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    The art and practice of the guitar can be very inspiring, rewarding and fulfilling.

    What would be your criteria for choosing a guitar class?

    An effective educational approach

    An effective pedagogical approach and proper training are essential to learning the guitar. It is important to develop a good understanding of musical language, a correct application of technique to progress in a balanced way with confidence. Learn at your own pace, step by step according to your personal goals.
    A sincere commitment to students
    A sincere commitment to the student, at all stages of development, is the cornerstone that will help students feel confident and inspired to develop their full potential and artistic vision, whatever they may be.
    Why choose Eric as a teacher?

    1. Many years of teaching experience.
    2. Welcome to beginners and non-beginners, from primary level (ages 7 and up) to adults. - VERY SPECIAL SPECIAL AND ECONOMIC FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (under 11 years old) -
    3. Exam preparation for music schools and recitals.
    4. Graduate professor with experience (MA in Composition, Music, U. of M.).
    5. Teaches at any level:
    6 Directory of the guitar
    7 Theory and analysis of music
    8 Reading skills
    o Comprehension and rhythmic training
    o Creativity and composition
    o Health and prevention issues related to music practice
    o Writing songs
    o Electronic music and film music
    6. Teach all styles:
    o Classic
    o Pop
    o folk
    o Blues
    o Jazz
    o And more
    7. Health and prevention issues related to musical practice
    8. Competitive rates and bilingual education.
    9. Located in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, NDG (near the Villa-Maria and Vendome subways).
    10. Guaranteed results.

    Extra information

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    "I really appreciate the classes. Eric really helps me improve on the guitar. He teaches me the essentials. "

    Sandrine D'Entremont, 14, Montreal.

    "The guitar lessons that Eric has allowed me to follow consistently and effectively, have been an effective tool and one of the main reasons for my admission to the Conservatoire de Montréal. Eric Lemieux allowed me to start from scratch nowhere, in just one year, allow me to structure a solid and concrete musical understanding and a repertoire and a technique adequate to my admission to the conservatory. I thank him for his dedication to my learning. "

    Kevin Laloche Morin, 16, Montreal.

    "After a little over a year learning the guitar by myself, I contacted Eric to take professional lessons. This decision was most fruitful, because in addition to making me a personalized learning program, Eric allowed me to correct the bad techniques I had taken on the guitar. Now, I am confident that I can go further in mastering my instrument. "

    Jacques Lambert, Montreal.

    "The guitar lessons with Eric are great motivators and helped me get started. Now I am at the point where I can almost read any sheet of music comfortably. "

    Sylvie, Montreal.

    "I'm learning with interest everything Eric tells me in class. It may not be that I do not understand something because it explains the concepts very clearly. The teacher is fun and I like the way he teaches the guitar. I have a lot of freedom, to choose what we will do and I appreciate that I do not force myself. Eric puts a good mood. "

    Nikolay, 16, Montreal.

    "For almost four years, Eric has been teaching me to play and develop in classical guitar. As I am in a high school specialized in guitar, when I do not understand a score or I just need help in the course, it makes me understand my mistakes. It helps me to strengthen my bases and makes me learn other notions. Eric is very patient. "

    Salome Binette, Montreal, Canada.

    "After a few years of guitar lessons with Eric, I can now say that he taught me a lot more than music. I discovered a universe of sounds, silences, presence and that, always in the pleasure and the respect. He is very patient, versatile and likes what he does. He gave me a solid base to continue on my own ... "

    Hélène Gendron, Montreal, Canada.

    "I started the guitar all by myself and everything wrong, of course I could not do anything! Eric Lemieux became my guitar teacher, he watched me do it and without realizing it he gradually unlearned me (the "all crooked") and learned everything. He is a subtle pedagogue who adapts to our weaknesses and our strengths. Never binding but never complacent, it gives the right time, the one that allows you to know where you are. It guides us gently, directs us in flexibility. He accompanies us patiently but always enlighten us on the way (difficult! ...) that we will have to do. In short, trust him! "

    Mickael Blouin, Montreal, Canada.

    "Inspired and inspiring, Eric is an exceptional pedagogue. Listening to our personality and our needs, he knows how to create the method for the course that suits us. Learning to play guitar is a unique pleasure and thanks to Eric, the guitar is revealed to us, as much as we reveal ourselves through it. "

    Audrey Gaspar, Montreal, Canada.

