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Recently Posted Private Classes

Piano and keyboard lessons in Munich for all levels and ages
As a piano teacher, I enjoy working with children (from the age of 4), teenagers and adults with different levels of prior knowledge. Whether you want to learn to play a Beethoven Sonata or a melody from your favorite film, I'm happy to help you achieve your goals and support you! In my lessons I use different methods that suit each individual student and I always try to find an individual way. It is important to me that you feel comfortable and develop fun with music and instrument!

Learn Traditional Mandarin Chinese with a Taiwanese
Learn how to understand and speak Chinese as well as read and write the traditional characters with a Taiwanese native. Start from the basics of Bopomofo/Zhuyin so you can pronounce correctly and type in the virtual world. Learning Chinese is only possible through hard work, therefore there will be lots of homework especially in writing which will be corrected. Live classes are intended for hearing and speaking skills.

Piano private lessons & music theory for all ages, classical and modern
Nach meinem Klavieroberstufenabschluss im Januar 2016 bin ich als Klavierspielerin tätig geblieben und bin auch in das selbständige Berufsleben als Musikerin eingestiegen und bis heute mit großer Leidenschaft, Freude und Entwicklung noch aktiv. In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich viel mit Klaviersolo, Kammermusik und Korrepetition beschäftigt. Zudem gebe ich seit 5 Jahren privaten Klavierunterricht und arbeite seit 2 Jahren mit der Evangelischen Schule Rathmannsdorf zusammen im Rahmen einer Musik- Arbeitsgemeinschaft mit Kindern. Ich finde das Unterrichten von Musik sowohl anregend als auch intellektuell stimulierend, insbesondere angesichts der großen Herausforderungen, die die Musikausbildung heute darstellt. Während ich meinen Schülern beibringe, hervorragende Musiker und Performer zu sein, glaube ich auch fest daran, dass Musik das Selbstwertgefühl, die Kommunikationsfähigkeit, die Stressbewältigung und die Kreativität für ihr ganzes Leben positiv beeinflusst. Obwohl es wichtig ist, auf klassische Musik als Teil des Lehrplans zurückzugreifen, suche ich außerdem proaktiv nach Material von zeitgenössischen Musikern und Vorschlägen von meinen Schülern, um die jüngeren Lernende zu begeistern, deren Interesse geweckt zu halten und ihre Wünsche zu erfüllen. Ich versuche immer, das individuelle Potenzial eines jeden Schülers zu maximieren und seine besten Qualitäten herauszuholen, nicht nur die musikalischen, sondern vor allem die spirituellen, intellektuellen und verhaltensbezogenen.

Piano Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced (in English)
I am offering piano lessons in English for beginners and advanced learners in the Heidelberg area. Music is a wonderful way to hone different soft skills, like patience and discipline, while picking up a wonderful hobby along the way. If you have been thinking of music lessons, the time is now!

Clase de Violin con enfoque en niños de habla hispana
Para generar interés en los niños para aprender, se necesita dinámicas constantes, lo cual he trabajado a lo largo de varios años distintas metodología que pueden servir para el desarrollo del aprendizaje musical, a través de juegos, donde abarque lo físico, lo visual y lo auditivo. Aprender jugando es la herramienta más utilizada en mis clases para niños a partir de los 7 años.

Opera, Classical and Legit Broadway Singing Technique
Voice Teacher with a great passion for cultivating and instilling a high degree of professionalism in my students by way of a vocal pedagogy, languages, along with stage and audition deportment. Assess student's vocal level Select proper repertoire Address basic music theory Prepare for auditions, recitals and performances Provide Italian, English and French diction

Saxophone lessons, composition lessons & music lessons
Saxophone lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Focus the lessons on playing together, developing a personal sound and playing the music style the student wants. Composition lessons are related to contemporary and jazz music.

