achieve your dreams!

Self Defense and Boxing Class! Be able to protect yourself and get in great shape at the same time! (all levels)
🇬🇧Are you interested in boxing or self defense? this is the perfect class for you! I will teach you how to properly throw punches and be a walking beast! 🇩🇪Interessieren Sie sich für Boxen oder Selbstverteidigung? Dann ist dieser Kurs perfekt für Sie! Ich werde Ihnen beibringen, wie man richtig schlägt und zu einer wahren Kampfmaschine wird!

Guitar lessons for all ages and levels: deferent styles, improvisation, vocal coaching & performance , song writing & composition
Guitar lessens in Hebrew/English/German For children and adults in all ages and levels. All guitar styles, improvisation, song writing and composition. I love helping my students find ways to express their feelings and inspiration and to experience the joy of creativity in music. - Scales & Mods - Chords - Ear training - Song writing - Improvisation

Classic,Poppiano,Jazzpiano,Beginners,Adults and Children are all Welcome !
My Name is Anastasija ,I am Piano teacher since 14 Years old.I teach children and teens,adults and everybody WHO wants to learn how to play Piano beautifully .all you need is Portion of patience, motivation .I teach in Englisch,German , Russian. 2017 I finished Bachelor of Music at Robert-Schumann Musicacademy.Duesseldorf, Germany. My Last Piano Prof.Jean Micault war a great inspiration to me ,what a real teacher should be.I Always Focus on every Student I do offer online lessons during the school year additionaly to my teaching classes. I Look Forward to choin you on your Music Piano lesson. U can contact me via WhatsApp: 01625498945

Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons (Songwriting) [EN]
Hi! Have you ever dreamed of strumming your guitar to your own original songs, feeling that electric thrill of creating something truly yours? My name is Aleksi and I am a Berlin based guitar teacher, singer, musician and professional songwriter. I am offering private guitar lessons (EN) with an added focus on songwriting. With me you can learn techniques like: 🎸 Guitar Mastery: From basic chords and fingerpicking to advanced techniques like soloing and singing and playing at the same time. I'll help you become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be. 📝 Songwriting Skills: Unleash your creativity and learn how to craft songs that resonate. From writing legendary lyrics to creating memorable melodies, I'll help you find your unique voice. Whether you are a beginner (looking at a blank piece of paper and not knowing where to even start) or an experienced player (playing the same chords over and over again wondering what the next step is); my lessons are open to everyone with a love of music and a willingness to learn. Lessons are provided in my dedicated home studio room near Bernauer Str. I am really looking forward to hearing about you and what you are looking to learn!

Guitar Lessons ! learn how to play Acoustic or Electric guitar and have fun while doing so !
Hello ! My name is Wassim I am a guitar teacher recently arrived to berlin, and I’m thrilled to List this class ! With 14 years of playing guitar and 5 years of teaching all ages (starting from 8 years old), I’ve developed a knack for making learning fun and engaging for my students. I’ve recently written a book called "Modern Method of Learning Guitar," which will be published soon. It sums up my teaching philosophy and the program I’ve created over the years. I focus on interactive lessons that help students come out of their shells and really enjoy the process of learning music. I co-founded a music school that’s been really successful back in my home town, Algeria. We had many students who all gave us positive feedback and achieved great results. And I can confidently say that while I don’t have an academic degree in music, my hands-on experience and deep love for music have more than prepared me for this role. I’m a sociable person who loves creating a welcoming classroom environment. Seeing students grow in confidence and skill is the best part of my job. I’m excited about the possibility of bringing my passion and experience e to your learning process. Thanks for considering my class ! I’d love to chat more about how I can contribute to your music Journey.

Muhammad Waseem
English, IELTS, TOEFL, Preparation Classes and homework help.
I have 9 years of teaching experience and I have guided tons of students for their IELTS and TOEFL examinations. If you are stressing over the English testing exam, then I can help you get your desired score within a few classes. I can also help with any homework related to Maths, or science too.

Swedish, French, English professional lessons
From me you will not only learn the language intuitively and quickly but also about the mentality and history of the countries if you wish. I now speak 6 languages and have very effective learning tips and instructions. I concentrate on learning the language faster in daily use

