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Trusted teacher: Pass your DELE exam successfully with the help of a certified examiner! 🌟 (DELE calls July 12 / September 13) 🕒 2+ Months Duration (recommended at least 20 classes): Ideal for those who want to review key concepts at their level before the exam and feel confident with the exam format. 🕒 1 Month Duration (recommend at least 15 classes): Perfect for individuals with a solid foundation who want to refresh their knowledge and feel prepared for the exam. 🕒 2 Weeks Duration (recommended at least 5 classes): Designed for candidates who have a sufficient level to pass the exam and want to familiarize themselves with the exam structure to boost confidence. Why Choose This DELE Exam Preparation Course? 🌟 1️⃣ Expert Guidance: Receive personalized feedback and guidance from a certified DELE examiner, ensuring you are well-prepared for the exam. 2️⃣ Tailored Practice: Engage in intensive practice sessions covering all aspects of the DELE exam—grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and writing—specifically tailored to your exam level. 3️⃣ Access to DELE Materials: Gain access to curated DELE exam materials and resources, providing you with the necessary tools to succeed. 4️⃣ Exam Simulations: Participate in exam simulations to familiarize yourself with the test format and requirements, boosting your confidence on exam day. 5️⃣ Effective Strategies: Learn proven strategies and techniques to succeed in the DELE exam, enhancing your chances of success. 6️⃣ Flexible Duration: Choose from different course durations based on your needs, while you're looking for a comprehensive review or a quick refresher before the exam. 7️⃣ Confidence Building: Build confidence in your language skills and exam-taking abilities through targeted practice and preparation. Gain knowledge, practice proficiently, and earn your certification confidently! 🌟
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Trusted teacher: Hello and welcome! I am a dedicated physics and mathematics tutor with extensive experience (3+ years) in helping students excel in their studies. Whether you're preparing for standardized tests like the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP-Physics, AP-Calculus, or pursuing advanced coursework like VWO, A-levels, OMPT-A, OMPT-B, OMPT-C, OMPT-D, or OMPT-F, I'm here to provide you with top-quality online tutoring sessions that cater to your specific needs. With my academic background (Ph.D. in Physics [ongoing], M.Sc. in Nanoscience, and B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics) and a passion for teaching, I have successfully assisted students in mastering physics and mathematics for years. I understand that test preparation can be challenging and stressful, but with proper guidance and support, it can be conquered easily. I aim to help you develop a robust foundation by clarifying fundamental concepts. Course Highlights: 1. Physics Topics: - Mechanics - Electricity and Magnetism - Waves and Optics - Thermodynamics - Modern Physics - Quantum Mechanics - And more, tailored to your requirements! 2. Mathematics Topics: - Algebra - Geometry - Trigonometry - Calculus (AP and beyond) - Probability and combinatorics - Problem-solving techniques - Customized to suit your level and objectives! Whether you're seeking to boost your scores on standardized tests or aiming for excellence in your coursework, I am here to guide you. I tailor sessions to your learning needs. Feel free to suggest any additional topics or specific concepts to cover. We'll work together to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths, preparing you for the future. Interested? Contact me now for personalized online tutoring. *Note that the sessions will be held online (via Skype).
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Trusted teacher: I am a native American English speaking instructor, editor, and journalist from Florida specializing in teaching, instruction, exam prep, and text correction for a wide range of professionals & students across Belgium. Approaching from a true native's perspective, I instruct and assist with both educational and business English in a multi-faceted nature covering a wide range of areas including comprehension, conversation, grammar, and situational skills, in addition to working on general language skills and accent training. My past & present clients have included: professionals from all four major EU institutions, the Belgian government, various NGOs, and musicians, journalists, engineers, as well as a variety of other professions in addition to traditional students. As well, I can provide extensive help and training with the EPSO, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. I have also written, edited or proofread a variety of academic papers, theses, applications, CVs, and other documents for numerous satisfied academic and professional clients. I have spent my entire childhood and adult life in the United States before completing a master's degree in Political Science and European Politics at KU Leuven. I have an extensive knowledge and experience of English grammar and literature, as well as current and past working experience in journalism (Anti-Competition Law and European Policy at the Policy and Regulatory Report) and both European and American politics. I also handle correction of text, editing, proofreading and ghostwriting, with weekly and monthly rates possible. My transportation costs are included.
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In a comprehensive approach that is always adapted to your needs and abilities, I offer a program to perfect your command of languages in formal and informal contexts, while cultivating a spirit of curiosity regarding the different cultures that practice them. Some theory, because you always need it, but above all practice! Priority is given to dialogue, exchanging ideas and vocabulary around contemporary themes, and the structuring of ideas in writing (in line with official exam criteria), in sessions nourished by numerous textual and audio-visual resources. By combining rigor and kindness, I can offer you my experience and advice in the following areas: - Deepening your command of grammatical and lexical resources in written and oral expression applied to the complex issues of today's world. - Accent enhancement (phonetics courses, pronounciation exercises) - Methodological support to familiarize you with test formats / score bands, and advice on how to make the difference in your preparation for English exams (B1-C2): Cambridge, IELTS Academic / or / Spanish exam preparation (B1-C1): DELE. - Fluency in conversation (formal & informal) - Introduction to the artistic and literary landscape of a Spanish- or English-speaking region of your choice (in addition to language courses) _______________________________________________________ About me: I've been speaking English for nearly fifteen years, and Spanish for ten, and have always lived in a multilingual environment, learning all my life from native teachers, notably at the Lycée Multilingue Ombrosa in Lyon, where I spent seven years. Having passed my first English exam in 2013, I now hold a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2), and an IELTS Academic score of 8.0. As for my Spanish, I passed the DELE C1 exam in 2021. After two years of studying in Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles in Lyon, I am joining, in September 2024, the 'Drama, Applied Theatre & Education' department of the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London. Maintaining academic excellence and transmission at the heart of my concerns as a student and teacher, I'll be delighted to accompany you as best as I can in the practice of the languages I hold dear. I look forward to meeting you !
