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Recently Posted Private Classes

French lessons adapted to your needs: oral, written, conjugation, vocabulary, etc.
If you want to start learning French or improve your level, do not hesitate to contact me! Vocabulary, conjugation, expression. Whether you want to progress orally, in writing or both, I can adapt each session according to your needs.

LEARN to 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘 Handpan | Hang |Hang drum| 𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲 & 𝐅𝐮𝐧
- Modern method training - Training period 3 months - One session per week for 1 hour - Complete learning in the classroom - Learn to compose music with HandPan - Advice for buying HandPan - Help to become a HandPan teacher - From beginner to advanced

Apprendre la langue française / Learn the French language
Student for a year in Toronto to learn English, I would like to give lessons in French and grammar in order to have no more secrets about the language of Molière. I adapt completely to your learning objectives in order to create a personalized course corresponding to you! Student for a year in Toronto to learn English, I would like to give French and grammar classes so that I no longer have any secrets about Molière's language. I fully adapt to your learning objectives in order to create a personalized course that suits you!

Native Spanish Teacher - Best for fluent pronunciation
My name is David and I am 22 years old. I'm currently in Vancouver studying a course in digital marketing, to learn the language and get by in an environment different from my own. I consider myself a very outgoing person with a passion for children. That's why I decided to give classes already in Spain in an informal way, and now, in Vancouver, to be able to speak and teach children the native pronunciation of Spanish and important notions of the Spanish language. You will have with you another friend, very extroverted and always with comfortable study methods both for me and for the student. The important thing is that we both enjoy and gain academically, he and I at the same time. I will be happy to help you with your Spanish in an easy and fun way, especially conversing and taking advantage of the fact that I was born there and lived there for more than 20 years. I will be waiting for you! A big hug. I remain at your disposal.

Classical / jazz piano lessons and / or singing lessons at home for all levels
Graduated from a Diploma in Musical Studies mention A + from the Jacques Thibaud Conservatory in Bordeaux (France) and a master's student in piano interpretation at the University of Montreal, I have been working as a piano teacher for four years now. I teach piano and music theory to all types of profiles, children, adolescents or adults ranging from a beginner level to an early 3rd cycle level. During my musical journey, I tried to feed my knowledge in the service of instrumental practice and pedagogy. During my lessons, we will address subjects that are essential for me such as the right position on the piano, the flexibility of the game, stress management, body relaxation and of course, interpretation. My pedagogy is based heavily on this last point so that the student can stand out musically and find his own language while respecting a correct interpretation. I work every day to find a playful side to the instrumental practice for the youngest while instilling in them the theoretical and technical bases which they will need to develop their game. I obtained a degree in Music Studies at the Conservatoire Jacques Thibaud in Bordeaux (France) with a Mention of High Honors, I am a student in Musical Interpretation at the University of Montreal and I've also been teaching piano for the last 4 years. I teach piano and music theory to any type of profiles, from kids, teenagers to adults with level skills that can go from beginners to confirmed players. Throughout my musical path, I've tried to increase my knowledge and expand it thanks to a lot of practice and pedagogy. In my courses, we will see things that I find essential such as the good position on the piano, the flexibility of your hands, how to deal with stress, the relaxation of the body and of course, interpretation. My pedagogy is mainly based on this point to make the student musically shine, find his own musical language but with a right and harmonious interpretation. I work everyday to try to find playful ways to teach the youngest students without forgetting to teach them the technical and theoretical basis they will need to develop their skill.

Music lessons: piano, keyboard, vocals, flute, French horn, musical initiation, pre-piano, kalimba and ukulele ...
Resolve to learn a new skill or discover a new talent for yourself during the pandemic. It's always a good time to sign up for music lessons 🎶 🎹 for one of the sessions. Some places available. Be quick! All online courses are given as if you were in person as the teacher guides you with passion as in person. Trust his experienced professionalism. It is not just pre-recorded video, everything is in real time, but you must have your musical instrument.

