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Singing · Piano · Guitar
Trusted teacher: Do you want to master your vocal presence and captivate your audience from the first words? Do you feel the need to speak confidently and without fatigue, whether during presentations or in social interactions? Give yourself the opportunity to develop your vocal potential with tailor-made coaching. This personalized support will allow you to learn to unleash the full potential of your voice and to feel comfortable when speaking in public. My holistic approach integrates not only vocal development, but also posture, gaze and body expression, and numerous presentation techniques (...) because effective communication goes beyond words. The modules and exercises are carefully designed to meet your specific needs, taking into account your goals and comfort level. By working on breathing techniques, vocal placement, diction and rhythm control, you will be able to reveal a sonorous and captivating voice, while overcoming stage fright and strengthening your natural charisma. My approach also integrates vocal rehabilitation techniques, in order to prevent vocal tension and fatigue. By mastering silences and refining your nonverbal communication, you will learn to fully master the art of oratorical expression, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. If you want to give your voice the power to convince, seduce and inspire, contact me today to find out how I can help you achieve your communication and public speaking goals. Program : - vocal techniques, practical exercises (examples: exercises focusing on accuracy, sound production, time, note maintenance, diction, vowels, etc.) - work on breathing and breathing management - body awareness - stability - resonance - improvisation / free expression - improved vocal comfort - varied repertoire (adapting to your preference) - well-being by the vibration of the voice - improvisation, effects and vocal games, harmonies -interpretation: work on emotions, body language, stage presence. The work is focused on multidisciplinarity: voice, vocal health and bodily expressiveness, emphasizing the acquisition of optimal vocal placement, and stress management in public. This progressive and tailor-made method aims to develop your voice: -Breathing techniques -Vocalises and technical exercises adapted to needs; -dynamic exploration, diversification and release of one's voice while having fun and going beyond one's limits. THE TEACHER : Trained at the Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League University in the United States, our teacher trainer has specialized and worked for more than 17 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, regularly participating in forums and conferences, and also offering personalized INDIVIDUAL support, with pedagogy and meticulous methodology as the watchwords. ➤ LOCATION, TIMETABLE ✓ Locations: Geneva-Lausanne. But currently, these sessions continue to be offered by videoconference in the current context and in accordance with general demand which is almost unanimous on this subject. ✓ Indeed, apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (time saving related to travel & their unforeseen events, eco-responsibility, increased schedule flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session & the interaction remain identical. In addition, the entire exchange, notes and recommendations are immediately transcribed on the dedicated chat. ✓ To support us among ourselves & to be pleasant to you in this sustainable / particular period and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees are temporarily reduced and will not increase after the start of our sessions. ✓ Languages: French/English. ✓ The progress following these private sessions is perceptible from 1 to 2 sessions (*2024 study). ✓ As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. CONTACT / PROGRAM ✓ A la carte program: evaluated and adapted to each need.
Voice (music) · Public speaking · Presentation skills
Trusted teacher: 🎤 Unlock Your Voice with an International opera Singer with over 15 years stage experience Are you ready to discover the true power of your voice? Get ready for personalized voice lessons that will transform your vocal abilities, no matter your age or skill level. 🌬️ Master Your Breath: Learn the secret to breath control! Strengthen your diaphragm and achieve flawless vocal control. 💃 Perfect Your Posture: Discover how proper posture can elevate your singing performance. I will guide you to a posture that maximizes your vocal range and projection. 🎶 Find Your Authentic Voice: Uncover the unique beauty of your voice with expert guidance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist, I will help you tap into your true, authentic sound. 👩‍🎤 All Ages and Levels Welcome: No matter your age or skill level, I welcome you with open arms. Whether you dream of singing on the stage or simply want to sing your heart out, these lessons are for you. I am an international opera singer, and perform leading roles on the world’s most important stages. I offer lessons in vocal technique, with a great emphasis on breathing technique, body work, as well as techniques to deal with performance anxiety. You will learn the key fundamental aspects of breath and body alignment techniques, and will be given vocal exercises that can help you to achieve your goals. We will focus on getting rid of unnecessary muscle tension, and finding a released and projected sound. I have sung at houses such as the Hamburg State opera, English National Opera London, Semperoper Dresden, Opernhaus Zürich, Gran Teatre Liceu Barcelona, Dutch National Opera, Salzburg, Rome in leading roles such as Carmen, Isabella, Adalgisa, Ariodante, Orfeo, Radamisto, Cenerentola, Hermia. I also joined the roster of the Metropolitan Opera for thé first time in 2020.
Voice (music) · Opera · Singing
Trusted teacher: Welcome to my violin and musical language classes! Do you want to learn to play the violin or improve your skills? I am Peyber, violinist, composer, arranger and conductor trained in the Venezuelan Children's and Youth Orchestra System. With over 30 years of musical experience, I can help you from beginner to intermediate levels. What do we offer in classes? Violin Technique: Learn from basic fundamentals to more advanced techniques. Musical Language: Master musical theory, sheet music reading and music theory, essential for any musician. Personalized Repertoire: We will work on pieces that you are passionate about, from classics to contemporary music. Personalized Method: Classes designed according to your pace and personal objectives. Time Flexibility: Online classes that adapt to your schedule, facilitating stress-free learning. In-Person Classes: Available every afternoon after 4 PM. Contact me to coordinate the best time for you! Benefits of our classes: Personalized Attention: Individual classes focused on your needs and progress. Digital Resources: Access to sheet music, exercises and teaching materials. Continuous Monitoring: Periodic evaluations to measure your progress and adjust the study plan. No matter your age or level of experience, my goal is to make learning the violin and musical language a fun and enriching experience. Join my classes and discover the musician inside you! About me: I am Peyber, a professional musician with more than 30 years of experience teaching violin and music theory. I have worked with students of all ages and levels, and I am passionate about sharing my love of music. Sign up now and start your musical journey today!
