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Trusted teacher: In a Wireshark class, students will learn the fundamentals of using Wireshark for packet analysis and network troubleshooting. The class typically covers the following topics: 1. Introduction to Packet Analysis: - Understanding the importance of packet analysis in network troubleshooting and security. - Overview of network protocols and their role in packet communication. 2. Wireshark Installation and Setup: - Downloading and installing Wireshark on different operating systems. - Granting necessary permissions for packet capture. 3. Capturing Packets: - Selecting the appropriate network interface for capturing packets. - Starting and stopping packet capture. - Configuring capture options, such as promiscuous mode and packet filters. 4. Navigating the Wireshark Interface: - Familiarizing with the main components of the Wireshark window. - Understanding the packet list pane and its columns. - Exploring the packet details pane and various protocol layers. 5. Filtering and Display Options: - Using display filters to focus on specific packets of interest. - Applying filters based on protocols, IP addresses, ports, and other packet attributes. - Customizing column display and packet summary information. 6. Analyzing Packet Details: - Understanding the structure of a packet, including Ethernet, IP, TCP/UDP, and application layers. - Examining packet headers and payload. - Interpreting key fields, flags, and protocol-specific information. 7. Following Streams and Conversations: - Identifying and tracking network streams. - Following TCP/UDP streams to analyze complete conversations. - Extracting files and media from captured packets. Throughout the class, students will gain hands-on experience by working with Wireshark in practical exercises and case studies. They will develop the skills necessary to efficiently capture, analyze, and interpret network packets using Wireshark, enabling them to troubleshoot network issues effectively and ensure network security.
Network infrastructure · Networking · Computer engineering
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Pr YSF - Paris, FranceC$34
Network infrastructure · Telecommunications · Electrical circuits
Trusted teacher: This class helps you prepare for the newest CCNA 200-301 exam. If this is your first step towards attaining your Cisco certifications, then you are in the right place. Here, I also teach Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux tools. I have got teaching years of experience and promises to be worth it. This course is unlike other CCNA courses as it contains: * Large amount of practical content with detailed explanations of CCNA topics and GNS3 and Cisco Packet Tracer demonstrations * Packet Tracer assessments and labs. Massive amount of practical, hands-on content that you can use to study offline. * Software - Subnetting Calculators, Config-Register, binary & hexadecimal & decimal calculators * Many demonstrations showing you practically how to configure and build Cisco networks * Cheatsheets * Quiz questions Networks are all around us and you are using one right now to access this course. Imagine for a moment, how different your life would be without access to Facebook, Snapchat, Google, YouTube, Whatsapp or any of the other websites on the Internet? How would you live with no Internet? The Internet is extremely important in modern life today and all websites and Internet communication relies on networking. This reliance is only predicted to continue with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next few years. Without routers, switches, network cabling and protocols like BGP there would be no Internet! This course will teach you how networks actually work and how you are able to connect to websites like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Companies throughout the world (from the smallest to the largest) rely on networks designed, installed and maintained by networking engineers. Join this in demand industry! Content in this course can be used towards your CCNA. Topics such as IP addressing, subnetting and many others can be applied directly to passing your CCNA certification. Start your journey today learning about networking.
Information technology · Network infrastructure · Networking
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Piano lessons for beginners (possibility of combining with music theory) (Confignon)
Luana was well prepared for the first lesson, and very clear on instructions. She communicates well and gets the message across. She makes the student feel relax and gives good feedback.
Review by ALEX
Computer networks all levels 100% practical
Issamo is a great teacher -- smart, friendly and helpful. I wanna send him a big thank you for his effort and flexibility. I recommend Issamo 100%. Thanks you all, Nawfel.
Review by NAWFEL
Linux, Bash , Python Programming Beginner Class : 101
A great lesson. Siva is experienced and knowledgeable. I'm really glad to have found him.
Review by DON