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María - BrusselsC$32
Trusted teacher: --- ENG Hello everyone! My name is Maria, a Venezuelan musician residing in Belgium. In the world of art, languages and cultures are a fundamental part of being able to understand each other and connect with each other in order to create something beautiful together, in my case music. Apart from being an artist, I like languages and learning them has become a passion for me, which is why I decided to take this passion to another level. During my classes I want to help you learn my native language, which is Latin American Spanish, in a personalized and dynamic way. The classes are separated by levels (A0-B2), where you will learn the grammar of the language but also vocabulary and expressions to use on a daily basis with other speakers of the language. My idea is that each student learns the language at their own pace but understanding and daring to speak it from the first day. Support material (book, exercises, audios, etc) is always included. Classes can be individual or in groups, both online and in person (Brussels, Belgium). Classes will be given in English and Spanish. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon and start discovering and learning this beautiful language! Greetings, Maria. --- ESP ¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Maria, musico Venezolana residiendo en Bélgica. En el mundo del arte, los idiomas y las culturas son parte fundamental para poder entendernos entre cada artista y conectar para poder crear algo hermoso juntos, en mi caso la música. Aparte de ser artista me gusta los idiomas y aprenderlos se ha convertido en una pasión para mi, por eso he decidió llevar esta pasión a otro nivel. Durante mis clases quiero ayudarte a aprender de una forma personalizada y dinámica mi lengua natal, que es el español latinoamericano. Las clases están separadas por niveles (A0-B2), en donde aprenderás la gramática de la lengua pero también vocabulario y expresiones para usar en el día a día con otros hablantes de la lengua. Mi idea es que cada alumno aprenda el idioma a su ritmo pero entendiendo y atreviéndose a hablarlo desde el primer día. Material de apoyo (libro, ejercicios, audios, etc) está incluido siempre. Las clases pueden ser individuales o en grupos, tanto online como en persona (Bruselas, Bélgica). Clases se darán en Ingles y español. No dudes en contactarme si tienes alguna pregunta. ¡Espero verte pronto y comenzar a descubrir y aprender este hermoso idioma! Saludos, Maria.
English · Spanish · Communication skills
Trusted teacher: Live Spanish!: Interactive and Effective Course This course is designed for those who want to learn Spanish in a dynamic and practical way. Through interactive methods and immersive activities, you will not only learn the language, but also explore the rich Spanish-speaking culture. Ideal for beginners and those with basic knowledge who want to hone their skills, this course focuses on developing competencies in effective communication and cultural understanding. In addition, I am a student of early childhood education, which provides a playful and pedagogical approach, especially beneficial for those who enjoy creative and participatory learning methods. Course Objectives: 1. Develop Linguistic Skills: Students will improve their ability to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. 2. Promote Active Interaction: Through group activities, role-playing games and practical exercises, students will practice using the language in real contexts. 3. Promote Cultural Understanding: Participants will explore the traditions, customs and values of Spanish-speaking countries for complete cultural immersion. 4. Improve Confidence in Using the Language: Through constant practice and personalized feedback, students will gain confidence to communicate in Spanish effectively. Methodology: • Interactive Classes: Use of modern technologies and participatory methods to engage students in active learning. • Authentic Material: Use of authentic resources such as videos, music, and literary texts for genuine cultural immersion. • Communicative Approach: Priority on conversation and oral practice to improve fluency and confidence. • Cultural Activities: Inclusion of cultural activities such as cooking, music and festivities for a comprehensive learning experience.
Culture · Learning & study skills · Spanish
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Our 7 year old son started much better with Verónica than with previous swimming instructors. Verónica made him highly focused for one hour but also served a good dose of amusement! She patiently corrected his technique, and well balanced the long 60 minutes pushing to his limits but without over-stressing. Full hope that our son catches up soon on the progress lost during last two years. He is highly motivated and looking forward to the next session. Adding to that, Verónica seems to be a pleasant, interesting, flexible and reliable person. I would recommend everybody to book an hour with her!
Private Arabic classes for non natives or foreigners/online (Lyon)
He is such a great teacher with multiple talents, He knew my strength and weaknesses. I'm going to continue the course with him until I reach mastery in my desired language, he can easily adapt to my understanding and corrects me when needed while having fun teaching me. I would ask for a better teacher.. I am thankful for exploring this site. I wish I did sooner
Review by علي
Spanish Lessons, Speaking classes in Spanish, Get ready for DELE, anything you want about Spanish (Saint-Gilles)
Germán and I have so far had only one lesson but based on that he is professional and 'no-nonsence', we started right away, efficiently but without pressure. He also shared a lot of material for independent study between lessons and in a kind, supportive manner is pushing me to work. Highly recommended, I will definitely keep on going with Germán.
Review by SATU