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Hello! Music theory is a fun and awe-inspiring thing if you know how to look at it. I'm Katie, a professional multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and educator with a big desire to support my students to ignite their own passion for music. As a teacher I have 12 years' experience creatively inspiring young people and adults in 1:1 lessons, leading choirs, directing music for youth theatre companies and in a charity providing music to vulnerable teenagers. I'm a trauma informed practitioner and work directly with the amazing potential of music to translate feelings into sound. Understanding music theory is a liberating tool for doing just this - and I seek to find what lights up my students and make the learning fascinating and fun, tailored to how they learn best. As a musician I've played for 23 years, I achieved my grade 5 theory and grade 5 cello exams aged 11, I've have had my original compositions played on Jazz FM and BBC 6 Music, achieved a 1st at Durham University studying music, grade 6 piano as a teenager and grade 8 distinction in flute, as well as becoming fluent on electric bass, ukulele and voice. I'd love to support you or your child in enhancing your understanding and confidence in music theory. I am available for supporting students through theory exams, with GCSE or A-Level music, to become a better improviser, to learn how to paint soundscapes using music and compose, and how to use music as meditation for enhanced wellbeing. It'd be a pleasure to chat to you and support you on your musical journey! Please feel free to reach out :). Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Trusted teacher: The lessons can be conducted in English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸 , or Italian 🇮🇹 , ensuring accessibility for all students. Age and musical preferences are not limitations; with qualitative daily practice, rather than sheer quantity, progress can be swiftly observed. 💪🏼 🎶 My approach to classical guitar lessons is centered on tailoring them to each student's individual needs and potential. I prioritize fostering enthusiasm and motivation as primary tools for conveying technical and theoretical concepts, alongside a deep love for music. Lessons are open to students of all ages and skill levels. 🚀 The focus of the course revolves around the joy of playing music. Your favorite genres and pieces will take center stage, with a thorough exploration of their codes and secrets. Together, we'll delve into technical exercises and learn to play pièces of your choice or mine, enriching your repertoire and enhancing your playing style. 🤩 For example, we can reimagine pieces by applying advanced techniques such as the CAGED system, incorporating new chords, positions, and techniques like arpeggios and fingerstyle playing. This expands the instrument's capabilities and your playing skills, ensuring continuous progress and improvement. 👨🏻‍🏫 Upon request, the program also includes theoretical studies, which are presented in an accessible manner suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians. Exercises, pieces, and theoretical explanations are structured in a progressive order of difficulty.🔥 The theoretical program covers a range of topics, including guitar tuning, chord theory, scales and modes, finger picking techniques, strumming patterns, metronome practice, learning favorite songs, improvisation, harmony, melody, and rhythm theory.⚡️ Together, we'll embark on a musical journey tailored to your goals and aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience with the classical guitar.🔝☄️
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Trusted teacher: Folk or classical acoustic guitar. The teaching philosophy is adapted to the level of each individual, according to the pace of work and motivation. For example, for beginners: Technique of the plectrum or fingers, coordination and correction of the right and left hand. Learning basic chords, simple themes, simple rhythms, reading tablatures (...). For intermediaries: development of rhythm, construction of chords, writing of tablatures, basic notions of harmony (...). Depending on your goals, you can learn, if you wish, to play 60 to 80% of current music from the first lessons, which often use the same chords and the same techniques. The objectives take into consideration the following points: -Study of various playing techniques, chords, harmony, music of your choice, rhythm, with reading of tablature, teaching structured around the repertoire you like, technique of developing the musical ear - Discovery of the neck, notes and basic positions of open chords - Left / right hand coordination and rhythm exercises for the right hand - Learning of different pieces of your choice - Left hand control exercises, speed and precision - Learning arpeggios - Work around muscle memory - Learning improvisation, musical play with others - Ear training: use your ears to find chords, melodies, sounds and techniques used -Spend a pleasant moment of exchange, without unnecessary institutional pressure, while obtaining concrete results -Understand and discover the many facets of an exciting and user-friendly instrument - Benefit from personalized advice on your posture and certain pitfalls to avoid when starting alone -Adjust and clarify your self-taught knowledge - Learn tablatures / tabs & in English. Note : - Possibility to use the guitar available on site, during the test phase. - As our teacher is also a singing teacher, it is possible to combine the two disciplines: guitar + vocal instrument, and to work on synchronization, style and accuracy. - Possibility of offering this course (birthday, party, Christmas, event ...) to the person of your choice. THE TEACHER : Trained in Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has worked for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, with careful pedagogy and methodology as the watchwords. PLACES : - Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Neuchâtel-Montreux-Bâle-Sion-Sierre-Morges-Bienne. But currently, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they have the advantages of direct (example: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time), with additional advantages (ex: of notes on the chat, which can be reread afterwards). In this context, these videoconference sessions for which you have requested me, seem to arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). At your request, I therefore continue to offer them.
