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Trusted teacher: C++ is the language of Systems. When it comes to performance its either C or C++ that came again and again to rescue and help engineer carefully architect the systems and control almost every aspect of a program. I am a passionate C++ programmer and have been working for last 9 years in C++. I am professionally working at Ubisoft as a game engine programmer for last 6+ years. I am current living in Paris as I continue to work at Ubisoft and the course is in English because I do not speak French yet. Through out my career I have worked on various C++ code bases ranging from game engine rendering, physics, A.I., video decoder, distributed build build systems for building large C++ code bases. Apart from coding I like to teach how to write efficient code to people with less experience in a manner which is easy to understand and feels fun. The approach I would like to take with the course differs from text books. Text books generally drops too much information at once and makes it overwhelming for students. I would start with assessment of the student's skill with coding and dive straight into to coding without even wasting a minute. Together we will work on simple projects and learn how to build a complex program. By the time the course finishes you should be able to jump into thousands of lines of code with comfort. Don't worry even if you have never written a single line of code. Even though people do not recommend you to start with C++ I think it is better to start this way. Things you learn on the way would make you a better programmer when it comes to any other language. This is how I learnt coding also. C++ Course Includes: C subset of C++ (Pointers, Functions, User Defined Data types) Object Oriented Features of C++ Advanced C++ Features (Templates, Lambdas, Threads etc.) Effective use of STL Containers and Algorithms. Memory Management File IO How to leverage Multi-threading to improve responsiveness of your programs We can go far into advance technicalities but that is based on the skill set of the student. On the side: We will work on interesting projects based on the choice of the student. We can also make video games literally in C++ from scratch (this could seriously be fun). Data Structures Desing Patterns Code Versioning (Git) Operating Systems basics Making Apps
Computer programming · Computer engineering · Game development
Python Young Coders - Beginners program is meant for kids learning conventional programming. Fun way of learning python concepts and few game development with coding. Course Content. Liveonline classes by industry experts. Python for Young Coders – Level 01  Course Introduction  What is Computer Programming?  Python Introduction  Let’s Talk to Python!  Informal Introduction to Python  Python Commands  Write Your First Program  Doing Math – Add, Subtract, Multiply, Division, Comparison Operators  Practice Exercises  Python Magic  Strings  Strings Rules, String Operators & String Indexes  Practice Exercises  Variables  Create Variables, Math Operations, String Operations, Variable Comparisons  Practice Exercises  Errors  Types of Errors & Fix Errors  Data Types  Integer, Float, String, Type Function Python for Young Coders Course Syllabus LIVEKLAS  Booleans  Booleans in Expressions, Booleans Practice  Logical Operators - AND, OR & NOT  Practice Exercises  Lists  Lists – Objects & Index  Practice Exercises  Conditions - Logic  If Statements, If-Else & If-Elif–Else  Practice Exercises  Loops  Counting & Conditional Loops  For & While Loops  Break & Continue statements  Practice Exercises  Functions  Define Function, Call Function, Parameters, Output – Print & Return  Practice Exercises  Input Function & Range Function  Modules  Random, Time, Calendar etc.,  Practice Exercises  Final Project & Celebration
Computer programming · Computer science · Computer engineering
Many free resources exist for learning a specific language, most of the time with a common thread consisting of creating a game or a website. This approach is very suitable for a beginner new to programming and / or development. However, in order to progress, it seems important (if not essential) to me to take a more theoretical look and to study the elements of a language as abstract concepts which take precise forms in different languages. My engineering degree in telecommunications, my web development experience and a computer research internship (around the notions of asynchronism and competition) are at the origin of my opinion on the importance of mastering concepts in addition to languages. Two approaches are therefore considered: 1. Guided and personalized learning of a precise programming language for people new to computer science. As the resources are mostly in English and intended for a very large audience, private lessons can be helpful. 2. for people already familiar with one or more languages, in-depth exploration of certain concepts in order to be able to generalize them and clearly understand their uses and goals. This approach is accompanied by examples in other languages and a discussion around use cases and limitations of the model. Obviously I do not master all programming concepts (far from it). For beginner to intermediate courses I am able to address a large part of the spectrum. For advanced courses, on the other hand, I suggest taking stock of the concepts and expectations to check that I am able to provide quality education. The languages for which you can ask me are: C #, C, Java, Python, Kotlin, Javascript
Computer science · Computer programming · Computer engineering
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Himank is a great (and fun!) teacher who explains the content in a way that you can understand very quickly. I really enjoy having class with him because of the way he explains things. I highly recommend him!!
Review by RION