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Hello! You will learn Portuguese. Enjoy the language!

I am a native Portuguese and I worked in Portugal in Secondary schools for 25 years. I taught Portuguese for adults in UK for 8 years and in Dublin for 2 years.. In Holland, I teach Portuguese in International School of Amsterdam and in Guus Kieft School


At student's location: Around The Hague, Netherlands
Online via webcam

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General info

Portuguese for adults
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
60 minutes
The class is taught in:English, French, Portuguese

About Me

I am a native Portuguese and I teach Portuguese, French and English. I did my training as a qualified teacher. I have been working as a teacher for more than 30 years in schools. I teach children, teenagers and adults.I have been teaching by Skype for more than 8 years, too,


1976 – 1980: I graduated in Management Secretarial Skills from the Higher Institute of New
Professions in Lisbon – PORTUGAL
1981 – 1987: I graduated in Law from the University of Law in Lisbon – PORTUGAL
2000 – 2001: I did a Spanish Course in Portugal.
2001 – 2005: I got a graduation of level B in French Language from Alliance Française – Paris
2003 – 2007: I graduated in Literary and Literacy Portuguese Studies from Open University –
In 2007: I got the Qualified Teacher Status from Birmingham – UNITED KINGDOM
In 2009: I did a Translation Course – Community levels I, II and III at Mary Ward Center
Russell Square – London – UNITED KINGDOM
In 2010: I did the Interpreter Course – Community levels I and II at Mary Ward Centre –
Russell Square – London – UNITED KINGDOM
In 2011: I did a Post Graduation Course in Translation from City University in London –
2011 – 2013: I awarded functional skills qualification in English, level II from Oxford
Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR): Listen and Speaking, Reading and
Writing Communication
2013 – 2014: I did the Counselling Course in the Institute of Counselling – Glasgow –
In 2014: I finished level II of IT Skills (Word, Excel, Database, Publisher and Powerpoint)
From Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations – the UNITED KINGDOM and I did
Arts Pathway Levels 1 and 2 (drawing, Painting, Design style and Design
Project) from Manchester College – UNITED KINGDOM

Experience / Qualifications

I worked in Portugal as a Qualified Teacher for 25 years and as a lawyer for 20 years.
In Portugal I taught different subjects: Portuguese (all levels); French (beginners for years 5 and 6); Economics (years 10 and 11); Political Economics (years 10, 11 and 12); Law (years 10 and 11) and Technological Education and IT (Years 7 to 9).

In United Kingdom I worked as a Portuguese Teacher for Cactus Language Ltd for 8 years. I worked as a translator/interpreter for 5 years. I translated and interpreted Portuguese – English and vice versa; Portuguese – French and vice versa and French – English and vice versa.
I used to teach Portuguese in small groups, between ages 5 to 7; 7 to 9 and 9 to 12. The most part of the children were Portuguese whose parents did not want they forget their mother tongue.
I supported some Portuguese people in some lawyers’ offices about Portuguese law issues, such as family law, work law and properties registered law.

In Dublin, I worked as a teacher between 2014 and 2016. I taught Portuguese and French. I taught also IT and Decorative Arts.
I supported children between 5 to 12 years old in Counselling groups.
I supported some Portuguese citizens in private lawyers’ offices and I gave them some general advice relating how to solve some Portuguese issues. Basically, the areas were about Human Rights, Criminal Law, Work Law and Properties’ register (House and land).

In Netherlands, I teach Portuguese in International School of Amsterdam and I teach Portuguese, French and Decorative Arts, including several techniques of Art & Craft at Guus Kieft School. Both schools are located in Amstelveen. I teach also French in International Business School The Hague and Portuguese in Taal tall Centrum. Both schools are situated in Den Haag.

I have been teaching Portuguese, French and English by Skype for more than 8 years.