Trusted teacher: Hi! My name is Gisel and I'm a singer, songwriter, participant and winner of several contests like "The Voice of Switzerland" (SRF), "Die grosse Entscheidungsshow" (SRF), "With you in Hollywood" (Warner Channel) and Sellaband. I've been learning, teaching and performing since 1998 and I have a wide experience training and developing my student's voices through a solid and healthy vocal technique that can be applied to all styles of music and that has the particularity of protecting the vocal chords and safely developing the vocal range. I can teach you to: - Control your breathing and improve your breathing capacity - Increase and control your vocal range - Improvise and develop your own style - Work on popular vocal techniques: vibrato, falsetto, riffs, vocal runs, head voice, mixed voice, chest voice - Discover and enhance your self expression, confidence and interpretation - Master the stage and improve your stage presence If you have any questions, please get in touch! In case you'd like to know me better, here is my story: In 2003, after winning the contest sponsored by Warner Channel's “The Bachelorette”, Gisel flew to Jamaica, where she had the opportunity to perform and she was broadcasted in all Latin America. From that point on, Gisel entered and won a singing and songwriting competition “With you in Hollywood”, a show produced by Warner Channel. Winning that contest gave her the opportunity to travel to Hollywood in 2004, where she performed in the “City of Angels.” Afterwards, in August 2004, Gisel joined a Rock & Roll band known as “The Spanglish Band” and became the lead female vocal singer. This was a great opportunity to perform in some well-known clubs, restaurants, and events. She had also performed live in a key political event that was attended by more than 5000 VIP personalities including the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, Mario Vargas Llosa (to whom she sang the “Happy Birthday” live acapella) and a large number of Presidents from Spain, Uruguay, Mexico and several other politicians. On March 22, 2007, she joined In this fund-raising platform, she became the fastest “Final Countdown” in SellaBand’s history to that date, raising approximately $14,000 in 2 days becoming the 25th artist to achieve $50,000 for the recording of her debut album, “All The Way”. In 2010, she began an European and Asian Tour, performing in countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Russia. In 2013, and after several pre-auditions, she was chosen to participate at the Blind Auditions of the world-wide popular singing contest “The Voice of Switzerland“. With her rendition of the Whitney Houston’s hit “I Have Nothing” she was chosen by the legendary blues artist Philipp Fankhauser to join his team of 10 singers. After winning “The Battles” and the “Sing-Off”, she went through to the final stage of the broadcast “The Live Shows”, where she became one of the best 12 singers in Switzerland. Later 2013, Gisel submitted a song for the Swiss selections of the Eurovision Song Contest. Together with her teammates of Team Philipp from the Voice of Switzerland, Ricardo Sanz and Iris Moné, she recorded the latin-pop flavor song titled “Together Forever” with the band name “3 for All”. After several internal selections and the public vote, Together Forever made it to the Swiss National Finals (“Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow”) aired on the 1st of February, 2014. The song immediately became a favorite among the Eurofans of all around the world and international polls, including the poll organized by one of the most important Swiss newspapers “20 Minuten”. On the 1st of February 2014, 3 for All performed live “Together Forever” and the cover song “All for Love” in an electrifying performance where they managed to get a standing ovation from the audience. After 50% vote of the jury and 50% of the public vote, 3 for All achieved a terrific 3rd position in the Swiss National Final.
Singing · Voice (music)
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Piano lessons - music theory and harmony - for any level (Budapest)
I started my lessons with Giorgia four months ago, and I am so glad to have found her. As a 26-year-old beginner, I was not sure if I should even try to pursue learning an instrument at this point. But now I am so glad I did! I am learning online, and I was a little unsure of how lessons via webcam would go. Despite my prejudice, everything turned out great, even though my setup is quite basic. Her approach to teaching is very creative. She is able to explain things that seem hard to put into words, and she always finds comparisons and descriptions that convey clearly little details of approach that make a lot of difference in the end result. For any difficulty I encountered, she presented methods of exercise that helped correct it. Another thing that I appreciate is that from one lesson to the next, the volume of work is challenging enough that I feel I am making progress, but not to the point that I am overwhelmed. Also, even though I am just beginning and the pieces are not that complex, she explains the musical interpretation in a way that not only helps me advance my skill but also enriches the way I understand and listen to music, and I find great value in that. Her manner of teaching is very organic, and she is a patient teacher with a warm presence. I wholeheartedly recommend her lessons!
Review by IULIANA
Learning to play classical, electric or acoustic guitar, bass and music theory
Great teacher! I started acoustic guitar lessons from zero and I have learned so much with Sergio, he is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and patient, he also encourage you to keep practicing to achieve your goals while providing you with very useful material to do it. I really recommend Sergio as a music teacher, he plays a lot of instruments. Excelente profesor, yo empecé clases de guitarra acústica desde cero y he aprendido mucho con Sergio, sabe mucho y es muy paciente, además te anima a seguir practicando para que alcances tus metas y te provee muy buen material para lograrlo. Súper recomiendo a Sergio como profesor de música, sabe tocar muchos instrumentos.
Review by VICTORIA
Instrumental Teacher ( Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele)
Mary has been great in our interactions. At the moment, we are meeting twice a week for an hour each session. She started with a class in which we got to know each other and she listen to my goals. Then, she prepared exercises and lessons specially designed to help me reach those goals with practice and also prepared lessons to help me continue growing as a guitar player. Moreover, she goes often out of her way to get songs challenging to my level, but that are doable with enough practice. In all, I am enjoying quite a lot of our classes and I am always looking forward to them.