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5 music composition teachers in Canada

-- I also teach in english -- My lessons are for anyone wishing to approach the piano in a personalized way, regardless of the style and level targeted. I divide my teaching into equal parts between theory (melody, harmony and rhythm) and practice (all pieces of your choice), the aim being to offer you a grid of global understanding of writing and musical interpretation. I start from the principle that you have to have fun from the start, while looking for a high level of autonomy. -- About me -- Having grown up abroad (in the Central African Republic then in Saudi Arabia), I had the chance to learn the piano through an eclectic teaching. In particular, I was a student of Gulmira Abdukhalikova, a Kazakh concert artist now based in Abu-Dhabi, who made me progress by applying the famous "Russian method". At 13, I won 3rd place in the International Piano Competition of Île de France at Maisons-Lafitte. At the end of my adolescence, I participated in the Big Band of the Children of Jazz, within the framework of a festival organized each year in Barcelonette by Stéphane Kochoyan (who was also, at the time, artistic director of the Jazz Festival in Vienna). Subsequently, I set sail for Canada where I lived for six years. I co-animated several Open-Mics of poetry, as a pianist-improviser, and I produced two albums: "Fragments" (2018) and "Echoes of space-time" (2019), the latter having been 100% improvised and recorded "one-shot" in the studio. At the end of 2020, three years after having started giving piano lessons in Canada and France, I publish "The method of the self-taught pianist" as well as my own sight-reading manual.
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Trusted teacher: Who is this workshop for? For anyone curious about sound, all music, music in general, who wants to manufacture, build, examine ... (from 12 or 13 years old). Do you need to know music theory? No. But familiarity with music of various styles can be of great help. DJ? "Electro" music? No ! We will not learn here to be a DJ or to compose “dance-music”, “electro” music in the commonly understood sense, not even songs. Do you need to know the computer? It is better if it is, but learning can be done at the same time as musical research. Is this course a software learning course? No. I give the basics (only on Logic Pro X or Garageband) to be able to compose but I do not teach the deep use of software. Is it necessary to have a computer? Yes ! A "workshop" rather than a class? The course takes the form of a practical workshop, listening sessions, criticism of works. By computer? Everything happens on a computer once sound elements of all kinds have been recorded. Editing, transformation, mixing on software designed for this. No software required. The proposed route can be adapted to any multitrack sequencing software. The computer is only a tool, it is the composer who makes the music. Practically what do we do? The composer works “from the sounds” that he has most often recorded himself. He chooses them, assembles them, deforms them, mixes them according to his project, at will. of his intuition, his ideas and desires, gradually builds a music. For those who wish and need it, exercises are offered which allow to approach at the same time techniques of realization and precise musical proposals. Composition / Invention It is not a question of declaring themselves all composers, but of affirming that we can all ask ourselves composers' questions, with both seriousness and imagination. To confront the game of a free invention. What musical orientation? What style ? This is a “musical research” process: seek to invent a music beyond traditional values - note pitches, regular pulsations, instrumental timbres - without forbidding all that. A “music of sounds”, in the broadest possible sense, a “music of all sounds “as opposed to what one could obviously call too simplified“ a music of notes ”. This choice, which apparently seems to shake up musical uses, is nevertheless part of a tradition of more than a century and rich in a repertoire that is too little known and which has had various names: - Electroacoustic music - Concrete music - Acousmatic music - Contemporary music Finally, we each have a precious tool to never forget: our ear, and a fascinating and rewarding job to lead, questioning about oneself.
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