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Trusted teacher: Hello! I am a classical pianist with a Master's degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. I have taught Piano (and also Music Education) since 2016, to both children and adults. Teaching allows me to bring my passion and enthusiasm for music to the students, and I also find it incredibly rewarding to guide and follow their musical and technical development! I am easily adaptable to the student's musical tastes and expectations/goals in music learning, and I am also very mindful of how I communicate, according to the students' ages and personalities. I can teach classical music, pop, rock, or any other style. My approach consists of giving you the necessary theoretical knowledge for what you wish to play; involving you actively in the choice of the pieces/songs you will play; setting up a long-term plan for your repertoire, so that your development is made step by step in a challenging - but achievable - way (and this way, you will feel more motivated!); giving you enjoyable and creative practicing strategies; creating rich imagery revolving around the piece - by making up a story, relating the music to emotions, etc.; and also positive feedback! Thus, my lessons will allow you to: - Learn how to read scores. -Develop your musical understanding (from notes, rhythm, and harmony, to musical taste, and emotional comprehension of the music, or dive into aesthetic principles concerning the period and style of the piece,...). -Improve, step by step, until you are able to play that piece/song that you love. -Prepare yourself for exams. -Etc. Furthermore, I organize Students' Concerts, giving you the chance to play in a fantastic grand piano, and sharing with others all the work you've done! The best thing is that it's possible for you to learn all this and have fun at the same time! Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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Trusted teacher: Music Lessons with Mia Unlock your musical potential with personalized lessons tailored to your needs and aspirations. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, I offer comprehensive music lessons that cover a wide range of areas with a special focus on voice, composition, and music production. Lesson Offerings: 1. Voice Training: - Beginners: Learn the basics of vocal technique, including breath control, pitch, and tone. Develop a strong foundation with exercises designed to build confidence and improve vocal strength. - Intermediate: Refine your vocal skills with advanced techniques, explore different genres, and enhance your performance abilities. Work on expanding your vocal range and mastering more complex songs. - Advanced: Focus on professional-level training, including stage presence, emotional expression, and vocal stamina. Receive guidance on audition preparation, recording sessions, and live performances. 2. Composition: - Beginners: Discover the fundamentals of music theory, melody creation, and basic harmony. Start composing your own simple pieces and learn the essentials of songwriting. - Intermediate: Delve deeper into advanced harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration. Explore various compositional styles and techniques while working on your own original compositions. - Advanced: Hone your unique compositional voice with personalized feedback and advanced techniques. Learn about scoring for different ensembles, arranging, and preparing your compositions for performance or publication. 3. Music Production: - Beginners: Get introduced to the basics of music production, including DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) setup, recording techniques, and basic mixing. Learn to create your first tracks and understand the production workflow. - Intermediate: Develop your production skills with in-depth lessons on sound design, advanced mixing techniques, and mastering. Explore different genres and production styles while working on your projects. - Advanced: Master professional production techniques, including advanced sound engineering, vocal production, and complex mixing and mastering processes. Receive guidance on producing high-quality tracks ready for release. Why Choose Lessons with Me? - Personalized Approach: Each lesson is tailored to your individual goals, ensuring you progress at your own pace and achieve your musical aspirations. - Comprehensive Curriculum: From fundamental skills to advanced techniques, my lessons cover a wide spectrum of musical knowledge and practices. - Expert Guidance: As a former student and alumni of star vocal coach David Lee Brewer, I bring unique insights and high-level training to our sessions. I provide expert advice and mentorship to help you succeed. - Flexible Scheduling: Lessons are available at times that fit your schedule, allowing for consistent and uninterrupted learning. - Supportive Environment: Learn in a positive, encouraging atmosphere that fosters creativity and growth. Whether you're starting your musical journey or looking to refine your existing skills, my lessons are designed to inspire and equip you with the tools you need to excel. Let's make music together and achieve your dreams!
