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    Rhythm guitar lessons and soloist, beginner level uninitiated to intermediate

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    Guitarist of 6 years of experience, having already played in several groups and associations, often specialized rhythmic but also sometimes soloist.
    I myself learned with a particular teacher for the basics before continuing as an autodidact, but the best training remains to play in a real group.
    I can initiate you or consolidate your bases and make you practice by making you play with me.
    I always consider the tastes of my students because I think we must love what we do to want to progress, so I do not force them to work a style or a piece they do not like.
    I will teach you:
    - to read tablatures,
    - the basics of music theory such as scales,
    - the notion of rhythm and how to hold it,
    - different rhythmic and solo techniques.

    I have an electric guitar and an electro acoustic, whatever your style I can teach you and make you play on both. I also have an amplifier and two pedals, a distortion and a cry baby. Whether you know it or not, I'll teach you what you need to know about their use.

    My course is like this:
    In the first class I start with a bit of theory, about 30 minutes, then we will begin to play, and in each class I will go a little in theory (10-15 minutes), we will repeat the pieces already seen and I'll tell you will learn new ones by always going progressively to the technical level.

    Extra information

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    I do not move my electric guitar because my amp is too big to be moved by subway or bus.


    At teacher's location: 3525 Boulevard Edouard-Montpetit, Montréal, QC H3T, Canada
    At student's location: Around Westmount, 10, Canada

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    General info


    Acoustic, Blues, Electric, Funk, Heavy metal, Jazz, Pop, Punk, Ragga, Reggae & dub, Rock, Song & varieties


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English
    French student living in Montreal, laureate of a scientific baccalaureate specialty mathematics obtained with honors and now at the Polytechnique of Montreal in first year of mechanical engineering. Gives a mathematics, physics or both classes for students following the French system (up to the BAC) or Quebec until DEC.

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    • Instructor since January 2016

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    Acoustic / Electric Guitar Course - Beginner and Initiate
    * English Follow * I have been playing music since I was 4 years old. After a few years of piano conservatory, I finally turned to the guitar. Then, my experience in various groups of hard rock, metal and reggae made me discover bass and drums. I am able to play all these instruments and I would be happy to make you discover them occasionally. However, let's not lose sight of the essential: the guitar. I propose a course for beginner and initiate. You will be able to learn the basics of music theory, by which one is a little obliged and that it is better to do it at the beginning. This will give you tools to learn and understand music more easily. Then, obviously exercises practice guitar to exercise your fingers and possibly directly apply what you just learned in music theory. Last but not least, we will learn and play the songs of your choice, because it is still the most important! I play music since I 'm just a few years old in music school learning classical piano, I finally switch to the guitar. Then, I play among several bands of hard rock, metal and reggae. Thanks to that, I also learn how to play bass and drum. I'm able to play these instruments and I would be happy to see you if opportunity shows up. Anyway, let's go back to the guitar. I offer lessons for beginners or beginners. We'll review the basics of music theory, it will give you the key to easily understand music. Then, we'll practice and apply music theory on the guitar neck, mostly to train your fingers. And last but not least, we'll learn and play the songs you want to play!

    Premium guitar lessons: beginner-intermediate-advanced. Premium piano course: beginner-intermediate
    The guitar and the piano are wonderful instruments that can be learned very well, with solid foundations. This course is designed for beginners, to learn the fundamentals and the main techniques of the guitar and / or the piano and to learn to read the music on the scores, as for the more advanced, to perfect their knowledge! Child as an adult, this is a perfect course to become familiar with one of these instruments, but also to develop his passion to the fullest!

    Classical or pop piano lessons, young children and motivated adults
    A McGill University piano teacher and with many years of experience as a singer-songwriter, she offers classical piano and pop lessons to all. Experience with very young children as well as adults.

    Piano Lessons_Cours de piano_À domicile_Je me déplace
    Bonjour! J’enseigne le piano pour les jeunes de tous les niveaux à Montréal. Je suis une pianiste certifiée du conservatoire royal de musique (RCM 10) et tutrice qualifiée. J’offre des cours au 8130 Av. Bloomfield. Je me déplace aussi à votre domicile avec frais supplémentaire. Hello! I am currently teaching piano for beginners to intermediate level in Montreal. I am a qualified teacher and a certified pianist from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM 10). I offer lessons at 8130 Av. Bloomfield. The lessons can also take place at your home for additional fees.

    Guitar lessons
    My name is Anthony, I am a professional musician. I practice the guitar for 10 years. I did more than 1000 concerts around the world and had great opportunities (first part of Garou, Pep's, R-Wan) I teach guitar for more than 6 years to motivated people who wish to progress in the musical universe.