Reviews (5)

Very good first day with Maria.
Professeur très sympathique. Bon cours
Very flexible and enjoys teaching
Maria is an excellent and experienced teacher! She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning. Very clear and concise.
Professeure très passionnée et généreuse de son temps. Je la recommande fortement. Super enjouée et nous fait pratiquer à l'écrit, l'oral, notre compréhension et la lecture.

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9            Saturday at 9:00  
11  Monday at 11:00    Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00    
15  Monday at 15:00    Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00    
from C$26.06Online via webcam
from C$34.75At student's home

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Availability of a typical week

9            Saturday at 9:00  
11  Monday at 11:00    Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00    
15  Monday at 15:00    Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00    
from C$26.06Online via webcam
from C$34.75At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Class of Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture
Discover a new world with the help of a 5 times published author. Learn Portuguese Language and Brazilian culture from a native speaker. I have knowledge of German, Italian, Spanish, English and French if you need support during our classes.

Portuguese lessons - beginner, intermediate or advanced
This class is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning Portuguese for any purpose at beginner or intermediate levels. The lessons will focus on grammar, vocabulary, as well as listening and speaking, and emphasis can be given to whatever part of the language the student wishes to learn more in depth.

Spanish class: reach the level you are looking for!
Spanish is my mother tongue! Learn: Spanish for beginners. (A1 / A2) Getting better: Spanish for B1 or B2 Practice: Conversation and Perfection. Expert: Do you need the vocabulary for a specific topic? Teaching modalities vary depending on the specific purposes. Adaptability at the request of the students. Private, group, online, phone, home and business lessons. Are you willing to learn or improve a foreign language? After 10 years of traveling, working and studying around the world I am now based in the Netherlands eager to share all these experiences through teaching languages! I can offer lessons in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English! We can do it online or personally and, I can adapt our study plan to your objectives and necessities! I provide personalized methods that will take you step by step to meet your goal! I am dynamic, easy-going and full of energy! I have experience preparing students for IELTS, TOEFL, different Cambridge Exams, DELE, CELU, OPI, TELC, CELI, CILS, CIPLE, DEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE, DUPLE ... Let's do it!

Academic and General English, Business English, Writing, Aviation Technical English, Essay Writing, Conversation, Grammar, IELTS, TOEFL.
Who is your teacher? Teaching is an Art and a Knowledge! Anybody can know a language but everybody cannot teach it! I am the affiliated researcher at the university with a 16 - year experience as a teacher, supervisor, editor - teaching Academic and General English, supervising and training the staff, at 3 public and private universities, 2 schools and 6 institutes. I got my master in ELT - English Language Teaching and I have the certificate of "Teaching Methods". I know 5 languages and I am learning my 6th language at the moment. What do you want to learn? A. English for the school students Can't you still use the time and tenses in English Correctly? Do you have problems using the adverbs of manner, time, frequency? Can't you easily broaden your vocabulary knowledge? ... Don't worry! I am here to do it together! B. Academic English Are you a purchase agent working for an International company? Do you need to have a good command of Business English to be able to negotiate, make orders, translate or make contracts and you do not know how to manage it? What are the essential terms you should know to succeed in Business English? (A to Z of Business English) Do you have to publish your paper in English? Do you have to write your PhD or Master thesis in English? (Writing: Paragraph writing - Essay Writing) Are you a student of Law? Do you need to learn and be able to translate legal texts? (English for the students of Law) Have you recently applied for a job as a flight attendant and you are becoming ready to take the exam? (Aviation Technical English) Do you have to take the International TOEFL and IELTS exam? Then Welcome !!! We will do this together!

