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Recently Posted Private Classes

Scientific course level baccalaureate
I am a student at the Ecole Polytechnique of Paris, the best engineering school in France. I am at McGill in internship until August in biology and I give courses at the undergraduate level in science subjects. It can be homework help or in-depth on a topic the student wants. I usually do homework help in Paris. I can also help the student in terms of personal organization.

Italian student gives Italian course for all levels
Graduate student of engineering school gives Italian lessons for all levels! I am of Italian origin and I give lessons for 8 years to adults and children. I propose to give lessons in my home, but I am ready to move too. My classes are designed to advance all parts of language learning, both written and spoken.

Special course in English - methodology / synthesis - subjects of the French Baccalaureate ES (Maths, SES, History / Geo) - homework help
I do a first class with the student to know his level as well as to analyze his level and to know if he wants to work on particular subjects. I have the student work as an extension of what he sees at school and I adapt to prepare him according to his examination dates. I always tell him what we will do during the session and I tell him the program of the next meeting. I can also prepare exercises to do with me or for the next session. I already have experience in homework help as well as in English classes with a 14 year old student. Having graduated with the French Baccalaureate ES, I can give support courses in the important subjects for this exam.

Private lessons in French at home - Writing - Translation
Hello! My name is Léa, I am a Master's student in Communication at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and I offer private French lessons at home for children, teenagers and adults. After my master's degree, I want to work as a teacher, so I am very comfortable with pedagogy and teaching. I have a very good command of the French language and love helping people in need. I am dynamic, patient, flexible and rigorous. I can travel to all parts of Montreal and I am available every day of the week and on weekends.

Speak in French - Expression, Oral, Written, Literature etc.
Hello, Having a great passion for literature and everything related to this world, I will be happy to give you lessons and give you the support you need. I have a bachelor's degree during which I studied philosophy a lot. I also have experience in learning methods: that is, helping to have effective methods to learn, remember and pass exams. PS: I can move to give the class, welcome you home (on the set) or do it by webcam. I am at your disposal for any questions. Candice

Private lessons in French and English for all ages
Student in English Literature and Civilization offers French classes and / or English classes. I offer homework help and good exam preparation. My goal is to give confidence to the student in his learning of these two languages, and to do this I am convinced that the student must enjoy learning. That's why at the same time to teach these two languages, I also want him to discover the culture and what revolves around with videos, shows or even movies and series that will allow him to want to be more interested in the languages taught. I do not offer intensive courses, but interesting courses that I think could arouse students' curiosity and allow them to advance themselves towards their goals. I also bring a more technical approach (grammar, vocabulary, spelling) if that is the need of the student.

Private French lessons for all types of students.
Writer in cinema and trained in French lycée lycée (obtaining the baccalaureate with distinction) I lavish help and French language courses to students in difficulty or courses based on discussions in French on predefined themes together to make practice the language to non-connoisseurs or beginners of the language of Molière. Recently arrived from France to Montreal, I handle perfectly the French language both in writing and orally, which allows me to help in writing homework or improve writing as well as to provide an excellent oral.

Cedric Pisier
tutoring in maths-physics-chemistry-french-german
Graduate student (scientific baccalaureate, honors 2018) and now a student at Concordia (Montreal) offers private courses for science, maths, French and German. My goal is to advance the student in the best way possible by adapting to the profile of the student. The goal is that at the end of each class, topics and lessons learned will be thoroughly understood. I prepare my classes before each lesson and the student can reach me 7 days a week if he has questions or wishes to take a meeting. Finally, I pay particular attention to the progress of the student.

Professional guitar lessons - Cirque du Soleil!
Wondering why take lessons with me? I've been playing guitar for 37 years now. I have played professionally over the last 33 years, including 25 with Cirque du Soleil. I am 100% bilingual. The guitar is my passion, my life. For me, teaching guitar is not work. It's a real pleasure! And finally (the most important point for me), over the years, I developed my own technique. My system has only ONE GOAL: PLAYING THE GUITAR! That means "we play a lot, and we learn the necessary theory. I teach 9 to 99 years old! I am a double graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA What is GuitarBloxx? It's a teaching method with ONE great goal: PLAYING THE GUITAR! What does that mean for you? This means that throughout the first few basic courses, the theory will be ONLY based on the game. "Hands on"! Do not just make notes! And yes, there are songs that are so easy to learn. From the first class, everything you learn will be based on a song that you learn at the same time! Fun songs to play (you can even pick from my list) AND learn at the same time. You will be able to show the quick results of your progress to your relatives and friends! I will also give you written notes (to do a little practice at home), and also "backing tracks" to immediately give you the feeling of playing in a group! All of this is included in my classes, and even more. Obviously, if you are intermediate or even advanced, the same principle applies, only the techniques taught and the songs that we learn differ. A little / a lot more difficulty, and with different goals. And what's even more cool is that as you move forward in the program, it's YOU who chooses the BLOXX that you want us to work together. In closing, you do not even have to own your own instrument. I have a ton of guitars of all styles that I rent to my students until they get theirs. And when they are ready to buy this first guitar, not only I offer to help them in their choice, but I also have a guitar store that offers the best prices. Classes are offered Monday to Sunday, at Samson Blvd in Laval, 2 minutes west of Highway 13. Here are the time slots available at this time. Note that the available time slots may change without notice. Thursday 19:30 - 22:30 Friday 9 pm - 10.30 pm Saturday 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm Sunday 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Specific course in math-physics for beginner to advanced
Hello, My name is Vincent and I am a third year student in mechanical engineering at Concordia University. I offer help with homework or courses in mathematics or physics from high school to high school Thank you I speak English

