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Trusted teacher: Bonjour! ¡Buenos días! Bom dia! Guten tag! Добрий день!👋👋👋 My name is Natalie. I teach Spanish,French,Portuguese, Ukrainian and Russian! 😊😊😊 I have been teaching these languages for 14 years.📗📘📖🗣☺ I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics 🎓,a Master’s degree with honours in Tourism Hotel and Restaurant Business 🎓 and a Master’s degree in International Law🎓 I also earned diplomas 📄📄📄from the Ministry of Education of France : DELF, Spanish diplomas DELE from Cervantes Institute (Madrid), German diploma from Goethe Institute and Japanese – Language Proficiency diploma (Tokyo).🤗🤗🤗 I've worked with football clubs, UEFA Champions League Final⚽ and at other sporting events⛹‍♂🏆. I teach languages from scratch and to a desirable result.✍✍✍📖🙌😀 I'm very friendly and the atmosphere is always nice during the lesson!😇 I also help students to prepare for KS3, GCSE, IGCSE, IB, DELE, DELF and other exams and my students 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓successfully pass them every year😇 I prepare specific material for each student 🖊📄depending on the knowledge, the goals or their personal interests🙂 and I will take different approaches according to your needs. I teach: young learners,👩‍💻students, adults👩‍🔬👩‍✈, professional football players🏆⚽, musicians🪗🎸 ballet dancers🩰, doctors,👩‍⚕🧑‍⚕ lawyers and fashion designers 🧵🥻👗from all over the globe🌎. You will benefit from my broad range of experience and I will be with you every step of your learning journey☺. Online tuition allows my clients to enjoy high quality lessons, learn foreign languages without leaving home and at a comfortable time.🕓🕓🕓👩‍🏫👨‍🏫👩‍💻👨‍💻 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 🙃🙃🙃 Individual and group classes via Zoom/Skype! All materials for lessons are provided+ references from students. Regards, Teacher Natalie
Trusted teacher: I am a native Spanish speaker and a general language enthusiast. In addition to Spanish, I speak German and English. I am 100% confident that I will successfully teach you Spanish (while having fun and relaxing)! I've been teaching spanish for 15 years. I am 41 years old, graduated with honors from the University of Salamanca. My main goal in teaching is to make students feel relaxed and comfortable while studying. Do you already know Spanish? No problem! Rather than building the basics, we can design courses to suit your personal needs and preferences. We can write essays together, you can give presentations on topics that interest you or that I present to you, we can discuss current events, engage in debates, you can write summaries of newspaper articles, or we can delve into advanced grammar. Whatever you enjoy and need, we can do it together. All my courses combine speaking, listening and grammar practice in interaction with me. Unless you are a very advanced student, we work with learning materials created by some of the best language learning publishers in Germany. These materials serve as a common thread for our course, introducing new words, grammar and exercises at a good pace and in an interesting way, keeping you engaged and motivated. I also show you German food, music and places. In addition, I will introduce you to the best technological tools (homepages and applications) to boost your language learning and take it to the next level. Another important factor for me is the personal connection. We usually start our lessons with how the weekend or previous weekdays were like. Contact me now to arrange a first lesson in which we can get to know each other so that I can learn more about you, your needs and desires and thus design the optimal course for you.
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Trusted teacher: Unlock your potential with a personalized guide! Whether you are a beginner or intermediate English student, I can help you achieve fluency in no time. English is an essential language for global communication and essential to succeed in today's world. Therefore, I offer a personalized guide in English to make your learning journey enjoyable and effective. If you are a teenager or adult looking to improve your English grammar, reading, comprehension, writing and speaking skills, this course is tailored to your needs. I also provide specific guidance for those preparing for school or academic exams. For children between 7 and 12 years old, my interactive classes use games, stories and songs to stimulate their interest and immersion in the language in a fun and effective way. With Spanish and English as my languages of instruction, you will feel comfortable and understood throughout the learning process. Classes are individual and personalized to match your learning goals, so you'll see progress every step of the way. Unlock your potential today and join me on this exciting journey to flow! Are you a beginner or intermediate English student? Let me be your linguistic compass! I offer personalized guidance in English for students like you, making the learning journey enjoyable and effective. English is a fundamental tool in global communication and is rooted in most countries in the world, being an essential part of educational programs throughout the planet. If you are a teenager or adult interested in improving your grammar, reading, comprehension, writing and speaking skills in English, this course is designed for you, adapting to your initial level. In addition, I offer specific guidance for preparing for school or academic exams. Both Spanish and English are my languages of instruction, ensuring you feel comfortable and understood every step of the way. In addition, classes are individual and personalized according to your learning objectives.
