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Trusted teacher: Bonjour! ¡Buenos días! Bom dia! Guten tag! Добрий день!👋👋👋 My name is Natalie. I teach Spanish, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Russian! 😊😊😊 I have been teaching these languages for 14 years.📗📘📖🗣☺ I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics 🎓, a Master’s degree with honours in Tourism Hotel and Restaurant Business 🎓 and a Master’s degree in International Law🎓 I also earned diplomas 📄📄📄from the Ministry of Education of France: DELF, Spanish diplomas DELE from Cervantes Institute (Madrid), German diploma from Goethe Institute and Japanese – Language Proficiency diploma (Tokyo).🤗🤗🤗 I've worked with football clubs, the UEFA Champions League Final ⚽ and other sporting events⛹‍♂🏆. I teach languages from scratch and to a desirable result.✍✍✍📖🙌😀 I'm very friendly and the atmosphere is always nice during the lesson!😇 I also help students to prepare for KS3, GCSE, IGCSE, IB, DELE, DELF, and other exams, and my students 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓successfully pass them every year😇 I prepare specific material for each student 🖊📄depending on the knowledge, the goals, or their personal interests🙂 and I will take different approaches according to your needs. I teach: young learners,👩‍💻students, adults👩‍🔬👩‍✈, professional football players🏆⚽, musicians🪗🎸 ballet dancers🩰, doctors,👩‍⚕🧑‍⚕ lawyers and fashion designers 🧵🥻👗from all over the globe🌎. You will benefit from my broad range of experience and I will be with you every step of your learning journey☺. Online tuition allows my clients to enjoy high-quality lessons, and learn foreign languages without leaving home and at a comfortable time.🕓🕓🕓👩‍🏫👨‍🏫👩‍💻👨‍💻 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 🙃🙃🙃 Individual and group classes via Zoom/Skype! All materials for lessons are provided + references from students. Regards, Teacher Natalie
Russian · Ukrainian
Trusted teacher: Hello dear friends, My name is Danwitch. I have a degree in Business English, I have a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications. Currently I am in the 2nd year of a doctorate in Computer Science and Telecommunications. I currently live in Russia and speak French, English and Russian fluently. I have been teaching French and English since 2009. I have lived in Russia since 2014 and I have been teaching Russian accompanied by native speakers since 2022. I love teaching foreign languages and for me teaching is much more of a passion, a hobby than a profession, that's why with me comfort and success are my major assets. If you are passionate about foreign languages, then choosing me would be one of the best choices of your life. My goal is not only to share my knowledge with you but to use it in your daily life and to be able to think like a native in the language used. Here are a few words about my personality, to know more about me and how the classes work, I invite you to our next class. Have a great day and see you soon. The main objectives of my courses are to allow the learner: 1. To improve your knowledge of the language; 2. To eliminate any language barriers that may exist; 3. To learn in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere; 4. To practice the concepts already acquired in real time and to think in the foreign language. Since learning a language takes into consideration the study of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing, during the learning process we methodically use and meet the learner's expectations with all the necessary material to achieve our objectives in the shortest moments. For me, learning foreign languages is much more like a game than studying because we are constantly practicing.
French · English · Russian
Trusted teacher: Hi All, thank you for checking out my course. This class is open to students of all levels. Whether you are only starting to learn the wild-looking letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, or whether you are looking to practise your written and spoken Russian, I would be delighted to accompany you at any stage of your Russian-learning journey. For more advanced students, I would be happy to help you get to know one of the most defining aspects of the Russian language, namely its novels and poetry, which would be a great way to learn about the 'mysterious' Russian soul. I believe that studying in three different countries have allowed me to try out and assess various approaches to education in general and teaching languages in particular - from the rigourous Russian system based on ensuring that the students will obtain exceptional spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation skills, to the more relaxed yet more critical and analytical Western approach, focused on problem-solving and independent work. You will get the benefit of a vast bank of techniques, methods and learning materials that I have developed and accumulated over the past year will be used in class to pique and maintain your interest. And since I was once a language student too, I would be able to share my personal tips and tricks with you to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself - be it being able to wow your friends and family by reciting a poem in the language of Dostoyevski, or impressing your future collegues with the thorough knowledge of Russian current affairs in their mother tongue!
