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Recently Posted Private Classes

Singing or piano lessons at home - Mélina
Beginner and intermediate level piano lessons. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level singing lessons. Education and experience: Popular singing technique at Lionel-Groulx college Bachelor's degree in music teaching at UQAM Television and stage performances Studio recordings More than 5 years of experience private piano and singing lessons Occupation : Music teacher at primary school

Drum Lessons in-person and online lessons (Montreal)
Hi! My name Ce, I am a drummer with 10 years of experience teaching drums and a 30-year career on the instrument. I love teaching from experience, studying drums in a dynamic and fun way, delving into fields that are not usually taught such as situations in recording studios, concerts or bands with their own songs, what will we experience there and how to deal with it! Of course, we will see rudiments, musical and technical reading, we will also work with songs and their recording process, necessary tools whatever path you want to take in music. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I don't bite, you can ask cheers

Cours de Math et Francais en accompagnement scolaire
Diplomé de littérature francaise et d'économie, je suis actuellement enseignant au secondaire en math et francais. Je propose de l'accompagnement scolaire pour tout age, du primaire au Cegep Je propose une approche intuitive, parfois hors des balises du programme, afin de développer une compréhension plus fine de la matière et offrir à l'enfant des bases lui permettant de devenir confiant et autonome dans son apprentissage

Help with homework and lessons as well as adapted tutoring
I have great ease with children. I am bilingual and I am very good at mathematics as well as French. It will be my pleasure to support your child in their learning and to push them to go beyond the program

Christ Peniel
Learn piano the easiest way 🎹🎹
I give piano lessons for Beginners, Amateurs and Intermediate Levels I am very methodical and flexible I ensure the progress of the Students I ensure that my students understand musical theory as well as practice.

French lessons read, written, spoken, at home for all levels
Parisian exchange student at Mcgill University for the year, I offer to provide French lessons at home, all levels for students or adults in Montreal. My course adapts to the needs of the student and their level, and aims to correct gaps and improve spelling, syntax, diction, pronunciation, and any other gaps depending on the profile. I will be able to provide homework help, suggest topics for writing, conversation, reflection, in order to develop vocabulary, writing style, and understanding of the French language. My lessons can be taught in English or French depending on the needs of the student.

Portfolio Preparation and University Counseling for Art and Design University Applications
I am an attentive, dedicated, and lively art teacher with 10 years of experience in portfolio preparation and university counseling. I help students with: • CREATING A WINNING PORTFOLIO: Learn how to create ambitious, interesting works; how to take good photos of artwork; how to edit images with Adobe Photoshop; how to write smart, intellectual texts on your works; how to layout and design a portfolio with Adobe InDesign, typography, which works to include in which order for each portfolio (you should *never* send the same portfolio to all schools! :D). • SCHOOL SEARCH AND UNIVERSITY COUNSELLING: North American / European university recommendations (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden,...); finding the right schools for you, finding and applying for scholarships. I also work as an interviewer for my alma mater; as such I can offer veritable insight into university application and acceptance process. • UNIVERSITY APPLICATION SKILLS: Interview preparation; emailing with universities; university-specific, personalized exam prep for European universities with on-location entrance exams, collecting the right recommendations; writing winning application letters/essays from first idea to final spellcheck • TRANSFORMING STUDENTS INTO YOUNG ARTIST/DESIGNERS: With individually-tailored, highly-effective programs that merge art skills with professional skills, my students transform from ‘learner’ to ‘young professionals’ in a matter of months. >>> You will learn art skills including drawing, color skills, creating enticing/engaging compositions, experimentation and understanding of various artistic materials and techniques ([analog and digital] drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video, animation, performance, interactive media...). >>> You will also learn any supportive computer software skills you might need (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dimension, Premiere, After Effects, 3DS Max/SketchUp/Blender). >>> You will create both major-specific projects and artwork that complements your major, to show you "have the right mindset" ;) >>> Finally, with classes that focus on art history and philosophy, and you will learn how to write and talk about art and design projects, which will make you truly stand out. My students transform into young designers/artists because of this well-rounded approach. This is why my success statistics are: 98% Total percentage of acceptances received (from all applications to date) 100% Total percentage of scholarships awarded (from universities that offer scholarships) 100% Total university placement (of all students to date) To achieve the same success as the students before you: You need to come to classes and you need to do your homework. But if you do these two student basics, I promise I will get you into your dream school. Really :) --

Private Lessons to Learn or Improve in the Practice of the Cello
Cellist for 16 years, and after having validated my "Diploma of Musical Studies" (diploma of end of normal studies) at the Conservatory of Saint Maur des Fossés, I then studied for 2 years in the class of Xavier Gagnepain at the Conservatory Regional Outreach of Boulogne-Billancourt. This year I am starting my Bachelor in Interpretation at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal. I worked for the last 2 years in a recognized French organization of home lessons during which I taught cello as well as music theory to different student profiles (Children, Adults...).