I am a professional Italian musician with 20 years of experience. I teach cello, violin, piano (beginners only) and singing
I am a professional musician and music teacher with 20 years of experience. I studied at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and graduated in 2003. I lived and worked in London for nine years, where I performed at venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena. I have taught privately and at several schools, including SEN (special needs schools). I teach the following: Cello (all ages and levels) Violin (all ages and levels) Singing (all ages and levels) Piano (all ages, beginners and intermediate) Notation, So Fa and Theory Songwriting/Composing/Music Technology Arranging/Producing Mixing and mastering Orchestration I use the Anglo-American method called ABRSM as well as the Italian method of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia. Most of my students receive distinction in their exams. Documents can be sent upon request. In detail: For cello and violin I teach their specific techniques along with musicality, ear, theory and harmony, sight reading, repertoire, improvisation and preparation for ABRSM exams. For singing, I teach diaphragm techniques, projection and resonances, chest and head singing: jazz, pop, rock and opera. For piano I follow the ABRSM system. For songwriting and composition/music technology I use Logic Express and LogicProX on the Mac, both classic and innovative notations. I teach how to record, mix and master a song and how to create an album CD from A to Z. I also teach and orchestrate. By layering the violin and cello, it is actually possible to reproduce a believable ensemble or even the strings of a full orchestra.

French / English and German Teacher in Erlangen, Germany or online
Hey! I'm Salomé, a french student who studies German literature since 10 years now, and living in Erlangen, Germany. I have been a private teacher in France for two years, and I'm searching for a new opportunity, to share my passion of languages with other people! I would be so glad to teach you :) I'm available every day for every level, in Erlangen or online. See you soon!

🎹Klavierunterricht für alle Levels! 🎶🎶 Piano Lessons for All Levels! 🎶Piano Lessons for All Levels!
German: In my Klavierunterricht arbeite ich mit Kindern und Erwachsenen, von absoluten Anfängern bis hin zu fortgeschrittenen Schülern. Mein Fokus liegt auf dem Aufbau einer soliden Grundlage in Musiktheorie und Klaviertechnik, einschließlich Rhythmus, Notenlesen, Vom-Blatt-Spiel, Tonleitern und Handunabhängigkeit für Anfänger. Für fortgeschrittene Schüler erkunden wir verschiedene Repertoires, verbessern Technik and Ausdruckskraft durch Harmonielehre, hören verschiedene Interpretationen und studieren historische Aufführungen. Der Unterricht findet auf einem echten Flügel statt und bietet eine reiche und authentische Lernerfahrung. English: In my piano lessons, I work with children and adults, from complete beginners to advanced students. My focus is on establishing a solid foundation in music theory and piano technique, including rhythm, reading music, sight-reading, scales, and hand independence for beginners. For more advanced students, we explore different repertoires, improve technique and expressivity through harmony analysis, listen to various interpretations, and study historical performances. Lessons take place on a real baby grand piano, providing a rich and authentic learning experience. French: In my piano lessons, I work with children and adults, from complete beginners to advanced students. My goal is to provide a solid foundation in music theory and piano technique, including rhythm, sheet music reading, sightreading, scales, and hand independence for beginners. For more advanced students, we explore different repertoires, improve technique and expressiveness through harmonic analysis, listen to various interpretations, and study historical performances. Lessons take place on a real grand piano, providing a rich and authentic learning experience.

Singing Lessons in Berlin with a Professional Opera Singer
I coach singers on singing technique, musicality, and dramatic presentation of songs and arias. Are you a singing student preparing for conservatory auditions who would like to polish your audition package? Are you a total beginner who wants to work up the nerve to sing for friends at karaoke? Whatever your goals are, I can help you achieve them! I have two years of experience teaching singing and acting to undergraduate voice majors at the University of Connecticut, where I was awarded "Excellence in Teaching" by the Office of the Provost. I am currently a professional opera singer, and have performed lead roles in theaters including Vienna's Theater an der Wien and The Stadttheater Bad Hall.

Sebastian Suarez
Private Spanish Lessons with a Native Colombian Instructor
Learn Spanish with personalized, engaging lessons from a native Colombian instructor. Our private, flexible classes are perfect for all levels and can be held virtually if needed. Enjoy fun activities and real-world practice to help you master the language at your own pace.

Piano lessons with a focus on improvisation or playing songs by ear
I offer private piano lessons. I have been playing the piano for 10 years and am able to visualize music theory concepts quite well. I have several guitars and keyboards at home, and I can also teach on a piano if you prefer.

I am a Statistician, and I am working as a Lecturer at a reputed Institution. I am also doing work as a Data analyst and graphic designer. I have sound knowledge of Photoshop and background removal work. I have five years of experience in data analysis through SPSS, R Programming, Minitab, R Studio, and other statistical tools. I have a good command of statistics and statistical software with an educational background in Statistics. I am an expert statistician, and I am doing smart work. My priority is client satisfaction.

