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Trusted teacher: HipHop Depending on the level, each class will begin with a brief warm up consisting of grooves, isolations, stretching and basic co-ordination drills. Beginner classes tend to work on the above for the first half an hour of class, as well as adding cross floors, while more experienced classes may spend less time on the basics as dancers are expected to have this knowledge. HipHop classes are available in various levels with various instructors. All of my classes will learn choreography each class (with the exception of HipHop Foundation/Technique classes). HipHop Foundations & HipHop Technique Whether you are a brand new dancer looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer wanting to perfect your technique, these are the classes where you will grow the most! Focusing on grooving, execution, texture, isolations as well as touching on various street styles such as, Waving, Locking, improvisation, tools and more Teaching about musicality, rhythm and co-ordination, grooves and super funky moves! also progress the awareness of the body this short-term program is perfect for any dancer wanting to get an early start to their dance training! Breakdance Each class is divided into age groups and will begin as an 'open level' option until we can better determine the levels of dancers within the classes. We will focus on the foundation of breakdance and learn things such as, toprock, downrock, six-step, c-c and touch on freezes and power moves as the class level progresses. Improvisation` This course is designed for anyone curious about the practice of improvisation. Dancers and non- dancers alike are welcome. The skills developed in this class are applicable to any creative process as well as to everyday life. In this class we engage in exercises and improvisational structures to heighten our awareness, broaden our individual movement vocabulary and develop our skills in instant composition. The class also introduces basic partnering skills and often involves optional performance opportunities. This is a dynamic class that fosters both the ability to work in ensemble as well as strengthening the individual’s personal aesthetics and movement style. Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics schema. ... The Contemp / Improv class will make time for improvisation. Dance Improvisation Definition: Dance improvisation is not only about creating new movement, but is also defined as freeing the body from habitual movement patterns. ... As a dancer improvisation is important because it assists students to think on the spot, make quick decisions, and trust their technique.bring
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Trusted teacher: Hi there, I offer private dance lessons both online and in person (in Berlin). I have been teaching (young) adults in various urban styles for 12 years. These include hip hop, locking, popping, breaking or even house. I adapt my lessons to your existing level. So I train with beginners the basics such as: Isolation, weight shifting, basic rhythm and coordination with the help of various Foundation Steps. As we progress, we then devote ourselves to topics such as quality of movement, (more complex) musicality and performance. A single lesson consists of first warming up together (warm up varies, depending on the level) in order to prepare the body for the training and to improve the condition in the long term. Then we stretch to minimize the risk of injury and improve your mobility in the long term. Of course, we devote most of the time to dancing. We can focus on learning individual basic steps, my choreographies or even freestyle. I individually address your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and wishes and create a training program that is tailored to you. My goal is to support you in such a way that you make noticeable progress in the long term. The top priority is of course having fun dancing, especially in times of the Corona. ————————— credentials Artists: Thomas Anders, Mike Singer, Lukas Rieger, Fero47, Julia Lindholm, Julie Bergan Brands: Sony, Coca Cola, Peugeot, Malboro, Bruno Banani, Schwartzkopf and many more I also have experience in events (small to large), theater stages (e.g. Friedrichstadtpalast) and in advertising (Burger King, Knoppers, Vodafone ...)
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Trusted teacher: French: For several years I have been giving private dance lessons (and also in dance schools). I love dancing, I have been dancing since I was four years old. I love teaching dance, with patience and respect for the rhythm not only on the music but the learning rhythm of each person. With the current situation it is difficult to do lessons as we did before, that's why I offer online dance lessons. I give Latin dance lessons (salsa, bachata, merengue), hip hop lessons, commercial dance, jazz, classical dance and cardio dance (lessons to do sports while dancing and having fun). I adapt to your level of course. The goal is to keep moving, dancing, having fun, relaxing so that you can get through this moment in the best possible way. English: I have been doing private dance lessons for a few years, as well as group dance lessons in dance studios. I love dancing, I have been dancing since I was four years old. I also love teaching; I am very patient, I have a good teaching experience, and I respect the pace of each person, there is no rush, the goal is to follow your own rhythm. With the situation that we are living it has become hard to keep doing the lessons the way I used to do them, so I am proposing you online dance lessons. I teach Latin dances (salsa, bachata, merengue), hip hop, commercial dance, jazz dance, classical dance and cardio-dance (lessons for you to do sport at the same time that you are dancing and having fun). I will adapt to your level and will do my best to make you feel comfortable. The goal is to keep moving, keep dancing, keep having fun and releasing the stress at the same time in order to get through this period in the best possible way. Español: Llevo varios años dando clases privadas de baile (y también en escuelas de baile). Encanta bailar, bailo desde que tengo cuatro años. También encanta Ensñar, soy una persona muy paciente, comprensiva, tengo una buena experiencia como profesora y respeto el ritmo de cada persona. Con situación actual, se ha vuelto difícil hacer las clases como las hacía antes, pero eso no quiere decir que dejemos de movernos, por eso te propongo clases de baile en línea. Enseño ritmos latinos (salsa, bachata, merengue), hip hop, commercial dance, jazz, ballet clásico, y cardio-dance (classes that allow you ejercitarte al mismo tiempo que bailas al ritmo de la música y te diviertes). I adapt to the level of cada student and haré lo posible para que sienta cómodo. El objetivo es mantenernos en movimiento, seguir bailando, divirtiéndonos y descargando el estrés que esta situación puede traer consigo.
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Salsa Class with Prof and Colombian Coach learn and practice! (Forest)
Natural dancer. And also natural teacher! I had 10 classes with Daniela, they were fun, enjoyable and her attention to details greatly helped me to progress, that's despite that I started the classes as an absolute beginner to dancing generally. Top teacher.
Review by IHAB
Private dance classes at home. (Paris)
David was unable to make it due to sickness and in his place I had a class with Romix - he made it fun - especially for someone like me who has zero dance experience. I had been nervous about the class but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.
Review by RONAN
Learn K-pop Dance (Beginner Level) at the comfort of your home (Toronto)
Aubrey is very attentive and accommodating to our entry level dance skills. She made the class fun and with easy to follow choreography. She is patience and has an approachable personality. Highly recommended!
Review by PENG