Portuguese language and culture lessons with a native speaker
The wonderful Portuguese adventure! Advantages of learning a new language: Learning a new language is fun. But what I’m (and you should be) after is not bilingualism but instead biculturalism. We think by aid of words. Therefore language shapes thought. In part this is because working in a second language slows down the thinking. No wonder people feel different when speaking a second language. And no wonder they feel looser, more spontaneous, perhaps more assertive or funnier or blunter. Studies show that being able to speak another language is generally linked to a more flexible brain, developing the brain’s ability to plan and prioritize. Also it betters our defenses against dementia in old age. Advantages of learning Portuguese: • 250 million native speakers worldwide • 5th most common language in the world • It has been an official language since 1297 • It’s usage is spread over 4 continents (Europe, South America, Africa, Asia) Now business, The pace, duration, frequency and schedule of the classes is totally up to the student to decide. The best case scenario is 1-2x per week depending on both parties availability. Focus on diverse subjects is possible, for example, grammar, diction, reading comprehension, written production, conversational skills. In case the student has no specific requests, together we will follow the guidelines of a trusted book (that I myself bring to the class and the student doesn’t need to acquire). The classes will rely also on bilingual children’s books and audio media. This double edged approach allows for fun learning ways and cultural assimilation. In every class the student will be directly influenced by worldwide Portuguese culture ( music, history, geography). Periodically we will evaluate how the classes are evolving so as to rapidly and effectively shift focus to where it is needed.

Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture: Learn with fun!
Do you want to speak Portuguese and get closer to the Brazilian culture in a fun and dynamic way? Well, I am a Brazilian who can show you our History, our art, customs and the great diversity of Brazilian Portuguese accents, as if you were on a virtual trip to Brazil. I have been teaching my language to people of different levels and objectives for more than two years, which gave me great experience in adapting my classes according to the needs of each student. Thus, in addition to traditional grammar, I use movies, songs, literature and other resources according to the profile of each student. In Brazil, I worked in schools and science museums, where I gained practice teaching children, youth, and adults. I also worked writing and reviewing articles for magazines, so I have great experience with the written Portuguese language. I offer online classes via webcam or face-to-face (in Granada, Spain) so that the student can choose the way that suits him best.

Zé Eduardo
Portuguese, Spanish and Italian classes tailor-made for your needs
Hello there, My name is Zé and I'm here to teach you my native language! I am a polyglot who speaks four languages (currently learning my fifth one, Japanese), so I know the struggles of learning a new language from scratch. I can adapt our lessons to be more structured or more flexible depending on your desires and needs. Lessons can be general or focused on specific topics, depending on the client. I am available in the center of Amsterdam, starting on the 2nd of October. Looking forward to meet you!

Portuguese with a Native Internationally Certified Teacher
I have over 10 years of experience in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language both independently and in International Academies for the most diversified purposes: International Exams, Business (Interviews, Work Presentations), Erasmus, Exchange, and other Travel/ Leisure Activities, Translation (Simultaneous or of Documents: Thesis, Articles, etc). Classes are dynamic and versatile with a methodological approach to Grammar, Oral and Written Comprehension and Production, Colloquial Language Use and Vocabulary, Periodical Presentations, and Mock Tests. Classes are designed specifically to assist the students' lifestyles and interests including the amount of Homework, personalized material, and pace.

Pedro Henrique
Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a native speaker
This Brazilian Portuguese course is suitable for those who already speak a little bit and who want to practice and deepen themselves more, as well as for those who still want to take the first steps. With me you will find enough encouragement and security to expand your boundaries and understand, write and speak Portuguese more. My approach is organically structured with an eye to relevant themes for the student and self-knowledge. I studied International Politics and have interests related to ecology and spirituality. I live in the beautiful city of Recife with two cats and am also a flower essence therapist.

Portuguese tutoring with European Portuguese native speaker
I am a European Portuguese native speaker, offering tutoring in Portuguese for all levels. The sessions are tailored to your purposes and goals. We can work on speaking, reading and writing skills, grammar and vocabulary, as well as Portuguese literature. Specialized tutoring: I have a Bachelor´s degree in Law. Contact me if you are also interested in tutoring in Legal Portuguese. Other information: I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

Learning languages in french, english, portuguese !
Languages are essential to understanding each other! Just for fun, to show off in front of your friends or to meet new people and share things with them, it's important to be able to talk with them. Although, only learning languages is not enough! You must pursue the work at home, in your daily life, with people around you to be able to speak fluently! Also, it's helping to search for information about the culture of the country you learn the language of by reading newspapers, watching videos/series/movies in the native languages, practicing it daily to speak as well as a native speaker! My job will be to teach you the vocabulary, grammar, and expressions that help you be as comfortable as possible in the language you learn ! I hope to see you in my classes, Sincerely yours, Your (may) teacher.

