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75 music teachers in Canada

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Stefan - Toronto, 08C$44
Trusted teacher: Stefan was born in 1992 in Struga, Macedonia, and started playing the accordion at the age of 7. He studied accordion performance at the Music High School DMU "Todor Skalovski – Tetoec" from 2007 to 2011. He continued his accordion performance studies at the Academy of Music, Dance, and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, graduating in 2015. In addition to classical and variety music, he also studied Bulgarian folk music. Since September 2015, he has served as an accordion teacher at the Music High School. Throughout his education, he has had regular performances both as a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles at various concerts, festivals, and competitions. He has also actively participated in judging panels at numerous competitions at the republic, national, and international levels. His students frequently perform at concerts and important events, achieving numerous accolades at both national and international accordion competitions. Stefan also leads his own band, which specializes in performing Balkan folk music, and has performed at numerous festivals and private parties. Teaching Style I am an experienced, friendly, and patient accordion teacher. I offer lessons in classical, variety, and traditional folk music from the Balkans and Southeast Europe, including Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia. I have extensive experience teaching both children and adults of all ages. The content of my didactic program includes: • Posture improvement • Finger positioning in songs • Touch and expression • Technical optimization, including both generic techniques and specific techniques for the right and left hand • Proper usage of the bellows • Agility and technical performance enhancement • Selection of the best songs to build an impressive repertoire • Finger-strengthening exercises, and more My main goals as a teacher are: • Encourage my students to be independent and creative. • Establish effective and quality practice habits for my students. • Teach musical interpretation and analysis. • Focus on conveying emotions and storytelling through music by emphasizing expression and dynamics. • Assist students in overcoming stage fright and building confidence during performances in front of an audience. • Foster student participation in ensemble performances, guiding them to play in synchronization with other musicians. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in learning the accordion in a supportive and comprehensive learning environment.
Accordion · Music theory lessons
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Stef - Montreal, 10C$84
Singing · Piano · Music theory
Drums · Guitar · Music theory
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Violin Russian tradition and solid technique that works (Ottawa)
Anna is a talented and caring tutor. She prioritizes the first few weeks of learning to make sure her students understand how to properly use the violin and explain in great detail how to so. this ensures students build up their violin skills according to the correct violin technique. Anna also provides students with the necessary music sheets to practice during the session. she provides continuous feedback on how to improve and makes the sessions very engaging and fun. She is an amazing tutor and deeply cares for her students.
Extremely PATIENT, graduated, experienced accordion teacher. Offering lessons for Classical, Variety, Balkan folk music (ONLINE) (Toronto)
So far my son has had just one lesson with Stefan, but he has already demonstrated an excellent demeanor, especially important for working with a child who is just beginning! He is very patient and encouraging thus far. Overall, he is a very good instructor for our situation! Update: My son has taken lessons from Stefan for about a year now and we could not be happier with him as an instructor! He is truly a great teacher for a child who is just getting started and well worth the cost!
Review by JAMES
Spanish classes for children and adults. Native teacher. (Bogotá)
Ana María
Ana is an outstanding Spanish teacher who has made my learning experience truly enjoyable. Her kindness and genuine care for her students create a supportive learning environment I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful teacher.
Review by CLEMENS