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Trusted teacher: Python is a high level programming language. It's object oriented approach help programmers to write simple and logical codes. Due to its easy syntax, it is actually easier as compared to other programming languages. Having years of experience in coding language, I know how and where to start and move the topics at a good pace. I'll be starting with you from scratch and help you to build your concepts and master over the language. I am providing you a brief summary of our course which we generally follow but that doesn't mean that I am bound to just this much content. In case you have any doubt for any other specific topic related to the subject, you could always come up to me or you need any help in your assignments or projects, you are always welcome. Here is a brief overview of the topics we'll be covering : 1: Introduction To Python • Installation and Working with Python • Understanding Python variables • Python basic Operators • Understanding python blocks 2: Python Data Types • Declaring and using Numeric data types: int, float, complex • Using string data type and string operations • Defining list and list slicing • Use of Tuple data type 3: Python Program Flow Control • Conditional blocks using if, else and elif • Simple for loops in python • For loop using ranges, string, list and dictionaries • Use of while loops in python • Loop manipulation using pass, continue, break and else • Programming using Python conditional and loops block 4: Python Functions, Modules And Packages • Organizing python codes using functions • Organizing python projects into modules • Importing own module as well as external modules • Understanding Packages • Powerful Lamda function in python • Programming using functions, modules and external packages 5: Python String, List And Dictionary Manipulations • Building blocks of python programs • Understanding string in build methods • List manipulation using in build methods • Dictionary manipulation • Programming using string, list and dictionary in build functions 6: Python File Operation • Reading config files in python • Writing log files in python • Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines() • Understanding write functions, write() and writelines() • Manipulating file pointer using seek • Programming using file operations 7: Python Object Oriented Programming – Oops • Concept of class, object and instances • Constructor, class attributes and destructors • Real time use of class in live projects • Inheritance , overlapping and overloading operators • Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes • Programming using Oops support 8: Python Regular Expression • Powerful pattern matching and searching • Power of pattern searching using regex in python • Real time parsing of networking or system data using regex • Password, email, url validation using regular expression • Pattern finding programs using regular expression 9: Python Exception Handling • Avoiding code break using exception handling • Safe guarding file operation using exception handling • Handling and helping developer with error code • Programming using Exception handling 10: Python Database Interaction • SQL Database connection using python • Creating and searching tables • Reading and storing config information on database • Programming using database connections 11: Python Multithreading • Understanding threads • Forking threads • Synchronizing the threads • Programming using multithreading 12: Contacting User Through Emails Using Python • Installing smtp python module • Sending email • Reading from file and sending emails to all users addressing them directly for marketing 13: Python CGI Introduction • Writing python program for CGI applications • Creating menus and accessing files • Server client program In case you have any query, please feel free to contact me. Give yourself a chance for a better future. All the best
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Trusted teacher: Hello everyone and welcome to this training on programming and more specifically on software development in C, my name is IMAD and I will be your trainer throughout this course I am a computer engineering student specializing in architecture, software development and web development. C is a very popular and used language. It is found almost everywhere such as in video games, most PC software and even in embedded. C is a very good candidate if you are looking for a first language to learn software development because it includes many notions that are found in most other languages. Thus mastering C guarantees you a much simpler and faster learning of other programming languages. In this training for beginners and intermediate in development, we will learn the basics of software development. How from lines of code we can make executable software on our machine. Then we will see the basics of the C language and, among other things, how to manage memory via variables, how to make our program live with loops and conditions or how to use the standard C library (STL) to interact with the user. Once these basics are acquired, we will increase the level a little with the dreaded pointers and arrays. this is often the part that newbies to C dread the most. But I guarantee you that with me it will finally seem very simple to you ;) So yes it's a big program but I guarantee you that you won't notice the time passing. Who is this course for? - University students specializing in computer science. - Beginner in software development. C is one of the best languages to embark on the adventure of programming. - People wishing to learn to develop in C or review and master the basics of this language.
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Python Step by step tutorial for beginners and intermediate (Amsterdam)
Izhar is an excellent tutor. He is very professional, knowledgeable, enlightening, insightful and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. My tutoring session with him was really amazing and transformative for me and I highly recommend him. He keeps his lessons effective, engaging and fun. He customizes classes based upon your level of understanding. He conveys his knowledge of complex material in a manner which is easily understandable. If you want someone to work with you and ensure you progress like I have, go with Izhar.
Review by DANNY
JAVA Classes for all Levels from beginners to advance (Etterbeek)
I am someone who is too scared of technology, I thought I will take one class and at then decide . But the way he teaches has completely changed my opinion. He used simple example with a smile that now I want to learn even more . "His teaching style and the way he makes the course easily understood” and makes it even easier to fall in love with the topic.
Review by SHRAYA
Math, IB Mathematics (HL & SL), Science, Computer Science, Coding Language C, C++, Python. (Tokyo)
Himank is a great (and fun!) teacher who explains the content in a way that you can understand very quickly. I really enjoy having class with him because of the way he explains things. I highly recommend him!!
Review by RION