    "Eric teaches me classical guitar. I appreciate the pedagogical approach he adopts for his course. First, learning a musical instrument involves the progressive mastery of various techniques. Eric tackles each of these techniques, by simple exercises, while taking care to make realize their importance as for the improvement of the sound and / or to facilitate the execution of the game on the guitar. Eric also made me realize that a score is much more than a succession of notes on a sheet of paper, it gives benchmarks and tools to '' decrypt '' the sheet of music in order to capture the nuances and color that wanted to give the composer to his piece. First guitar lesson that I am where notions of rigor and pleasure go hand in hand! "

    Jean-François Cliche, Montreal.

    "I took classical guitar lessons with Eric for over 4 years. I remember telling him at my first class that my goal was to become independent, to be able to take a score and to be able to play the piece without supervision. And that's exactly what happened. What I particularly liked was how he approached each room. We took the time to analyze what was the best fingering to adopt, then the technique to finally put color in all that. He also motivated me when I was less motivated. I recommend Eric to all those who want to learn to play the guitar well, he has a lot to share! "

    Dominique Gendron, Montreal.

    "Eric is a great guitar teacher, extremely patient and accommodating to different learning styles. He really took into account what my learning goals were and worked on, incorporating my music - flies by! And his cat is the sweetest animal, definitely the most friendly feline I've ever met. I highly recommend Eric as a teacher!

    Manjari Murthy, Montreal, Canada.

    I always wanted to play guitar, at 57 I decided that I had to challenge myself. I looked for and found an excellent teacher, Eric Lemieux. It's been a year now that I'm his classes and I'm very satisfied. He teaches in a methodical and progressive way the good techniques (concatenation of chords, reading of the music, the base of the blues, etc.) and corrects bad habits. I improved my technique a lot over the last year. I recommend it to all future guitarists, with Eric as a guitar teacher you will learn to use your musical instrument.

    Robert Prévost. Montreal, Canada

    I already played the guitar for 4 years when I came to see Eric
    for guitar lessons. He perfectly adapted to my game and my level, while giving me little by little useful advice to correct my faults. I was able to learn to read scores very quickly, which was one of my goals for the class and we also discussed pieces in different styles of music. His method is very progressive and I have progressed in all areas of my game: rhythmic, reading music, scales, harmony, mastery of the instrument ...

    Hugo Chaume, Montreal, Canada

    Before meeting Eric Lemieux, I had no musical notion, nor any idea of the fabulous instrument that a guitar represented. After barely a year of classes with Eric, I can not believe myself in the progress I've made. Eric's teaching method is very good and provides motivation. In addition to the guitar lessons are given in a very relaxed atmosphere, which can quickly assimilate the concepts. I have never seen a teacher as patient and passionate (a passion that contaminates) as Eric!

    Akofa Clara Amegandjin, Montreal, Canada.

    " Teacher. very patient. If you go there regularly it is guaranteed that you will have very satisfactory results. In addition, guitar lessons are never boring. "
    Émilie Zhao, age 15, Montreal, Canada.

    "Sincerely, Eric is the best guitar teacher I've had. He knows how to dose the theory, essential for understanding the basics, and practice. I have made tremendous progress in one year of classes and I am very grateful to him. I am also much more confident than before. I feel that the foundation I have learned is strong and I know it will take me even further. I recommend the teaching services of Eric Lemieux without hesitation. "

    Éric Férole, Montreal, Canada.

    "Finding Eric's Flyer in Mailbox was an invitation to a teacher with a Zen Master's teaching intuition. He knows exactly what the student needs at every moment and inspires him on the next level. Amazing teacher and great musician. My never-ending lesson is a stepping stone to a conversation that I never imagined I could achieve. "

    Dr. Michael Malus, Montreal, Canada.

    "The guitar, it was 30 years that I thought about it. And then life ... It's been more than a year, and life (still it!) Now leads me to have to leave the beautiful Province and return to live among mine in France. She also forces me to abandon my weekly classes with Eric, and it's a real regret.I have just spent a wonderful year learning the guitar with a caring teacher, listening, supporting, taking the time to explain , and following my pace of progression. Eric is an experienced teacher, who has thought about the steps to follow gradually, from reading notes to learning rhythms, from arpeggio to chords, from practice to theory, in order to acquire a solid technical background. which prepares you to face the more difficult pieces and thus to taste all the joys of the music. Eric makes you discover music as you've never heard it before. Eric is also a classical guitar virtuoso, but do not be afraid, he'll teach you the Beatles and Radiohead. </ol> I also enjoyed going to this quiet neighborhood of NDG every week, with dark brick houses in the shade of tall trees, greeted by the big cat (which then slips into the holster of your guitar) and the voice from Eric in the lobby. It has been a breath in my life for a year, a moment of pleasure that I will remember every day when I catch my guitar. "

    Fabrice Jollant, Montreal, Canada.

