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Trusted teacher: Hi ! I am Moroccan of origin from Rabat (the capital of Morocco), a passionate academic professor, whose mother tongue is Darija (Moroccan dialect). I also have a mastery of French and Spanish. My goal is to help you master Arabic or Darija, both written and spoken, avoiding grammatical gaps. 🎯 Effective methodology: - I use effective teaching methods to help you progress quickly. My courses are tailored to your specific needs. - Sessions take place via webcam, allowing you to learn from anywhere. - You can choose the language in which I present my lessons: French, Arabic or Spanish. 🗣️ Communication and practice: - During our sessions, I will explain the essential concepts of the Arabic language or Darija. We will also have open discussions so you can practice and improve your speaking skills. - At the end of each session, I will give you exercises to do as homework. This will strengthen our support and allow you to increase your level. 🚀 Join me on an exciting journey into the world of Arabic or Darija! 🚀 -------------------------------------------------- ------ 🌟 Discovery of the Islamic Religion and Study of the Koran 🌟 If you are interested in the Islamic religion or if you want to better understand and read the Quran, I offer private sessions on the following subjects: 1. The Pillars of Islam: - We will explore the five fundamental pillars of the Islamic faith: profession of faith, prayer, fasting, almsgiving and pilgrimage. - You will discover their deep meaning and importance in the life of a Muslim. 2. Faith and Spirituality: - We will discuss the concepts of faith, belief in God (Allah) and spirituality in Islam. - You will learn how to cultivate a personal relationship with God and strengthen your faith. 3. Reading and Understanding the Quran: - We will study passages from the Quran, with emphasis on understanding the meaning and teachings. - You will discover the universal themes covered in the Quran and their relevance to our daily lives. 4. Comparison between the Great Religions: - I am also interested in the comparison between different religions. - We will detect points of connection between Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other religious traditions. - Our approach will be based on mutual respect and interfaith understanding. Please join me in exploring these fascinating topics! 📚🕌✨ -------------------------------------------------- ------ 🌟 Arabic or Darija classes: Learn how to speak fluently with an academic professor 🌟 📚 Sobre mí: Be an avid academic professor because my mother's language is Arabic. Furthermore, there is a dominion of French and Spanish. My object is to dominate Arabic both in writing and in oral expression, avoiding grammatical gaps. 🎯 Effective methodology: - Use effective teaching to help you progress quickly. Misclassified to suit your specific needs. - Sessions take place via webcam, where you can learn from any location. - You can choose the language in which it is presented: French, Arabic or Spanish. 🗣️ Communication and practice: - During our new sessions, you explained the essential concepts of Arabic. Also tender our discussions so that you can practice and improve your oral expression. - At the end of each session, you have been assigned ejercicios para hacer como tarea. This fortalecer will be our new companion and will allow you to increase your level. 🚀 I'm on an exciting journey through the Arab world! 🚀
Arabic · Religion & spirituality
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone, I'm Thaer, a specialized teacher in Arabic (Formal, Levantine, Gulf) & Turkish language. With over 10 years of experience teaching Arabic in Lebanon, Turkey and UAE, I've helped NGOs, journalists, and embassy staff swiftly grasp the language for effective local interaction and business. Additionally, I've supported young learners in understanding Arabic's structure, laying a strong foundation. Most common questions I receive: What dialects do you teach? I teach Formal Arabic (Fus’ha) in addition to Levantine and Gulf dialects. Which one should I choose? It depends on your needs. If you are solely interested in speaking, then I recommend Levantine or Gulf dialects. If you aim to master Arabic comprehensively, then Formal Arabic (Fus’ha) would be more suitable. What is the 30-hour program? The 30-hour program is designed to help you achieve conversational fluency and effectively express yourself and your needs. What comes after the 30 hours? If you are enrolled in the Dialects course, we will continue refining your speaking skills and expanding your vocabulary during lessons. Additionally, new words will be introduced during conversation sessions to aid in memorization and usage within sentences. For those on the Formal Arabic (Fus’ha) track, we will delve deeper into grammar and further develop your understanding of the language. How many hours a week do you recommend? I recommend 2 to 3 sessions per week. Can I learn Formal Arabic (Fus’ha) and one of the dialects simultaneously? Yes, you can take 2 lessons in Formal Arabic (Fus’ha) and 1 lesson in a dialect concurrently, as many of my students do.
Arabic · Turkish
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Rayen Ranim
Rayen made an effort to contact me prior to the lesson to determine my level and inquire what I wished to focus on. She also called at the agreed upon time. These may seem like minor details, but not all teachers do these. She had appropriate level material ready to share and go over for the lesson. She made corrections as needed and readings were repeated as necessary. My only suggestion would be that she speak a bit more slowly. but this is a matter of individual taste.
Review by CHUCK
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Fawzi is friendly with an approachable manner. He is quick to understand your level of French and what needs to be achieved. He explains French very well and makes you feel comfortable even if you are inexperienced and looks for the positives in your approach to learning. I am happy with our training schedule so far and I hope to develop and gain confidence in my pronunciation of French and speaking.
Review by JUDE
Private Arabic classes for non natives or foreigners/online (Lyon)
He is such a great teacher with multiple talents, He knew my strength and weaknesses. I'm going to continue the course with him until I reach mastery in my desired language, he can easily adapt to my understanding and corrects me when needed while having fun teaching me. I would ask for a better teacher.. I am thankful for exploring this site. I wish I did sooner
Review by علي