Private French lessons for children or adults
French expatriate in Canada offers to give French lessons whether for school support or for adults. I find it easier to talk when you have something to say. This is why I wish to direct my lessons towards your centers of interest, whatever they may be.

Chinese learning class for beginners (taught in english or french)
Beginning my PhD studies this autumn in University of Montreal, I have lots of experience in teaching Chinese mandarin. When I was still in Belgium, I was teaching Chinese in Institut of Confucius in Namur for two semesters. And I have always been working as a French teacher at the same time. And I'm passionate about teaching and interacting with my students, which for me is a enjoyable experience to learn from them their understanding of chinese/french culture ( :

Private salsa and bachata class! BECAUSE DANCING LIFE IS BETTER!
Beyond learning the basic steps and techniques of salsa and bachata, my goal is for you to have fun, develop artistic sensibility and find the physical and psychological well-being that will help you on a daily basis. So if you are willing to give yourself health and well-being, you have a positive attitude and you are passionate about music and dancing, do not hesitate to take these classes.

Reiki Level One Training
Reiki is a system of subtle energy that involves laying on the hands and instant healing techniques, emphasizing the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection. Learn the traditions of Reiki including the theory, the chakra system, hand positions, and systems that help you effectively apply Reiki to your current practice. The Reiki Level One Training will be a 2-day training, 10 am to 5 pm each day. It all starts with you. With Reiki, you have: • More Vitality and freshness • Better and deeper sleep • Lower stress levels • Fewer aches, pains, and illness • Reduced side effects of medications or therapies • More peace, joy, and inner happiness • Increased intuitive skills and energy sensitivity • The ability to help others receive all of these benefits too! Learning Reiki is highly recommended for you if you have a stressful, active lifestyle and want a natural way of re-balancing and restoring energy, and harnessing good health. If you are a parent, caregiver, or professional, it provides you with the ability to quickly self-heal, and regain balance and energy so you can live with presence, vitality, and freshness. And once you have been properly attuned to Reiki, by a Reiki Master Teacher, it’s yours to harness for life! Here’s What You Will Learn in Reiki I Reiki Level One is easy to learn and to use: the *2-day course *(or 4 half days) is fun and interesting with no writing or memorizing necessary, and the benefits begin immediately. You start harnessing pure Reiki energy for yourself and loved ones right away, with noticeable results. You learn Reiki Principles, the history of Master Usui and Reiki, how it works, its benefits, sensing energy in the auras, understanding chakras and how to work with chakras and energy centers in and around the body, performing Reiki for yourself, channeling Reiki energy for others, you receive Reiki Level One attunement, perform a self-healing, give and receive two full Reiki treatments while receiving guidance and personal coaching from Carolynn in a small group setting. Course Overview History of Reiki Benefits of Reiki Chakra System Hand positions Attunements How to incorporate the use of a pendulum How to conduct a Reiki session Using Reiki on humans and animals Self-Reiki How to apply crystals, aromatherapy, and music to a session How to work as a group with your client This class will be taught by Carolynn.

English for varied target groups by a bilingual teacher
Undoubtedly, English is one of the most important languages in the world from both a social and professional perspective. Do you want to better understand what all those English-language songs are really about or do you want to be able to follow a Hollywood movie without subtitles? Do you want to be able to express yourself better to your English friends? Do you need extra help preparing for an English exam? Do you want to be able to communicate in English in an appropriate way for your work? With all these things and much more you have come to the right place. After living in Canada for 13 years, I speak English at a native level. Beyond that, I have a university degree in Second Language Teaching and taught in Madrid for two years. A foreign language can cause a lot of stress for many people. Nevertheless, I always do my best to make my classes as interesting and stress-free as possible. I am an enthusiastic, patient and very positive teacher.

Acrobatic rock lessons for dancer or dancing couple
The acrobatic rock variant that I teach makes it possible to "shine" both in salon, as in ball, gala or events of any kind. : -) The version I teach comes a little bit out of the "leader/leader" frame, but I prefer to give a course to a woman, or to one, or several duo of apprentice dancer. No prerequisites are necessary, the goal is to have a good time and learn. The first course will cover basic steps, as well as other more "impressive" ones, depending on the level of/students. Progress is visible from the first session, even for beginners. I taught mostly in schools, for galas, shows, rallies, balls, associative events.