Professional piano lessons (piano / theory) at Westmount
Piano lessons for all levels and all ages. Élisabeth holds a master's degree in music and cognition - pedagogical profile (University of Ottawa), a bachelor's degree in performance (Université de Sherbrooke) as well as a DEC in performance (Vincent d'Indy Music School). Laureate of numerous musical competitions in Canada, Élisabeth was noted for her excellent piano technique and her refined, sensitive and natural playing. In 2018, she was a national finalist in the canadian music competition and obtained a 2nd prize in piano at the Sorel music competition. In 2017, she performed as a soloist with the Orchester de l'UdeS and the Orchester Symphonique des jeunes de Sherbrooke. In 2016, she obtained the scholarship of excellent Maria Bandruck at the University of Sherbrooke as well as the title of the greatest medalist of the music competition of Rivière-du-Loup and the region of the lower St. Lawrence. Passionate about teaching, Elisabeth decides to perfect her career not only as a pianist, but as a teacher. His approach is very individualized and adapts to the temperament, interests and aptitudes of his students. His in-depth knowledge of reading and piano technique allows him to help his students progress quickly and with greater ease. Experienced teacher, she has now been teaching for several years to students of musical vocation, adults and young children (3 years +).

Learn Arabic culture and language by following the basics
Arabic is my native language. This course is for people who like to speak in Arabic and practice this language. I will do my best to give you the tips you need to master this language. I would like to share my knowledge with others and help them. Having experience in giving private lessons in different sectors, I can guarantee the success of our sessions :)

Piano lessons for beginners (theory and practice)
Piano lessons for beginners. Learning notes, different rhythms and simple pieces. The course will be divided into two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part on the piano of the things that will have been seen during the theory. Possibility to learn any type of song according to your tastes. I will rely on everyone's goals and expectations!

Arabic lessons - Learn to speak and write in Arabic.
Learn to speak and write in Arabic. Learning fundamental structures in simple communication situations will allow the student to learn to understand, speak and write Arabic. The objective of the course is to develop in the participants, in a progressive way, the four aptitudes necessary to master a language: listening comprehension, oral and written expression and comprehension of texts.

Private lessons in literature, French, grammar, phonetics, History
Teacher graduated from a Bachelor in Teaching the French Language, I am now pursuing a Masters in Education at the University of Ottawa, I propose to give French lessons (grammar, comprehension of texts, vocabulary, correct pronunciation) , literature for students of all levels (history of literature, text analysis, writing methodology) and history (history of France and literary context).

Learn to play songs you like on guitar and vocals / Theory and practice
Hi! Do you want to learn to play songs you like on guitar and vocals at the same time? Guitar and voice teacher, I have a long experience in the field. I like to pass on my knowledge with simplicity and enthusiasm. I practice a lot of styles: song, pop, folk, rock, soul, reggae and some styles of "world music". I can completely adapt my method to your level: from beginner to advanced The goal is to learn relaxed, having fun, while developing your technique. Looking forward to helping you play songs you love! Romain

Business or Conversational English--from an instructor with 25 years business, 6 years ESL experience
An instructor with 6 years experience of in class ESL teaching to groups of international students. One to one or small group online instruction. Needs analysis, goal setting and creating a learning plan. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, all presented in real life contexts, following the 3Ps principal: Present, Practice, Produce.

Passionate music teacher, gives violin and / or music theory lessons
Passionate about music, I obtained my certificate of musical studies in 2019, which marked the end of my violin course at the conservatory. I subsequently played in the McGill Beethoven Orchestra and am now 1st violin at the Philarmonie Jeunesse de Montréal (PJM). I have 15 years of violin practice and 9 years of music theory behind me, and I would like to share with you this passion for music. I give violin lessons to beginners or intermediate students, or even to advanced students who would need a guide in their work. I can also teach music theory. I adapt to your requests! Do not hesitate to contact me :)

Math/Business Math and Turkish Tutoring For All Ages
I can offer sessions that would accommodate your curriculum, and at the same time, I can prepare a course that explores the fundamental elements of Math and Business Math. In regards to teaching the Turkish language, I can offer all disciplines: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening to all ages. I can discuss further and set up an action plan for each individual student. Face-to-face and online sessions available.