Elsa Maria Gomes
Portuguese classes from Portugal (or European) for adults
Teacher of European / Portuguese Portuguese for anyone who wants to learn. Translator and interpreter of European / Portuguese Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Experience collaborating as a tutor at the UNED university, as well as collaborating with the Exams Court of the University's Face-to-Face Tests or as a teacher and examiner at the Language Center of the University of Vigo Foundation. Grammar and conversation classes in Portuguese from Portugal. Experience teaching classes to individuals, universities and companies. In my résumé there are companies from the textile world; banking; automotive; international relations (press ...); supermarkets; metallurgy; conveyors; services and a half environment, etc. I have also taught classes to teachers (of different subjects) who teach their classes in official centers such as, for example, the language schools of the Province of Pontevedra. Individual and / or group classes for both individuals and companies. Own support material to complement the books I use. Personalized support material for my students, directing my material to the particular needs of each student. The material and the classes are adapting to the learning needs of each one @. Preparation for Erasmus, exams and job interviews. Interpreter / escort job for work needs. Face-to-face and online classes through videoconference and / or web conference. Platforms: Skype; Google and / or Zoom. Formal and / or informal conversation. Dynamic and motivating classes. Experience in translation and as a Portuguese interpreter in courts and police stations of the Province of Pontevedra.

Teaching of the Hispanic and Portuguese-speaking language and culture.
¡Hola! I offer Spanish and Portuguese classes for all levels at my home. I have more than ten years of experience in teaching foreign languages. My classes start from an integral conception of the language. We will work on pronunciation, grammar, comprehension and expression in Spanish, while enriching your cultural knowledge on Spain, Portugal and Latin America. I offer tutoring and refresher courses in Spanish and Portuguese. Opportunity to take classes online, on Skype. ¡Hasta pronto!

Experienced professional teacher trained in literature
Hello everyone ! My name is Priscila, I have a degree in Letter (Portuguese and English), I am a CELTA certified teacher, postgraduate student in Afro-Brazilian and indigenous history, culture and literature, as well as in human rights , social responsibility and global citizenship. I have also worked as a translator for international institutions, including the United Nations, where I worked on the translation of official documents for the Black Lives Matter campaign in Brazil and Amnesty International. All of my lessons are planned, well structured and very organized. But I am also open to free conversation. I take into consideration your goals, your personality and your preferences to configure or personalize each lesson according to them. I use resources like google docs and slides in my lessons, so a computer or laptop is highly recommended. Teaching fascinates me. I started teaching my neighbors when I was 14. I have taught children, adolescents and adults. I have classified my two children in alphabetical order and I am very proud of it. This whole time has been a self-knowledge process as well because I have had a chance to learn how things work in terms of the learning process. My lessons cover several types of subjects. We will work together to make your best version flourish. It opens paths, breaks down barriers, connects people. For this reason, I am sure you will reap the benefits.

Rebeca Luiza Aquino
Aulas de Português para prática de conversação, vocabulário e melhora na fluência do idioma. Aprenda o português e a cultura brasileira.
Minhas aulas são personalizadas com seus objetivos e gosto de usar a cultura brasileira para que você se familiarize ao máximo e alcance o vocabulário e a fluência desejada. Minha metodologia de base em recursos visuais, áudios, vídeos, artigos sendo uma aula interativa e dinâmica. Estou disposta a usar a comunicação do dia a dia, pronúncia, vocabulário para viajar e praticar conversação. Sinta-se livre para agendar um encontro comigo e conversarmos sobre seus objetivos com a língua portuguesa.