ARTS LESSONS at home-ARTS LESSONS at home-Curso de Arte en casa
Hello, my name is Ernesto, I am a professional artist living in Montreal, recognized by the RAAV and member of various cultural associations in Montreal. I have constantly exhibited in various cultural centers across Quebec, presenting individual and collective exhibitions. At this stage of my career, I am interested in sharing my knowledge with people who want to learn drawing and painting. No matter the age or the talent, but the desire to learn and progress. In art, it's 1% talent and 90% practice. I will teach the techniques of pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil Hello, my name is Ernesto, I am a professional artist living in Montreal, recognized by the RAAV and member of different cultural associations in Montreal. I have constantly exhibited in different cultural centers throughout Quebec, presenting solo and group exhibitions. At this stage of my career, I am interested in sharing my knowledge with people who want to learn drawing and painting. It doesn't matter the age or talent, but the desire to learn and progress. In art, it's 1% talent and 90% practice. I will teach pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil techniques

Elementary teacher tutoring all core subjects from the Ontario Curriculum
I am a member of the Ontario College of Teachers as well as a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I like to work with a student’s strengths to support their learning and understanding of the curriculum. I have a constructivist philosophy of education, and believe children want to learn, we just have to find what works best for the individual child. With a background in media arts, I am well equipped to support students on multiple technologies, including educational software.

Private lessons or groups of 2 and 3 Ableton Live / MAO / Synthesis or Mixdown-Mastering
Hello, my name is Mathieu and I am a full-time computer music teacher in Montreal. You can come and benefit from my studio already installed or I can come and join you at your home. I have been teaching MAO full-time for several years via recognized schools in Montreal (SAT, Dj School) or via the school board. I have been an electronic music producer since 1999 and graduated from Musitechnique since 2005. I founded my own program that I can teach in person or remotely, but nothing like meeting in person to get results Beginner and Intermediate... I can help you improve your MAO knowledge and your musical productions, or guide you to take the first steps in this infinite world of knowledge. Whether it's arrangement, mix down, synthesis, sampling or creative flow or simply the interface of ableton or VSTs that you want to tackle, I can help you. I currently teach children between 9 and 17, adults of all ages as well as retirees in RPA. To the pleasure.

Italian / French / English lessons at your home or remotely
[French and English thereafter] Ciao! Sono Sinai ho 24 anni e sono una studentessa e da 3 anni do delle lezione di francese inglese ed italiano. Sono di madrelingua francese ed inglese e ho trascorso 6 anni in Italia a studiare l'italiano. Sarò molto felice di condividere con te le mie nozioni tramite il mio methodo di insegnamento molto efficiente. Do lezione sia agli adulti che ai bambini, di persona e anche a distanza! PS: Non esitare a chiedere maggiori informazioni :) Hi! I am Sinaï, I am 24 years old, I am a student and I have been teaching French, English and Italian for 3 years already. I am of French and English mother tongue and I spent 6 years in Italy studying Italian. I will be very happy to share my knowledge with you thanks to my very effective teaching method. I teach both adults and children, face-to-face and even remotely! PS: Don't hesitate to ask for more information :) HI! My name is Sinai, I am 24 years old, I'm a student and I have been teaching French, English and Italian for 3 years now. I am a native speaker of French and English and I spent 6 years in Italy studying Italian. I will be very happy to share my knowledge with you using my effective teaching method. I teach both adults and children, face-to-face and remotely! PS: do not hesitate to ask for more information :)

Studio musician gives piano (and composition) lessons in Montreal
-- I also teach in english -- My lessons are for anyone wishing to approach the piano in a personalized way, regardless of the style and level targeted. I divide my teaching into equal parts between theory (melody, harmony and rhythm) and practice (all pieces of your choice), the aim being to offer you a grid of global understanding of writing and musical interpretation. I start from the principle that you have to have fun from the start, while looking for a high level of autonomy. -- About me -- Having grown up abroad (in the Central African Republic then in Saudi Arabia), I had the chance to learn the piano through an eclectic teaching. In particular, I was a student of Gulmira Abdukhalikova, a Kazakh concert artist now based in Abu-Dhabi, who made me progress by applying the famous "Russian method". At 13, I won 3rd place in the International Piano Competition of Île de France at Maisons-Lafitte. At the end of my adolescence, I participated in the Big Band of the Children of Jazz, within the framework of a festival organized each year in Barcelonette by Stéphane Kochoyan (who was also, at the time, artistic director of the Jazz Festival in Vienna). Subsequently, I set sail for Canada where I lived for six years. I co-animated several Open-Mics of poetry, as a pianist-improviser, and I produced two albums: "Fragments" (2018) and "Echoes of space-time" (2019), the latter having been 100% improvised and recorded "one-shot" in the studio. At the end of 2020, three years after having started giving piano lessons in Canada and France, I publish "The method of the self-taught pianist" as well as my own sight-reading manual.

Arabic classes for beginners and intermediate levels
I am a native Arabic speaker who enjoys teaching the language. I would be happy to teach students how to read, write, and speak the Arabic language. As an Arabic teacher, I will conduct my classes entirely in Arabic, manage the classroom environment, analyze the progress of individual students, and develop lesson plans.

Math, physics, English and French courses for Primary/Secondary level
I am a French student with a double degree in engineering, and I teach math, physics, English and French at the primary/secondary level. I can travel anywhere on the island of Montreal. My advanced skills in math and physics come from my 5 years of study in France during my engineering degree. As for English, I have a C2 level due to my high school years spent in the United States with a host family.