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Trusted teacher: Live Spanish!: Interactive and Effective Course This course is designed for those who want to learn Spanish in a dynamic and practical way. Through interactive methods and immersive activities, you will not only learn the language, but also explore the rich Spanish-speaking culture. Ideal for beginners and those with basic knowledge who want to hone their skills, this course focuses on developing competencies in effective communication and cultural understanding. In addition, I am a student of early childhood education, which provides a playful and pedagogical approach, especially beneficial for those who enjoy creative and participatory learning methods. Course Objectives: 1. Develop Linguistic Skills: Students will improve their ability to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. 2. Promote Active Interaction: Through group activities, role-playing games and practical exercises, students will practice using the language in real contexts. 3. Promote Cultural Understanding: Participants will explore the traditions, customs and values of Spanish-speaking countries for complete cultural immersion. 4. Improve Confidence in Using the Language: Through constant practice and personalized feedback, students will gain confidence to communicate in Spanish effectively. Methodology: • Interactive Classes: Use of modern technologies and participatory methods to engage students in active learning. • Authentic Material: Use of authentic resources such as videos, music, and literary texts for genuine cultural immersion. • Communicative Approach: Priority on conversation and oral practice to improve fluency and confidence. • Cultural Activities: Inclusion of cultural activities such as cooking, music and festivities for a comprehensive learning experience.
Culture · Learning & study skills · Spanish
Trusted teacher: Graduated in Translation and Interpreting (English, Pablo de Olavide University), I am also a holder of the C1 Advanced (Cambridge), with an overall average score in the CAE Exam of 198, and a great passion for translation and language teaching, especially that of the English and French languages. I also have the European Master in Early Childhood and Primary Education (Euroinnova Formación Business School), the MAES and the Master's Degree in Spanish Language Teaching. Since I finished my degree, I have had the opportunity to work as a private English teacher for several families and students in Early Childhood Education, Primary School, Compulsory Secondary Education and university students, with very satisfactory results, as an assistant English teacher from official levels B1 to C1 ( Cambridge and Trinity) at the Language School of the Altair Educational Center in Seville, and as an English and Primary and Compulsory Secondary Education reinforcement teacher and assistant at the MIMOS Bilingual Academy-Playroom in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville). My classes, which could without any problem cover students of all ages (from small children to adults wanting to learn new things) and on any subject (although if they were related to the English language, better) would try to be valuable, productive and intense, but at the same time dynamic and entertaining. Serious, responsible and pleasant professional. If you are interested in hiring my services, do not hesitate to send me a message to, if you wish, arrange an interview in which I can demonstrate my knowledge, experience and skills.
English · Spanish · World history
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Spanish native teacher from Valencia (online and at home) (Valencia)
When I asked my two teenagers (19 & 17) what their favorite part of our recent month in Spain was, both of them independently said that their Spanish lessons with Miguel were a highlight. We are complete beginners as native English speakers from Australia and we all had a lot of fun learning from Miguel as a family. We met in the relaxed atmosphere of a lovely café in Russafa. He showed up prepared for lessons and happily answered the many questions my son and daughter had - not just about language but also about Spanish culture. He helped us distinguish between different types / localities when it comes to Spanish. He built our confidence to use what we had learned. He practised with us as we learned. And he encouraged our curiosity. Miguel is a lovely, kind man and we look forward to continuing our lessons with him online now that we are back in Aus. Son, 17 - "He made it fun to learn" Daughter, 19 - “The lessons were super fun and I was always looking forward to going to them and learning more. I wish we had been able to do more lessons while we were there”.
Review by BELINDA
Spanish classes from level A1 to C2 and DELE/SIELE exam preparation (Málaga)
I booked a daily 90 minutes class for my son Nicolo' (16 years old) for 2 weeks. He was an absolute beginner and usually has a very limited enthusiasm for "extra-classes". Lucia was absolutely fantastic. She made the magic of creating a learning environment that was fun, friendly and effective at the same time. My son Nicolo' was so enthusiastic about the classed to the point that I could not believe it when he asked me to do more classes with Lucia after the 2 weeks. Lucia was good to teach with real life situation and not in an academic way. She was very good in explaining difficult concept in an easy way. Lucia is a very competent teacher and a trusted professional. I would recommend her to anyone.
Review by GIANLUCA
Learning to play classical, electric or acoustic guitar, bass and music theory
Great teacher! I started acoustic guitar lessons from zero and I have learned so much with Sergio, he is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and patient, he also encourage you to keep practicing to achieve your goals while providing you with very useful material to do it. I really recommend Sergio as a music teacher, he plays a lot of instruments. Excelente profesor, yo empecé clases de guitarra acústica desde cero y he aprendido mucho con Sergio, sabe mucho y es muy paciente, además te anima a seguir practicando para que alcances tus metas y te provee muy buen material para lograrlo. Súper recomiendo a Sergio como profesor de música, sabe tocar muchos instrumentos.
Review by VICTORIA