Exam English, Academic English, and Business English from a teacher with 15 years' experience!
EXAM ENGLISH. I mostly teach SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL preparation. My SAT students have achieved 350-point increases, IELTS students 3-point increases, and TOEFL students 30-point increases in their scores; with SAT students earning 1550, IELTS students 9s, and TOEFL students 110. With students who express need, I also help with their university application essays. Even if you are scoring low right now, if you put in the effort and give yourself time to improve, there is no reason why you shouldn't get a stellar score and into your dream university. You only need the right guidance and to study. Call now and I'll tell you how. ACADEMIC ENGLISH Who? For true intermediate students and above. Academic English classes are for those with general English skills who underperform in academic settings. What? Students learn various academic techniques that would bring your grades to a B+ minimum. Academic English students get a personalized study program tailored to the student's specific needs with class materials directly related to your courses. Not only do you master English skills such as writing essays, analytic reading, and skim reading; you also acquire a host of invaluable study skills such as time management, listening and note-taking *the right way*. (Did you know that with the right method of note-taking, you don't have to study that much during exam week? Great, right? :) In addition to all of these, Academic English students also get personalized General English lessons where we fill in the gaps in your grammar, vocabulary, and functions.

Private French lessons for all foreigners - support and communication
The goal is to help you gain self-confidence and free yourself from the blockages of the French language by practicing with me without complex, including with a restricted vocabulary. This is how I learned English a few years earlier. We will discuss subjects which are important to you, society, sport, cinema ... And thus, will enrich your vocabulary and your ease as the lessons progress.

Classic Rock/ Blues Electric Guitar Lessons From Natalie Faith
Playing the electric guitar can seem very intimidating and fancy. Either beginner or intermediate, It is important for musicians to have a good bag of tricks to whip out at any time. In this course you will become a well rounded guitar player. You will learn foundational concepts, rhythm patterns and fun soloing techniques. We will visit guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Keith Richards, B.B King, John Mayor and many other greats. This is an especially great course for girls because it's rare to find a female guitar teacher.

Amateur Guide to any Musical Instrument! Practice...
First Principle Theory of Practicing any musical instrument. Music has its own language. To learn a new language an alphabet is recognized and practiced. Music is very similar, whereby an alphabet (chromatic scale) is examined, learned, and comprehensively practiced to recognition. By breaking the elements of music theory into basic knowledge, we together will have you playing any instrument. With a little amateur engineering, we will simplify the language of music and together enjoy any musical instrument we can get our hands-on (some even use their feet). Walk for the show and be patient. Playing a musical instrument takes time and practice. Slow and steady wins the race, and learn your music at a pace.

Piano Classes for students of every age and every level
I teach piano classes to students of every age, from beginner to early advanced students. So if you are completely new to music or switching instruments, or going back to it, you are at the good place! I went to University of montreal and Conservatory, to learn classical piano. And i began to teach 10 years ago. I can teach every style of music, also how to improvise, music theory etc. Valérie

Piano Lessons Online for beginners to advanced students
As an instructor with 35 years experience and on faculty at the esteemed Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, I am well equipped to instruct and support your musical education! I love teaching piano and have had considerable success with students competitively at a national level. I enjoy working with all ages and levels. I will take you where you are at and set you up for success! I have both a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. My program involves private lessons, masterclasses and recitals both live and online. Although I am in high demand as an instructor and as a collaborative artist, I am always interested in new faces! I am particularly interested in working with students from other countries like China and Haiti. Contact me for a lesson to see if we are a good fit and for more information. Hope to see you soon!