    "Playing guitar forever was a dream for me. Since my first class with Eric a year ago, I made very big progress in guitar, I left a lot and after an evaluation on his part, he was able to set up a beautiful personalized learning. Today, I have fun with this instrument and I really gained autonomy. We work together reading notes and chords but also technique and styles of music. We play together and he knows how to adapt to my rhythm. His lynx eye allows him to guide you in your learning and correct your bad habits. I am very satisfied and his great passion for music makes him an excellent teacher impressing by his talent that is easily worth 1h of road each week for a course. A big thank you Eric! . "

    Jérome Braghieri, Montreal, Canada.

    "It's been a year since I started guitar lessons with Eric and I'm very happy with the results. I learn music (reading, rhythm, etc.), I who worked by the ear, and I discover the immense universe of creation that is offered to me by the mastery of my instrument. Eric is a very present and purposeful teacher, which creates a lot of motivation for the student. It is a privilege to benefit from his teaching and I intend to continue classes for a long time. "

    Thérèse S., Montreal, Canada.

    "I would like to mention about my teacher Eric Lemieux, his pedagogical excellence, his rigor, his enthusiasm and good mood very important in the atmosphere required for learning. I am a Chilean exile who had learned some basic guitar in Chile, with the great concertist Liliana Perez Corey, but today has relearned the exercise for reasons rather therapeutic but also fun. "

    Amaya Clunes G. 75 years old, Doctor Artis set design. Montreal, Canada.

    Eric Lemieux, Montreal. Concertist, composer and guitar teacher to live a pleasant musical journey.


    At teacher's location: 2334 Avenue Beaconsfield, Montréal, QC H4A 2G8, Canada

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    General info


    Acoustic, Blues, Country & bluegrass, Electric, Electro & electronica, Folk, Heavy metal, Indie & alternative, Jazz, Pop, Ragga, Rock, Song & varieties


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English

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    • Instructor since December 2015

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    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    Acoustic / Electric Guitar Course - Beginner and Initiate
    * English Follow * I have been playing music since I was 4 years old. After a few years of piano conservatory, I finally turned to the guitar. Then, my experience in various groups of hard rock, metal and reggae made me discover bass and drums. I am able to play all these instruments and I would be happy to make you discover them occasionally. However, let's not lose sight of the essential: the guitar. I propose a course for beginner and initiate. You will be able to learn the basics of music theory, by which one is a little obliged and that it is better to do it at the beginning. This will give you tools to learn and understand music more easily. Then, obviously exercises practice guitar to exercise your fingers and possibly directly apply what you just learned in music theory. Last but not least, we will learn and play the songs of your choice, because it is still the most important! I play music since I 'm just a few years old in music school learning classical piano, I finally switch to the guitar. Then, I play among several bands of hard rock, metal and reggae. Thanks to that, I also learn how to play bass and drum. I'm able to play these instruments and I would be happy to see you if opportunity shows up. Anyway, let's go back to the guitar. I offer lessons for beginners or beginners. We'll review the basics of music theory, it will give you the key to easily understand music. Then, we'll practice and apply music theory on the guitar neck, mostly to train your fingers. And last but not least, we'll learn and play the songs you want to play!

