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Welcome to this English class, where we will thoroughly examine the English language's nuances. You will improve your language skills and acquire a deeper appreciation for the nuances of the English language through a variety of engaging activities, discussions, and readings. This class will cover a variety of topics from various categories, such as: Literature: We will break down and decipher artistic works from different periods, sorts, and creators to develop how we might interpret how language can be utilized to convey meaning and inspire feelings. Writing: Through various assignments that focus on composition, grammar, and rhetoric, we will improve our writing skills. You will acquire the skills necessary to effectively and creatively express yourself by studying various writing styles and methods. Linguistics and language: The English language's structure and function, including phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, will be the subject of our investigation. You'll learn more about how language works and how it can be used to convey meaning if you look at it from a scientific point of view. Relational abilities: Through various activities and assignments that focus on public speaking, interpersonal communication, and media studies, we will work on improving your ability to communicate effectively. You will figure out how to utilize language to associate with others, convey your thoughts, and convince your crowd. You will have improved your language skills and acquired a comprehensive understanding of the English language by the end of this course. You will gain a deeper understanding of the subtleties of language, which will enable you to communicate with greater ease in both personal and professional settings.
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Get that job - Skype - Develop professionally - Former UN Staff Development Officer (Sachseln)
I am in the process of looking for a new job in the public/corporate sector as an economist, and on this occasion, I thought I'd get advice from an expert coach to review my CV and cover letter. Among the many available tutors, I chose to work online with Tania. Initially, this decision was based on her detailed presentation and our initial conversation. I felt that she was the right choice for me. I was right. Tania is an extremely prepared professional coach able to guide you along the various steps needed to write professional CVs and cover letters aligned to each specific job description. Tania is a "gold mine" in terms of information and suggestions, very patient, empathetic, and clearly passionate about developing others and creating successful outcomes. I highly recommend her.
Review by CATERINA
Chemistry for High School and University exams (English) (Almere Stad)
Loreta A.
I reached out to Loreta because I had to learn a long list of topics in chemistry in order to prepare myself for university, in a relatively short period of time of being only about half a year. Loreta was able to prepare classes for me that not only made it easy for me to understand, but they contained everything I needed and whenever I had issues with something that I didn't understand, she was really helpful and patient with me. She was an awesome teacher for the short period of time she helped me, she made the classes fun and I think if I had a teacher like her in highschool I would've had a much easier time preparing for uni :) Overall I had a great experience with her and I can't recommend her enough
Review by ZSÓFIA
Professional English taught by a Journalist, Native Speaker, and Editor (Antwerp)
Justin is a true professional and is really gifted at helping job seekers in their career path. He assisted me a lot with career advice, job application adaptation and proofreading. He is really good at communication, reading between the lines, and highlighting the core idea. Our lessons or as I would rather call it a master class, were absolutely great and easy going. Thank you very much, Justin, for your amazing approach, custom-made professional and easy attitude, and a super international mindset. I would very much recommend it!
Review by NATALIA