Learn how to Sing, Compose, Perform, for all genres and ages
How to work the voice ? Practice ? Perform ? Compose ? Interpret a song ? It's through technic but also practising songs from your favourite artists that you understand how to place your voice and sing your song and achieve your musical journey. Starting from the basics like breathing support, vocal routines, learning songs to practising stage presence, composition. In my classes, I go through all this points and focus on what the student needs and wish to learn. I had the chance to learn with the greatest Jazz singers of the New York scene. I studied, Jazz, Pop, Classical singing, which lead me to understand the voice in its full. For five years I focused on performing and touring with my different projects, and there I built my skills for the stage and being comfortable in front of a crowd.

Music Lessons - Beginner to Advanced - Various Instruments.
Experienced Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice, Ukulele, and Composition/Music Theory Teacher offering Top quality 1:1 or small group lessons around Berlin or Online. Please contact me to arrange a lesson, or for any further information All ages and abilities are welcome.

(TR-DE-ENG) Experienced Guitar Player/Teacher in 3 languages
Lessons are available in English 🇬🇧, German🇩🇪 , or Turkish 🇹🇷, to accommodate all students. Regardless of age or musical taste, progress stems from dedicated daily practice rather than sheer volume. 💪🏼 🎶 I personalize classical guitar lessons to suit each student's unique needs and potential. My focus is on nurturing enthusiasm and motivation as key tools for teaching technical and theoretical concepts, alongside a deep passion for music. Lessons are inclusive, welcoming students of all ages and abilities. 🚀 The course emphasizes the sheer joy of making music. Your favorite genres and pieces will be at the forefront, explored in depth to uncover their intricacies. Together, we'll engage in technical exercises and master your chosen pieces, expanding your repertoire and refining your playing style. 🤩 For instance, we can revitalize pieces using advanced techniques, integrating new chords, positions, and skills such as arpeggios and fingerstyle playing. This broadens both your instrument's capabilities and your proficiency, ensuring continuous growth. 👨🏻‍🏫 Upon request, the program offers accessible theoretical studies suitable for beginners and seasoned musicians alike. Exercises, pieces, and theoretical concepts are systematically arranged by difficulty. 🔥 Theoretical topics encompass guitar tuning, chord theory, scales and modes, fingerpicking techniques, strumming patterns, metronome practice, learning favorite songs, improvisation, and theories of harmony, melody, and rhythm. ⚡️ Together, we'll embark on a musical journey tailored to your aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling experience with the classical guitar. 🔝☄️ /////////// Der Unterricht steht auf Englisch 🇬🇧, Deutsch 🇩🇪 oder Türkisch 🇹🇷 zur Verfügung, um allen Schülern gerecht zu werden. Unabhängig vom Alter oder musikalischem Geschmack liegt der Fortschritt im engagierten täglichen Üben statt in der bloßen Menge. 💪🏼 🎶 Ich gestalte klassische Gitarrenstunden individuell nach den Bedürfnissen und Potenzialen jedes Schülers. Mein Fokus liegt darauf, Begeisterung und Motivation als wichtige Werkzeuge für das Lehren technischer und theoretischer Konzepte zu fördern, neben einer tiefen Leidenschaft für Musik. Der Unterricht ist inklusiv und heißt Schüler jeden Alters und jeder Fähigkeitsstufe willkommen. 🚀 Der Kurs betont die reine Freude am Musizieren. Deine Lieblingsgenres und Stücke stehen im Vordergrund, werden eingehend erkundet, um ihre Feinheiten zu entdecken. Zusammen werden wir uns in technische Übungen vertiefen und deine ausgewählten Stücke meistern, um dein Repertoire zu erweitern und deinen Spielstil zu verfeinern. 🤩 Zum Beispiel können wir Stücke durch den Einsatz fortgeschrittener Techniken wiederbeleben, indem wir neue Akkorde, Positionen und Fähigkeiten wie Arpeggios und Fingerstyle-Spiel integrieren. Dies erweitert sowohl die Möglichkeiten deines Instruments als auch deine Fähigkeiten und gewährleistet kontinuierliches Wachstum. 👨🏻‍🏫 Auf Wunsch bietet das Programm zugängliche theoretische Studien, die sowohl für Anfänger als auch erfahrene Musiker geeignet sind. Übungen, Stücke und theoretische Konzepte sind systematisch nach Schwierigkeitsgrad angeordnet. 🔥 Theoretische Themen umfassen Gitarrenstimmung, Akkordtheorie, Tonleitern und Modi, Fingerpicking-Techniken, Schlagmuster, Metronom-Übungen, das Lernen von Lieblingsliedern, Improvisation sowie Theorien der Harmonie, Melodie und Rhythmik. ⚡️ Gemeinsam werden wir uns auf eine musikalische Reise begeben, die auf deine Ziele und Aspirationen zugeschnitten ist und ein erfüllendes Erlebnis mit der klassischen Gitarre garantiert. 🔝☄️