Courses in Mathematics Physics-Chemistry Computer Science
Hello I offer private lessons (science courses) at home level college, high school and university. - French Program (Stanislas and Marie de France) - College, High School and Preparation Bac S (Physics Math-Chemistry -SVT). - The Quebec and Anglophone Secondary Program, CÉGEP and University. - Java C ++ programming Linux I take my job really seriously and I will do my best to help you whatever your level. My profile: - French scientific Baccalaureate specialty Mathematics - BSc in Computer Science Finance and Mathematics (McGill - Montreal) - Master's degree in Applied Informatics (Concordia - Montreal) contact me for more information

Mohamed Larbi
Private lessons in mathematics for all levels
I am currently studying mechanical engineering at Polytechnique. I have several tutoring experiences of students in difficulty in Mathematics and Physics in engineering school in France. I want to present a level of difficulty corresponding to the student and to stay tuned to offer a dynamic course. I currently offer tutoring in Mathematics. After setting the required course level, I prepare a course as well as exercise sheets. A summary of the course is then presented and discussed with the student to try to clarify the points of difficulty. Then we work together on the exercises. Home exercises are offered at the end of the session and their correction takes place at the beginning of the next session.

Private lessons in science (Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology)
- I am a doctoral student in biochemistry in Montreal and I have a teaching experience of 3 years. I had the opportunity to teach courses in biology, biochemistry and physiology and I was able to supervise several students during my university studies. - I love sharing, sharing and transferring knowledge to help students succeed in their schooling. - I would love to help you succeed in your biology classes and I guarantee you good grades.

French language course / writing and composition
I'm a graduate translator from Concordia University and I offer writing services. It's not always easy to structure your ideas and use the right words. Our way of communicating has a direct impact on the image we project. I can help you feel more comfortable expressing yourself and thereby strengthening your credibility. I offer my services to adults and children in school.

Tutorat en français. Apprentissage et perfectionnement du français : oral et écrit.
French teacher in France and native, I offer French classes at all levels. I also propose for young toddlers a discovery of French through games, rhymes and readings. For the older ones, Instead of teaching by forcing grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary lists, I will teach you by conversing. You will learn new words by using them in a real dialogue. You will build your confidence by talking. You will learn English while having fun!

French tutoring and learning methods
Formerly a lawyer in France, I am enrolled at the University of Sherbrooke in linguistics. I teach literacy and francization as a volunteer in an association. My goal is to provide my students not only with solid knowledge of standard French but also to support them in order to master a more sustained French. In this perspective, I adapt to the personal situation and the needs of each one. I help with the preparation of homework and questions. I particularly want to work both writing and speaking.

Introduction to digital art for everyone!
Photography, video, manipulation of images and sounds of all kinds, robotics, circuit bending, programmed art, electronic music or web art ... these workshops will allow young and old to become familiar with the technologies that we surround while creatively exploring our relationship to the world. Adapted to the desires and needs of all, they can take different forms to match the personalities, favorite mediums, themes and interests of (creation of synthesizers, welding, introduction to arduino, programming, javascript) , photoshop, audio and video recording, multidisciplinary creative workshops ...) Graduate of the National School of Arts and Crafts in Paris in multimedia graphic design and a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Media at UQAM Marion works in the emerging digital art circuit. She presents her work in several venues in Montreal and is involved with Perte de Signal and the Eastern Bloc on an ad hoc basis. His committed and conceptual work revolves around poetics and feeds on themes such as the environment, nature, gender, data or even virtuality.

Private lessons in Mathematics-physics-french
Telecommunication graduate teacher who masters math and its equations, with a 2 years experience, able to transmit the idea by making it simpler. This course is for students who find difficulty in understanding maths, the goal is to simplify courses and help you to do homework and especially to practice, love math is to master it well.

Course in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology
I have a doctorate in microbiology and a master's degree in biotechnology. I offer courses in microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology. I have experience in teaching university. I held teaching assistant positions and lecturer at the University of Montreal.

School support / homework help (French & Mathematics)
I am PhD student in Biomechanics and I am passionate about the French language. I therefore propose my services for courses of support in French for all the levels and ages. I also offer courses in mathematics for a grade level. My goal is to guide and help students understand the course by adapting to their own pace and needs.

cours particuliers en français, compréhension orale et écrite, soutien scolaire
Allo, je viens d'arriver de France où j'exerçais le métier de professeur des écoles depuis 18 ans. Je me suis spécialisée il y a 5 ans dans la grande difficulté scolaire. Je peux assurer des cours de soutien scolaire ou donner des cours de français à des adultes. Forte d'une expérience pédagogique sur le terrain je sais m'adapter aux besoins de chacun et à leur situation personnelle. J'adore tout mettre en oeuvre pour voir progresser mes élèves.