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Recently Posted Private Classes

Private music lessons, pop, rock, jazz, blues, soul and bossa nova, theory and improvisation
Musician since 1995 (bass, drums, saxophone, electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele). Became a teacher in 1998 and since then I've been playing and teaching rock, blues, funk, soul, jazz and bossa nova. Graduated at the Concordia University Specialization in Jazz Studies, I work as a producer and composer and am currently playing with The Freddie James Project band and two other original projects.

Online / in-studio cello lessons +15 years of experience
My teaching method is personal, I adapt to the needs of the student or group of students. Motivation and the pleasure of learning is the most important aspect for me. I also use the RCM system as well as certain approaches from Suzuki, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique to have fluidity of movement with the cello and a comfortable, tension-free posture. Preparation for exams, recitals and festivals as well as university auditions. I have been teaching cello and theory for over 15 years, all ages (from 5 years old to adults) and all levels (beginner to advanced). I am able to teach in English, French or Spanish if the person wishes or wants to practice the language.

Discover French in simplicity and authenticity, from the past to the present to the future, you will be able to progress quickly thanks
Discovery of the basics of the French language in order to be able to express yourself simply. For little ones/beginners: colors, numbers, simple presentation, simple sentences, use of the present tense For intermediates: complex sentence, being able to express oneself in time and space. Basic discussion of common themes For the advanced, the event, discussion on different current topics and desired

English and French teacher for all levels from Kindergarten to Post secondary
I teach English and French as a second language I also produce alternate format educational materials for Deaf-Blind in both languages I produce Braille and E-Text word I prefer to teach online but if necessary I will travel in within the Greater of Toronto Area.

English and Spanish lessons for children and adults
Hi! I'm Francisca and I'm an English and Spanish teacher looking for students, so thank you for stopping by! As a private instructor, I tailor my lessons based on your individual objectives and interests. With flexibility and empathy, I adapt to every individual learner and present you a wide variety of opportunities to acquire the language. My firm belief is that we all learn better through play and getting involved with the things we love. Therefore, I will take my time to get to know you better and try to make all my tutoring lessons fun, engaging and relevant. With a passion for multiculturalism and student’s well-being, I feel a profound love for teaching languages, healthy habits and study strategies. My desire is to help you accomplish your goals, feel comfortable with the language, and enjoy the learning process. Depending on your requirements, we can focus on vocabulary; grammar and syntax; conversation skills and pragmatics; test preparation; or organization and goal-setting. I will adapt and we will make learning a pleasurable, stress-free activity. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I am open to answering questions from the most concrete to the most existential. Even if you don’t end up taking your classes with me, I will be happy to help!

🎵 Elevate Your Musical Journey with Matthew Cooper – Now Offering In-Home Piano and Voice Lessons! 🎹
Unlock your musical aspirations from the comfort of your own home with personalized piano and voice lessons delivered to you by Matthew Cooper, a celebrated tenor opera singer and esteemed music educator in Calgary, AB. Specializing in nurturing talent at all levels, Matthew brings the essence of classical vocal training and captivating performances directly to your living space. Why Choose Matthew? World-Class Experience: With a vibrant history of leading roles in international tours and a multitude of awards, including 17 first-place Kiwanis awards, Matthew embodies musical excellence. Expert Instruction: Benefit from tailored lessons that cover everything from music theory and aural skills to performance etiquette, all from an expert who has trained with the best and performed across Europe and Canada. Convenience and Comfort: Receive top-notch music education without stepping outside your home. Perfect for busy families or individuals seeking the ultimate in convenience and personalized attention. Offerings: In-Home Piano and Voice Lessons: Customized to meet your individual goals, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced musician. Comprehensive Music Education: Dive deep into music theory, develop your aural skills, and perfect your performance with a curriculum designed for all ages and stages. Flexible and Convenient Scheduling: Lessons are planned around your busy schedule, providing a hassle-free way to integrate music education into your life. Begin Your Musical Adventure Matthew Cooper is not just a teacher but a guide to unlocking your full musical potential, all within the familiar surroundings of your home. Reserve Your Spot! Location: Serving Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas. Phone: 1 (709) 597-8612 Email: [email protected] Transform your home into a stage and your dreams into reality. Contact Matthew Cooper today to schedule your in-home piano and voice lessons and take the first step on a journey that promises to be as rewarding as it is enriching.