    Cello lessons (instrumental practice at home for all levels)
    Student at the University of Montreal in cinema, I give cello lessons for all levels and all ages. Having studied music at the Conservatoire Massenet in Saint-Étienne (France), I have been practicing cello for over ten years (equivalent to grade 10). The courses are intended to accompany the instrumentalist in his perfection, as in his first steps. Studying Film at the University of Montreal, I'm teaching the cello for all levels and ages. I have been studying music at the Conservatoire Massenet (France) and playing the cello for more than ten years (grade 10 equivalence). The lesson is aimed at the instrumentalist in his improvment, as in his first steps.

    Beginner Guitar and Singing Lessons
    Hello everyone! I am a student at Polytechnique Montreal (20 years old) BUT I love music and especially Guitar. Are you new to guitar? It is not serious! I will teach you to read tabs, chords etc ... If you are motivated to learn how to 'scratch' as they say in jargon and well it was enough to say it! Even if you do not have a guitar, I can bring mine and you can get an idea of your interest in the instrument! I can also help you improve your singing if you want to sing + play the guitar. Thanks to you and long live rock'n'roll! Ps: I have already given private lessons. English is fine too!

    MONTREAL GUITAR COURSE (NDG) The art and practice of the guitar can be very inspiring, rewarding and fulfilling. What would be your criteria for choosing a guitar class? An effective educational approach An effective pedagogical approach and proper training are essential to learning the guitar. It is important to develop a good understanding of musical language, a correct application of technique to progress in a balanced way with confidence. Learn at your own pace, step by step according to your personal goals. A sincere commitment to students A sincere commitment to the student, at all stages of development, is the cornerstone that will help students feel confident and inspired to develop their full potential and artistic vision, whatever they may be. Why choose Eric as a teacher? 1. Many years of teaching experience. 2. Welcome to beginners and non-beginners, from primary level (ages 7 and up) to adults. - VERY SPECIAL SPECIAL AND ECONOMIC FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (under 11 years old) - 3. Exam preparation for music schools and recitals. 4. Graduate professor with experience (MA in Composition, Music, U. of M.). 5. Teaches at any level: 6 Directory of the guitar 7 Theory and analysis of music 8 Reading skills o Comprehension and rhythmic training o Creativity and composition o Health and prevention issues related to music practice o Writing songs o Electronic music and film music 6. Teach all styles: o Classic o Pop o folk o Blues o Jazz o And more 7. Health and prevention issues related to musical practice 8. Competitive rates and bilingual education. 9. Located in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, NDG (near the Villa-Maria and Vendome subways). 10. Guaranteed results.

    music lessons, theory guitar solfege
    Hello, I propose guitar lessons or music theory. My goal is to encourage, to emphasize the capacities of each one in order to discover the instrument or the theory in an easy and logical way. The course will follow the tastes and style of the student and I promise a quick result, not necessarily at the level of technique (which depends on the taste of your interest in the exercises) but in terms of the overall vision of the instrument, harmony and music in general.

    General Music Course, Guitar, Audio Production
    Offers guitar lessons, general music theory, jazz theory and / or audio production (use of various audio recording, mixing and mastering software). I can move if there is a metro near the destination. For audio production courses, you must have your own hardware (if you do not have one I can make free software recommendations).

    Singing Class, Classical Singing, Solfeggio
    Hello ! A first step, an upgrade, a perfecting, I would gladly share my experience for music with you! I graduated from 15 years of conservatory in classical singing, solfège and piano. I like to combine technique and interpretation, to always be closer to what we get closer by playing music, art. We will discuss, according to your needs, breathing, history of music, interpretation, awareness of his body as an instrument, or musical training. I like working with both children and parents. Progression and not taking head guarantees. See you soon, I hope ! Musically yours, Lou

    Piano lessons for beginners (children and adults).
    Passionate about music since my youngest age, I graduated from the Conservatoire de Paris in France. This course is intended for young children as well as adults who would like to start learning piano and solfeggio. Do not hesitate to contact me!

    Tutor for piano (beginners-intermediate) _Piano tutor (beginners-intermediate) Hello! I teach piano for young beginners or intermediate in Montreal. I am a qualified tutor and a certified pianist of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). I'm moving to your home. The student will have to have his own piano. Hello! I am currently teaching piano for children in Montreal. I am a qualified teacher and a certified pianist of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). The lessons will take place at your home. The student must have its own piano.