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Trusted teacher: Do you need to practice your Spanish? Do you want to prepare the DELE? Do you need to improve your conversation or your pronunciation? -All levels. -DELE preparation all levels. - Spanish for specific purposes (Spanish and Latin American culture and history, health, literature and art). For 12 years I have developed my teaching activity both in Spain and abroad, I have taught Spanish classes in public and private centers in Granada, Madrid, Strasbourg (France) and Aachen (Germany), online and in person. -Dynamic and creative classes with an environment conducive to learning in the classroom- -Method focused on communication and activities developed according to the student's needs. All necessary materials are provided free of charge, as well as a summary of the words that appeared during class. I conduct classes with a mix of textbook materials, electronic whiteboard presentations, and listening comprehension audios/videos. Availability and flexible schedule, so let's see what we can achieve together. ..................................... Durante 12 años he desarrollado mi actividad docente tanto en España como en el extranjero, he impartido clases de español en centros públicos y privados de Granada, Madrid, Estrasburgo (Francia) y Aquisgrán (Alemania), de forma online y presencial. -Clases dinámicas y creativas con un ambiente propicio para el aprendizaje en el aula- -Método centrado en la comunicación y actividades desarrolladas según las necesidades del alumno. Se proporcionan todos los materiales necesarios de forma gratuita, además de un resumen de las palabras aparecidas durante la clase. Realizo mis clases con una mezcla de materiales de libro de texto, presentaciones en pizarra electrónica, audios/vídeos de comprensión oral. Disponibilidad y horario flexible, así que veamos qué podemos lograr juntos.
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Fawzi - Paris, FranceC$37
Trusted teacher: My name is Fawzi, and I am a French language teacher. Since 2012, I have been giving private lessons online. My objective is to support learners towards success in the DELF (Diploma of Studies in French Language) or the DALF (Advanced Diploma in French Language), as well as the TCF (French Knowledge Test). I have had the pleasure of helping many students of different nationalities through my online courses. For me, helping enthusiasts practice the French language is an enriching experience, because I understand the importance of success in the lives of ambitious people. I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. During my classes, I explain concepts in French, Arabic or Spanish, depending on your preference. At the end of each session, I offer exercises to do as homework, in order to identify your gaps and monitor your progress. Here are some essential points to know about the DELF and DALF: - The DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies) and the DALF (Advanced Diploma in French Language) are two high-quality official diplomas. They are aligned with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and cover the following six levels, from the most basic to the most advanced: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. These diplomas are suitable for all ages and all audiences. - The DELF B2 and, increasingly, the DALF C1, provide access to French, European or French-speaking universities, as well as certain Grandes Ecoles. If you plan to take DELF or DALF exams, or if you want to improve your level, do not hesitate to book your sessions with me to start preparation. I am available !
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Spanish classes from level A1 to C2 and DELE/SIELE/IB exam preparation (Málaga)
I booked a daily 90 minutes class for my son Nicolo' (16 years old) for 2 weeks. He was an absolute beginner and usually has a very limited enthusiasm for "extra-classes". Lucia was absolutely fantastic. She made the magic of creating a learning environment that was fun, friendly and effective at the same time. My son Nicolo' was so enthusiastic about the classed to the point that I could not believe it when he asked me to do more classes with Lucia after the 2 weeks. Lucia was good to teach with real life situation and not in an academic way. She was very good in explaining difficult concept in an easy way. Lucia is a very competent teacher and a trusted professional. I would recommend her to anyone.
Review by GIANLUCA
[ONLINE] French lessons with a native, experienced and professional teacher for foreigners. (Paris)
Bonjour to the one's who are seeking for a French Language teacher on Apprentus, Likewise you, I have also gone through the process of finding a (good) teacher, and I also did read about two days long the reviews given to the teachers. And finally, decided to take the course from Remi. I have to admit that I do not regret at all. Remi has a very positive attitude, patient, flexible and he does his best to bring over his knowledge to the best with lots of exercises and conversations that helps the best to improve your level of knowledge. Shortly, I believe that you will be very pleased with your decision if you take the course from Remi. I strongly advise. Bonne courage.
Review by SELCUK
Dutch conversation lesson for children, teenagers and adults
Carolina design your classes based on your needs. She always have a plan to what to do in your sessions. She also finds your weak points during your classes and help you with them in next sessions. That is why I believe having one hour class with her is more effective than 3 to 4 hours public class. She is really understanding and kind. I have busy life and two small children and she always cope with the unpredictability of my schedule. She is also really punctual and haven't miss any of our sessions till now. I am really happy to have Carolina as my teacher and I hope to continue my sessions with her.
Review by RAZIEH