Personalised English Lessons for Adults and Children
Hi, I am Shreya. I am doing my PhD in Physics in Munich. If you are looking for someone to help you improve your oral and written English, be it for school, in business set-ups, for language exams (like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC) or simply to boost your confidence in the English language, I happily offer my services. With 3+ years of experience teaching English in France and India, I have coached students from the ages of 7 to 72 (yes, you read that right!) from various professional and personal backgrounds. I offer you a personalized lesson plan customized to YOUR needs, strengths, and weaknesses so that you reap maximum benefit out of the time you invest. During each session, we shall work on plenty of exercises with special attention to speaking/listening, grammar, and pronunciation. With flexible timings and online/in-person options, the lessons happen at your convenience. If your friend(s) would like to be a part of the learning, I offer group classes too. I look forward to assisting you!

Any school subjects (in French), French for beginners or kids
Hey! My name is Annaïk and I am French and German. I have been in French-speaking schools for 12 years: first I was a student at the European School of Frankfurt for 9 years and then at a Lycée Français in Mauritius for 3 years. I am now finished with my Bachelor's in International Relations and am based in Frankfurt. Being used to the French system and courses, I mainly offer my help to people whose children go to French or European schools (french section). I am ready to teach any subject and will do my best to help your children understand, progress, and challenge themselves. Nevertheless, I am fluent in English and in German and would be happy to help English/German-speaking families' children learn French and/or supervise their lessons and help them understand. I am patient and joyful, contact me if you need anything :))

Cello Lessons in Munster :) for beginners, enthusiasts, students and amateurs of all ages
Hello, my dears! Would you like to learn to play the cello? Or to improve your playing on this wonderful instrument? Then you are exactly right here! I offer private cello lessons at my home (Moltkestr. Münster) to anyone who would like to spend a good time making music and learning together. I'm an international master's student at the Musikhochschule in Munster, alongside my studies I work in orchestras and smaller chamber music groups, mainly in Italy (my home country), where I also work as an artistic assistant for a music association that organizes the Como Contemporary Festival and many concerts with renowned artists artists. I have about 7 years of experience teaching toddlers (from 7 years old), teenagers and adults at various schools and academies in Germany (Landesmusikakademie Ochsenhausen) and Italy (Associazione Culturale Polifonie in Como, Scuola primaria Virginia Agnelli in Turin, Accademia Don Carlo Basci in Menaggio). Free rehearsal lesson ;)

A1A2B1 مرحلة تأسيس ومتوسط اللغة الفرنسية بطريقة مبسطة
التاسيس في اللغة الفرنسية يمكنكم التواصل معي لدي خبرة 14سنة بالتعليم اللغة الفرنسية درست في واشتغلت في مصر كمدرسة لغة أولي فرنساوي شهادة صعوبات تعلم وتعديل سلوك الطلبة الذين دراستهم كانو من الاوائل في اللغة الفرنسية اهلا وسهلا بكم

Piano Lessons by Award Winning Film Music Composer
I am an Award Winning Film Music Composer of Short and Feature Length films with distribution on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Sky as well as official selection in over 40 International and Academy Award Qualifying Film Festivals, including Cannes, Hell’s Half Mile (Michigan, US), Los Angeles International Shorts, FilmQuest and Urbanworld (New York, US). My soundtracks are distributed on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) and feature scores composed for electronics, Full Orchestra, small ensembles and genres like 20th Century Orchestral, Minimalism, Motown, Avant Garde, Musique Concrete and many more. As your piano tutor, I want to teach you how I learnt piano, and show you how to be creative with music, at the very least for enjoyment, but also for any professional aspirations into composition. I start by familiarising my students with the fundamentals of music at the piano, how the piano is structured, arpeggios, baselines, chord sequences, melody sequences, etc. We take these fundamentals and build sophistication of musicality with a dynamic curriculum. Lessons are structured by familiarising with musical concepts by a demonstration, playing together, and playing solo in a way that aims to be accessible and sensitive to the student’s sensibilities.

Piano lessons jazz/classical/beginner (EN/DE) British pianist
As a teacher I enjoy guiding my students down a wide variety of musical paths. Whether advanced classical pieces, specific harmonic concepts, an introduction to improvisation, favourite Joni Mitchell songs or teaching complete beginners to read music for the first time, I find this variety fun and rewarding. I like to encourage students to pursue their own interests, at the same time as bringing my own ideas to the table. I teach all ages and abilities: on Mondays in my practice space at Flughafen Tempelhof and on Tuesdays at the Piano Center in Mitte.