Russian · Grammar · Reading
En tant que professeur de russe pour les étrangers, je m’efforce d’offrir une expérience d’apprentissage immersive et enrichissante à mes élèves. Je crois fermement que la maîtrise d’une langue étrangère va au-delà de la simple acquisition de vocabulaire et de grammaire ; elle implique également une compréhension approfondie de la culture et des coutumes du pays dont on apprend la langue. En tant que tel, j’adopte une approche holistique qui intègre non seulement l’apprentissage linguistique, mais aussi l’exploration de la culture russe. Les Meilleures Méthodes Utilisées Immersion dans la Langue et la Culture : L’immersion totale dans la langue et la culture russes est l’une des méthodes les plus efficaces pour apprendre. Je recommande à mes élèves de regarder des films ou des séries télévisées en russe, d’écouter de la musique ou des émissions de radio russes, de lire des œuvres littéraires russes et même de changer les paramètres linguistiques de leurs appareils en russe. Cette immersion permet aux apprenants de s’habituer aux sonorités et à la structure de la langue russe. Utilisation d’Applications d’Apprentissage Linguistique : J’encourage vivement l’utilisation d’applications d’apprentissage linguistique telles que Memrise pour renforcer le vocabulaire et les compétences grammaticales en russe. Ces applications utilisent souvent des méthodes interactives telles que des jeux mnémoniques pour rendre l’apprentissage ludique et engageant. Pratique avec des Locuteurs Natifs : La pratique régulière avec des locuteurs natifs est essentielle pour améliorer les compétences en expression orale et en compréhension auditive. Je recommande à mes élèves de participer à des programmes d’échange linguistique, d’utiliser des plateformes en ligne pour converser avec des Russes natifs ou même d’embaucher un tuteur pour des leçons personnalisées. Accent sur la Grammaire et la Prononciation : Je veille à ce que mes élèves acquièrent une solide base grammaticale en russe tout en travaillant activement sur leur prononciation. Une bonne maîtrise de la grammaire et une prononciation précise sont essentielles pour communiquer efficacement en russe. Pratique Consistante et Motivation : Enfin, je souligne l’importance d’une pratique régulière et soutenue ainsi que d’une motivation constante dans le processus d’apprentissage du russe. La persévérance et l’engagement sont essentiels pour progresser efficacement dans l’acquisition de cette langue complexe. En combinant ces méthodes éprouvées avec mon expertise pédagogique, je m’efforce d’offrir à mes élèves un environnement propice à l’apprentissage du russe qui soit stimulant, engageant et efficace.
Russian · Ukrainian · English
JUST online! Please, for other timestable, contact me! I was born in Madrid and I lived almost all my life in there. I've been many years teaching. All levels. I speak English (C1), some Russian (A2) and Italian. My students pass EOI or Instituto Cervantes exams in a hundred percent success rate. I usually spend a little time explaining some new structure or issue (depending on the level), and the rest of the class we talk, practice, until be sure you integrate the information and connect it with the old one you had. It depends on the level, but I usually adapt the class dynamics to the characteristics of the students and their goals. It is not the same, just learn to speak, than teach as well to prepare and exam. So, we have to chat and find what you want and need. I have a degree in humanities, and a master degree in performing arts. I have been teaching other topics; but in England I had to teach Spanish as well, as part of my job; so I loved it and prepared for it. Now, I live on the Mediterranean coast, and in the last years I have been teaching all levels of Spanish language, the lowers in English, at the beginning, and all in Spanish from A2/B1 levels and ahead. 100% of the students who took any exam (I.Cervantes or EOI), have passed them. So, I have experience preparing for them properly. I am studying Russian and Italian, so I can explain Spanish linking with the English/Russian/Italian grammar, depending on your native language. Big groups, enterprises or schools: please contact me ...
Spanish · Russian · Test prep
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French lessons and support with preparation for exams.
Natalie is an amazing teacher - she is patient, very easy-going and detailed in her lessons. I am currently preparing with her for DELF A1/A2 and we are moving along at an incredible speed that is also comfortable. She is also flexible around your personal working schedules, which is very helpful. Highly recommend Natalie!
Review by SUCHI
Russian Language A1 - C2 / Русский язык и литература (Acton)
I had my first ever Russian lesson with Ilia and I enjoyed it so much! He's very patient and organised and showed up to the first class with excellent materials pre-prepared. He explains everything in a clear manner. I'm looking forward to our future classes. If you're a beginner don't be afraid to book a class with Ilia.
Review by RYAN
Time to learn Dutch (Dutch for Russian speaking) (Utrecht)
Rina is an excellent teacher with an individual approach to the student. Rina immediately found a common language with my children and managed to get interested in learning the Dutch language, she explains the material very simply and clearly, and this is the secret of progress in learning the language.
Review by SOFYA