    Professional guitar lessons - Cirque du Soleil!
    Wondering why take lessons with me? Here are 9 good reasons: 1) Your first class time is FREE! * I have always appreciated the offer "try before you buy". It goes without saying. So the same thing should be applicable to guitar lessons too, right? It gives me pleasure to offer you the first free hour. In this way, you can judge what makes the difference between me and other teachers. And without spending a penny! * (1) 2) I've been playing guitar for 37 years now. 3) I have played professionally over the past 33 years, including 25 with Cirque du Soleil. 4) I am 100% bilingual 5) The guitar is my passion, my life. 6) For me, teaching guitar is not work. It's a real pleasure! 7) And finally (the most important point for me), over the years, I developed my own technique. My system has only ONE GOAL: PLAYING THE GUITAR! That means "we play a lot, and we learn the necessary theory. 8) I teach 9 to 99 years old! 9) I am a double graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA * FREE time is based on a first class of 2 hours min. So this is it! A first hour free with an experienced teacher who has his own proven method (whose name is "GuitarBloxx"), based on years of experience, and taught by a teacher who has fun teaching it! What is GuitarBloxx? It's a teaching method with ONE great goal: PLAYING THE GUITAR! What does that mean for you? This means that throughout the first few basic courses, the theory will be ONLY based on the game. "Hands on"! Do not just make notes! And yes, there are songs that are so easy to learn. From the first class, everything you learn will be based on a song that you learn at the same time! Fun songs to play (you can even pick from my list) AND learn at the same time. You will be able to show the quick results of your progress to your relatives and friends! I will also give you written notes (to do a little practice at home), and also "backing tracks" to immediately give you the feeling of playing in a group! All of this is included in my classes, and even more. Obviously, if you are intermediate or even advanced, the same principle applies, only the techniques taught and the songs that we learn differ. A little / a lot more difficulty, and with different goals. And what's even more cool is that as you move forward in the program, it's YOU who chooses the BLOXX that you want us to work together. In closing, you do not even have to own your own instrument. I have a ton of guitars of all styles that I rent to my students until they get theirs. And when they are ready to buy this first guitar, not only I offer to help them in their choice, but I also have a guitar store that offers the best prices. So, do not wait, write to me! It is with pleasure that I will answer all your questions. You can reach me at: Send me your questions, and leave me a phone number if you want to talk about it. I hope to have some news soon! Classes are offered Monday to Sunday, at Samson Blvd in Laval, 2 minutes west of Highway 13. Here are the time slots available at this time. Note that the available time slots may change without notice. Thursday 19:30 - 22:30 Friday 9 pm - 10.30 pm Saturday 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm Sunday 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm PS: I offer substantial discounts in the form of "package deals" of 5hrs and 10hrs and prices for winter session. Write me for all the details!

    Premium guitar lessons: beginner-intermediate-advanced. Premium piano course: beginner-intermediate
    The guitar and the piano are wonderful instruments that can be learned very well, with solid foundations. This course is designed for beginners, to learn the fundamentals and the main techniques of the guitar and / or the piano and to learn to read the music on the scores, as for the more advanced, to perfect their knowledge! Child as an adult, this is a perfect course to become familiar with one of these instruments, but also to develop his passion to the fullest!

    Guitar lessons
    My name is Anthony, I am a professional musician. I practice the guitar for 10 years. I did more than 1000 concerts around the world and had great opportunities (first part of Garou, Pep's, R-Wan) I teach guitar for more than 6 years to motivated people who wish to progress in the musical universe.

    Guitar lessons for young people. Course centered around the student
    Young, dynamic and experienced teacher. I help the student to enrich his musical knowledge. The course is based around the student. My goal is to succeed in inspiring young people to take an instrument and master it. I adapt to what the student wants to learn. If he or she wants to learn a specific song, I will modify the court around it.

    Beginner Guitar and Singing Lessons
    Hello everyone! I am a student at Polytechnique Montreal (20 years old) BUT I love music and especially Guitar. Are you new to guitar? It is not serious! I will teach you to read tabs, chords etc ... If you are motivated to learn how to 'scratch' as they say in jargon and well it was enough to say it! Even if you do not have a guitar, I can bring mine and you can get an idea of your interest in the instrument! I can also help you improve your singing if you want to sing + play the guitar. Thanks to you and long live rock'n'roll! Ps: I have already given private lessons. English is fine too!

    Rhythm guitar lessons and soloist, beginner level uninitiated to intermediate
    Guitarist of 6 years of experience, having already played in several groups and associations, often specialized rhythmic but also sometimes soloist. I myself learned with a particular teacher for the basics before continuing as an autodidact, but the best training remains to play in a real group. I can initiate you or consolidate your bases and make you practice by making you play with me. I always consider the tastes of my students because I think we must love what we do to want to progress, so I do not force them to work a style or a piece they do not like. I will teach you: - to read tablatures, - the basics of music theory such as scales, - the notion of rhythm and how to hold it, - different rhythmic and solo techniques. I have an electric guitar and an electro acoustic, whatever your style I can teach you and make you play on both. I also have an amplifier and two pedals, a distortion and a cry baby. Whether you know it or not, I'll teach you what you need to know about their use. My course is like this: In the first class I start with a bit of theory, about 30 minutes, then we will begin to play, and in each class I will go a little in theory (10-15 minutes), we will repeat the pieces already seen and I'll tell you will learn new ones by always going progressively to the technical level.

    music lessons, theory guitar solfege
    Hello, I propose guitar lessons or music theory. My goal is to encourage, to emphasize the capacities of each one in order to discover the instrument or the theory in an easy and logical way. The course will follow the tastes and style of the student and I promise a quick result, not necessarily at the level of technique (which depends on the taste of your interest in the exercises) but in terms of the overall vision of the instrument, harmony and music in general.