Learn Persian: Daily Conversations, Literature and Poetry.
Hi! My name is Farzad and I'm a native Persian. Would you like to become fluent in Persian and be able to have conversations, read poetry, and immerse yourself in Persian literature? Here I am to help you with this. My classes will be casual, practical, and goal-oriented. I personalize the materials for your needs. You tell me what you want to get out of the Persian language and I adjust your learning process accordingly. Just drop me a message and soon we can start this journey! + I also speak German, however, I am not as fluent in German as I am in English. So, I prefer to hold the classes in English.

Turkish for German and English Speakers | Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (Writing + Speaking)
As a native Turkish speaker I will teach you my mother tongue. We will focus more on practical speaking rather than grammar rules and other distractors that keeps you from learning the language. The courses focus will be primarily on practice. I am fluent in English as well as German so you pick which language we will initiate with. P.S.: I speak mainly with an Istanbul accent. What You'll Learn: -Vocabulary -Phonology (Consonants & Vowels) + Articulation -Grammar

Spanish, English, German and exam preparation
In this course, I would like to help you improve your language skills. Regardless of whether you are studying for your Abitur or you want to be able to have a conversation without a dictionary on vacation, you have come to the right place. I organize my lessons so that we speak a large part, but also work on grammatical contexts.

General & Business English for adults and teens A0–C1
If you’re looking for help with English, search no more. :) Hello everyone. I’m Roman and I’d be happy to share my 20 years’ experience in teaching and learning English with you. I give courses in general and business English at levels A0—C1. I can also help you prepare for international exams in English. Together we can take your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills to the next level. Apart from that, you'll have a good chance of learning the peculiarities of the English-speaking world and you'll learn to be inquisitive about it and enjoy it to the full. Some of my professional merits are: · I have a professional education in language teaching; · I have rich experience in teaching children and adults both in groups and individually online and in person; · I am familiar with a number of modern courses ranging from Beginner General English to Advanced Business English; · I know and apply modern educational approaches and technologies with the communicative approach as a priority; · My English level is C1 Advanced (CEFR) / 8.0 IELTS; · I am devoted to my vocation. Classes are online or in Saarbrücken (Mitte, Dudweiler, Sulzbach, Sankt Ingbert). See you in class!

Classical Guitar Lessons in Schöneberg or at the Student's Location
Classical Guitar Lessons Studied Classical Guitar at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. More than 10 years of experience in teaching Classical Guitar and Music Theory. Student of all ages and levels welcome! Able to teach at my place or to travel to Student's place

Professional singer, I teach Lyrical and Popular Singing classes from beginner to advanced level.
Graduated in Lyrical Singing and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chile. Although I am a professional lyrical singer, throughout my career I have performed in various musical styles out of a constant curiosity to better understand our instrument and our bodily and emotional relationship through singing, and the various possibilities for development that they offer us. the different styles. My classes are aimed at everyone who loves to sing!! Both for those who want to start exploring this art and for those who have an intermediate or advanced level and want to improve their performance in some way. In each class we will work on relaxation, connection, breathing and vocal technique directed at the musical style that you wish to address. We will also work on phonetics, and all the musical details related to the style we are working on. Normally I take classes in Lyrical Singing and Popular Singing (Tango, Bolero, R&B, Jazz, Bossa Nova).

Conversation practice in spanish with a native speaker
Practice your Spanish with me, one-on-one on a cup of coffee. Improve your conversational skills in a natural environment to become a proffi. I will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, and your ability to engage in a real conversation. If you're interested now it's time to book a session. I'm Zoe, from Uruguay currently living in Berlin, Germany. I have a lot of experience conversating and teaching non-spanish speakers that's my ability. I can correct and improve your Spanish in a fun and natural flow. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, we can do it broww

Complete Syllabus Maths ,Science, English and Exam preparation from age group 6-17 years age
Learning is always easy when it is made easy !! Learning and Teaching goes hand in hand.With the experience of 10 years as a Teacher , no subject is difficult for the child if the concept is clear. Studies are fun when the child learns that he/she can do it !! My Educational Qualifications are: 1) Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering 2) Bachelor in Education 3) Master in English Literature 4) Master in Education. So Lets just begin the journey and Do it !!