Engineer and student-architect, I want to continue to pass on my knowledge. I teach at all levels of study
I offer private lessons and homework help in the fields of science (particularly mathematics) but also languages (French and English). With my experience as a mentor/tutor in France and a solid academic background, I am equipped to support students at all levels (from secondary to master's). My experiences on site and in an architectural agency allowed me to acquire a practical knowledge of the theoretical concepts taught and to develop appropriate teaching skills. I am passionate about teaching and committed to providing personalized support to help students achieve their goals. Whether it is to fill gaps, deepen concepts or prepare for exams, I am here to offer effective and motivating support. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific needs and set up a tailor-made study plan.

Specially deigned Private yoga session in your desired location
I have 500 hours yoga alliance certification and able to teach you from very basic to deepen concept of yoga. I'm offering yoga for who have very limited condition or begin to practice yoga privately. this would be very traditional style of yoga for senior/special needs/prenatal/postpartum/couple

Private lessons in natural and human sciences by a double degree student
Double degree student in natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) and human sciences (psychology, sociology, philosophy, communication, etc.). I offer private lessons for all levels, from elementary to middle school. My educational approach is adapted to the student, based on exchange and communication. I adapt the content and teaching method to their specific needs. I am patient, passionate about teaching and people, I have a good ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable way.

Private lessons in observation drawing, anatomy, morpho structure, compositions, painting, digital painting.
I offer training adapted to the profile and desires of the student, whatever their level of drawing. Whether for initiation, entering a good school or even practicing out of desire and/or passion, I will support the student in their learning by passing on my knowledge and skills that I have accumulated during my course in classical drawing and concept art at the École Pivaut in Nantes. Depending on the level and desires, the courses can range from a simple observation sketching session with graphite, to advanced perspective courses for the creation of characters, settings and/or objects in an environment. Through an introduction to painting, acrylic, watercolor or oil. My versatile training will allow me to better understand the needs of the student and thus create a unique course based on the profile.


Spanish Lessons by native speaker (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
🌟 Experienced and Native Spanish Tutor in Montreal 🌟 🔹 **Services Offered:** - 🎉 Beginner to Advanced Spanish Lessons - 🧑‍🏫 Children's Language Development - 🌐 Conversational Practice - 📚 Exam Preparation (if applicable) 🔹 **Location and Availability:** - 📍 Based in Montreal (From january onwrads): I offer in-person lessons in Montreal and virtual lessons for those outside the area. - ⏰ Flexible Schedule: I understand the importance of accommodating busy lifestyles, and I am happy to work with your schedule. Embark on your Spanish language journey with me! 🚀 Let's make learning español a rewarding and enriching experience. Contact me today to schedule your first lesson. 🌟 Native Spanish Speaker & International Relations Student offering tailored Spanish lessons in Montreal. Fluent in English and French, with experience teaching children. Fun and flexible lessons for all levels! Contact me for a vibrant language-learning experience. 📚🗣️💬

Singing or piano lessons at home - Mélina
Beginner and intermediate level piano lessons. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level singing lessons. Education and experience: Popular singing technique at Lionel-Groulx college Bachelor's degree in music teaching at UQAM Television and stage performances Studio recordings More than 5 years of experience private piano and singing lessons Occupation : Music teacher at primary school

Drum Lessons in-person and online lessons (Montreal)
Hi! My name Ce, I am a drummer with 10 years of experience teaching drums and a 30-year career on the instrument. I love teaching from experience, studying drums in a dynamic and fun way, delving into fields that are not usually taught such as situations in recording studios, concerts or bands with their own songs, what will we experience there and how to deal with it! Of course, we will see rudiments, musical and technical reading, we will also work with songs and their recording process, necessary tools whatever path you want to take in music. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I don't bite, you can ask cheers

Math and French courses for academic support
Graduated in French literature and economics, I am currently a secondary school teacher in math and French. I offer educational support for all ages, from primary to Cegep I offer an intuitive approach, sometimes outside the program guidelines, in order to develop a more detailed understanding of the subject and offer the child the foundations allowing them to become confident and autonomous in their learning.