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Trusted teacher: Welcome to my classical guitar lessons on Apprentus, where passion for music meets personalized teaching to maximize your learning. I am a professional classical guitarist with extensive experience in both teaching and performance, offering targeted courses for all levels, from beginners to intermediates. What to Expect: Professional Methodology: Structured lessons based on a proven methodology to ensure continuous growth of your musical skills. Gradual approach to building strong foundations and advanced technical skills. Customization of Lessons: Tailoring lessons to your specific needs and personal goals. Flexibility in addressing preferred musical styles, allowing you to explore your musical passion. Focus on Technique and Expression: Emphasis on correct performance technique, posture, and touch to achieve clean and crisp sounds. Exploration of musical expression to make your performance unique and engaging. Diverse Repertoire: Study of a diverse repertoire ranging from iconic classical pieces to contemporary compositions. Selection of pieces suitable for your level of proficiency and musical preferences. Advanced Teaching Support: Use of modern teaching resources, including multimedia materials, to enrich the learning experience. Recommendations for external resources and tips for independent practice. Interactive Sessions and Constructive Feedback: Interactive sessions fostering active participation and in-depth understanding of musical concepts. Constructive feedback to guide you in your musical growth effectively. Choose my classical guitar lessons on Apprentus if you seek a professional and personalized approach that allows you to achieve your musical goals satisfactorily. Whether you are beginning your musical journey or aiming to perfect your skills, I will be your dedicated partner in reaching excellence in classical guitar.
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GUITAR LESSON for ALL LEVELS ✨ taught by a seasoned CONSERVATOIRE PROFESSOR! 🎶 (Estella-Lizarra)
My review is based on two 60 minute online lessons but also on communication outside of the lessons. Mirko comes across as a genuinely nice guy. When messaged, he responds quickly. Last night I had a small question regarding a piece from our lesson, that I wished would be answered prior to our next meeting and he answered in a very timely fashion and to full satisfaction. If you're someone who wants to build a solid foundation, then I think that you don't need to look any further. Like a concrete slab floor that needs hardening prior to further construction, he doesn't rush through material but makes sure that you're ready before the next stage. As I was not a total beginner, Mirko would start at the lowest or near the lowest entry point after I showed him a range of the things that I was familiar with. So a good starting point for me was a simple I-M rest stroke alternation exercice on the first string and he gradually increased the difficulty. He also introduced me to a short piece that I haven't heard before and right now I can play 40% of it and the plan is to play it fully by the next lesson which is a very realistic goal. When it comes to conveying techniques it would be too early to make a comment because as I already had acquired a reasonably good technique, we didn't focus much on it (yet). I will conclude by saying that if you're someone who doesn't like structure and only wants a taste of everything that a guitar has to offer but not really fully digest anything that is presented in front of you, then skip this teacher. I ,for one, am happy that I found Mirko.
Review by MATTHIAS
Learning to play classical, electric or acoustic guitar, bass and music theory
Great teacher! I started acoustic guitar lessons from zero and I have learned so much with Sergio, he is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and patient, he also encourage you to keep practicing to achieve your goals while providing you with very useful material to do it. I really recommend Sergio as a music teacher, he plays a lot of instruments. Excelente profesor, yo empecé clases de guitarra acústica desde cero y he aprendido mucho con Sergio, sabe mucho y es muy paciente, además te anima a seguir practicando para que alcances tus metas y te provee muy buen material para lograrlo. Súper recomiendo a Sergio como profesor de música, sabe tocar muchos instrumentos.
Review by VICTORIA
Instrumental Teacher ( Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele)
Mary has been great in our interactions. At the moment, we are meeting twice a week for an hour each session. She started with a class in which we got to know each other and she listen to my goals. Then, she prepared exercises and lessons specially designed to help me reach those goals with practice and also prepared lessons to help me continue growing as a guitar player. Moreover, she goes often out of her way to get songs challenging to my level, but that are doable with enough practice. In all, I am enjoying quite a lot of our classes and I am always looking forward to them.