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Private lessons in Clinical Psychology; psychopathology; childhood and development

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Graduate teacher (5 years and 3 years of PhD) offers help and courses in Psychology studies and preparation of Master thesis (help in scientific research). In addition, my skills are in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, with clinical experience (adults and children) and scientific research. I have psychotherapeutic training several years of practice (in other countries) and supervision. While running, I am collaborator of a research team in Clinical Psychology in Portugal.

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computers; notes; specifications; scientific articles (several) I use many theoretical references of Swiss researchers from different Swiss universities)


At student's location: Around Lausanne, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Lausanne, Switzerland

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Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)

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60 minutes

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French, English, Portuguese

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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  • Instructor since June 2019

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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School / University Support Course
Classes are adapted according to the level and the needs of each one, with playful exercises which make it possible to cultivate the pleasure to learn and to improve!

Justyna Barbara
University classes (psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, linguistics)
I graduated from the University of Athens where I attended courses in pedagogics, psychology, philosophy and linguistics. What can I teach? - I can prepare you for exams in pedagogics, psychology, philosophy, linguistics. - Psychology (developmental / school / clinical / social) - Philosophy (mainly ancient philosophy, e.g. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) - Linguistics / phonology / grammar / syntax During my lessons I use : - Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger to connect with you, - Google Docs to keep notes, which you can check at any time and they are yours to keep, - sketch board me to make mind maps/diagrams to show connections between ideas, etc. I adore my profession and desire each and every one of my students be satisfied with the lesson. That's why I make sure the atmosphere is stress-free and nice. I also want my lessons to be as effective as possible. Therefore, I make sure they are well-prepared, although they can be altered at any point, should such an opportunity arise. I like explaining things in a variety of ways as well as make use of dictionaries, diagrams, etc. When it comes to students who want to obtain certificates, I am very demanding.

Use your creative thinking and get ideas&solutions
This online session is for those people who seek inspiration, want to find solutions & new ideas, like experimenting new techniques, are familiar with personal development and they are more interested to use their creative thinking, have open minds to change their perspective. What the participant will get from the session: Introspection Developing creative thinking through playful exercises that can be used for any problem or purpose Confidence in personal ideas Open up to new ways of solving problems

Learn How To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself and Others
Tarot is an ancient way to access your deepest emotions and to picture the truth about yourself, others or a situation. While some use it as an instrument to see the future, I prefer to call it a communication tool with your higher self whose language we need to decode. In my classes I introduce you to Tarot and teach you how to perform readings for yourself and others.

Learn Spanish with a friend and enjoy learning. (Begginers to advanced)
Hola! If you are looking to learn or improve your Spanish in a friendly environment, stop looking arround :) I am from Spain and I can help you with this beautiful language. I will adapt my lessons and make them special for each of my students, focussing in your interests and needs. I have had the chance to teach all ages, so no matter how old you are, come on! Now it's the time. Feel free to contact me, I'm waiting for you!

Psychology,literature, Russian.By training I am philologist-specialist in Russian philology.Diploma of the St. Petersburg University.Howev
If to you alone, sadly, it is empty, there is an exit. Call me!) Literature, Russian grammar, phonetics, morphology If you were born in the Russian family far from Russia and language of the country of accommodation was your main language, then the probability of loss of the Russian culture will be so high that hardly you will be able to approve belonging to this nation. For this purpose there is a remote acquaintance to Russia.

Psychology and Neuroscience Tutoring/ Class for All Levels
This class is meant for anyone interested in psychology, interesting topics of psychology, theory of mind, neuroscience, and more. The class itself depends on the students and what each one wants to learn. I have two degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience and would love to share knowledge or help tutor those working towards their bachelor's in either. This is meant to be entertaining and educational and leave everyone with big questions and thoughts.

Specific courses in cognitive psychology - differential - neurosciences
Doctor in psychology and cognitive neuroscience graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I offer private lessons in psychology (cognitive, differential, psycho development , neuropsychology etc.), neuroscience with a rigorous and effective methodology based on the principles of cognitive psychology. Thanks to a personalized pedagogical approach according to the needs and the potentialities of each student, I propose courses allowing an optimized learning of notions and theoretical concepts sometimes complex to master (references available) allowing to answer the waitings of the students (e) s and achieve or exceed the objectives set. My classes also integrate a coaching method to optimize the learning and training needed to pass university exams in psychology and neuroscience. My courses are aimed at university students, engineering schools, BTS wishing to optimize their performance and exam and exam scores (courses in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, etc.). I receive many requests from students at Paris 8 University (IED or not) because I know the program.

private tutoring in English, academic support in psychology, academic support
My specialty is IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Depending on your needs we can work on the four important aspects of the language: oral and written production, oral and written comprehension. I have worked with all the public with different projects, so according to your needs we reformulate the terms of the courses. With 6 years of studies in psychology, I can help you along the way, for your homework, motivational letters, theoretical concepts, case analyzes, etc.

Burnout / ADHD / Regaining inner balance / Finding out, who you truly are
Re-establishing inner balance Encouraging guidance in finding your life's purpose Paying attention to and resolving difficult life situations regarding the message they want to overbring Establishing outer and inner tranquility Healing the inner child Feeling whole in yourself Awareness that all answers required are already indside Rising awareness that you are the creator of your life circumstances Overcoming resistance, judgement, attachment and other forms of negativity Establishing your individual and solid balance of BODY, HEART and SOUL by feeling the ONENESS of ALL THERE IS

Private lessons in French, English and psychology
French is my mother tongue. I'm good at spelling and grammar. I have been practicing English for many years and I speak it. Finally, I gladly give psychology classes. This subject is part of my job. I am passionate about this area. If you are motivated, want to learn and good mood do not hesitate to contact me! I would do my best too

Academic support in social sciences, psychology, communication
Having a CFC as well as a maturity in the social field, I propose to support you during your homework / files / work in social sciences (psychology, communication, etc.). I support you in the design as well as the correction of the spelling. Do not hesitate to contact me :).