Help with homework and lessons as well as adapted tutoring
I have great ease with children. I am bilingual and I am very good at mathematics as well as French. It will be my pleasure to support your child in their learning and to push them to go beyond the program

Learn piano the easiest way 🎹🎹
I give piano lessons for Beginners, Amateurs and Intermediate Levels I am very methodical and flexible I ensure the progress of the Students I ensure that my students understand musical theory as well as practice.

French lessons read, written, spoken, at home for all levels
Parisian exchange student at Mcgill University for the year, I offer to provide French lessons at home, all levels for students or adults in Montreal. My course adapts to the needs of the student and their level, and aims to correct gaps and improve spelling, syntax, diction, pronunciation, and any other gaps depending on the profile. I will be able to provide homework help, suggest topics for writing, conversation, reflection, in order to develop vocabulary, writing style, and understanding of the French language. My lessons can be taught in English or French depending on the needs of the student.

Portfolio Preparation and University Counseling for Art and Design University Applications
I am an attentive, dedicated, and lively art teacher with 10 years of experience in portfolio preparation and university counseling. I help students with: • CREATING A WINNING PORTFOLIO: Learn how to create ambitious, interesting works; how to take good photos of artwork; how to edit images with Adobe Photoshop; how to write smart, intellectual texts on your works; how to layout and design a portfolio with Adobe InDesign, typography, which works to include in which order for each portfolio (you should *never* send the same portfolio to all schools! :D). • SCHOOL SEARCH AND UNIVERSITY COUNSELLING: North American / European university recommendations (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden,...); finding the right schools for you, finding and applying for scholarships. I also work as an interviewer for my alma mater; as such I can offer veritable insight into university application and acceptance process. • UNIVERSITY APPLICATION SKILLS: Interview preparation; emailing with universities; university-specific, personalized exam prep for European universities with on-location entrance exams, collecting the right recommendations; writing winning application letters/essays from first idea to final spellcheck • TRANSFORMING STUDENTS INTO YOUNG ARTIST/DESIGNERS: With individually-tailored, highly-effective programs that merge art skills with professional skills, my students transform from ‘learner’ to ‘young professionals’ in a matter of months. >>> You will learn art skills including drawing, color skills, creating enticing/engaging compositions, experimentation and understanding of various artistic materials and techniques ([analog and digital] drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video, animation, performance, interactive media...). >>> You will also learn any supportive computer software skills you might need (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dimension, Premiere, After Effects, 3DS Max/SketchUp/Blender). >>> You will create both major-specific projects and artwork that complements your major, to show you "have the right mindset" ;) >>> Finally, with classes that focus on art history and philosophy, and you will learn how to write and talk about art and design projects, which will make you truly stand out. My students transform into young designers/artists because of this well-rounded approach. This is why my success statistics are: 98% Total percentage of acceptances received (from all applications to date) 100% Total percentage of scholarships awarded (from universities that offer scholarships) 100% Total university placement (of all students to date) To achieve the same success as the students before you: You need to come to classes and you need to do your homework. But if you do these two student basics, I promise I will get you into your dream school. Really :) --

Private Lessons to Learn or Improve in the Practice of the Cello
Cellist for 16 years, and after having validated my "Diploma of Musical Studies" (diploma of end of normal studies) at the Conservatory of Saint Maur des Fossés, I then studied for 2 years in the class of Xavier Gagnepain at the Conservatory Regional Outreach of Boulogne-Billancourt. This year I am starting my Bachelor in Interpretation at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal. I worked for the last 2 years in a recognized French organization of home lessons during which I taught cello as well as music theory to different student profiles (Children, Adults...).

Private French lessons for children or adults
French expatriate in Canada offers to give French lessons whether for school support or for adults. I find it easier to talk when you have something to say. This is why I wish to direct my lessons towards your centers of interest, whatever they may be.