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Maria Teresia
Qualified and graduate tutor for courses in French, Literature, General Culture
* English below * Graduated with honors from La Sorbonne in philosophy and the arts, I offer support and homework help classes to your children in French, literature, arts and human sciences (philosophy, etc.), from primary up to Cégep. I can also give French culture lessons. Known as a gentle and patient person, I have tutoring experience. I was a private teacher in a Chinese school for several years in Montreal. I live on the Plateau but I travel throughout Montreal. If the place is far from my home, I can charge the cost of the trip in addition. If there are multiple children, I charge an additional $ 5 per child, per hour. Hope to meet you, Maria ------ Graduated with honors from La Sorbonne in Philosophy and Arts, I offer a support for homework and lessons for your children in French, Literature, Arts and Human Sciences (philosophy, etc.), from primary up to Cégep. I can also give French culture lessons. Known as a gentle and patient person, I have tutoring experience. I was a private teacher in a Chinese school for several years in Montreal. I live on the Plateau but I travel throughout Montreal. If the place is far from my home, I can charge the cost of the trip in addition. If there are multiple children, I charge an additional $ 5 per child, per hour. Hope to meet you, Maria

Piano lessons, for beginners, intermediate
Learning the basics of the piano for children and adults. Deepening of songs for beginner and intermediate levels. Work by ear or music theory. Songs proposed by the student or the teacher. Classical or current music. Possibility to review notes and rhythms.

Sarah Jane
Interactive Piano Lessons- Beginner Level to Advanced Level
I specialize in providing English piano lessons for all ages. I am fully qualified to teach Beginners to Advanced. I have graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) in Toronto in November 2016 with my ARCT Piano Performance with Honors, along with my Elementary Piano Pedagogy. I have been playing the piano and competing across Canada since I was 5 and commenced teaching at the age of 14. When I teach, I provide creative curriculums for students and incentives as this is needed in order for younger ones to focus and practice (ie: time span). If chosen to go with me as a piano teacher, your child would be involved in music festivals and exams (if preferred).

French lesson for native or non native speaker/cours de français
hello !! je m'appelle Alice, j'ai 19 ans et je viens de France. Je viens d'arriver à Montreal afin d'étudier à l'université de Montréal. J'ai obtenu un bac scientifique avec mention. j'ai effectué un échange de 3 mois en high school dans le canada anglophone ( ontario) en 2016. j'y suis par la suite retournée 6 semaines durant juin/juillet. J'ai aussi fais plusieurs séjours linguistiques à l'étranger. De plus je fais des cours d'anglais depuis l'âge de 6 ans à domicile. Je souhaite donner des cours pour débutant ou intermediaire du cp à la terminale, voir même pour les plus jeunes ( à partir de 5 ans). J'ai commencé à donner des cours en 2015 à une jeune fille de 14 ans. Et pendant 3 ans en France j'ai donné des cours à une élève de 14 ans ainsi qu'à une élève de 8 ans pour lui apprendre l'anglais de base. j'ai obtenu mon TOEFL IBT Les cours se feront en fonction de l'envie/besoin de la personne (orale, compréhension, vocabulaires,revoir les bases ou les apprendre, aide aux devoirs, apprentissage de langage courant pour la vie quotidienne) J'utilise pleins de supports différents, n'hesite pas à travailler sur des choses actuelles (chansons, films...) tout en incluant l'apprentissage (vocabulaires, compréhension....)

Private Instrumental and Theoretical Music Lessons
I am an instrumental music teacher from London, United Kingdom with a bachelor of music degree from Trinity Music College. I have been teaching one on one instrumental lessons since the age of 16, but have made it a big part of my career over the last 8 years - In London I used to have a client base of almost 40 students. Although I am classically trained, I also have experience in Jazz methods. I strive to make my lessons both fun and engaging, whilst advancing each individual pupil to the best of their abilities.

Learn to play the violin and read and write music theory
Hello, my name is Aaron, and I’m a certified music tutor. I have a level 8 music certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music and I am a certified member of “National Tutor Association.”. I have studied music all my life and I have a full knowledge of music theory and the violin. I have learned and played the violin for all my life as well and as a teacher, my goal is to teach you everything about the violin and music as well as help you in your musical journey. It’s also my goal to assist you in becoming a great and virtuosic musician ready to play for anyone anytime.

Become a Piano Player with Immense Talent and Music Sense
This class is for those who want to be able to play the piano freely and passionately. My teaching methods are more practical with a sense of imagination as to how the right playing and postures are, as well as to find the student' sense of music. I use music scores and books to teach the students and find that the way to approach and handle the instrument is what matters most. All ages are welcome starting with age 6.

Suzuki and traditional violin lessons offered in Montreal
Daphne is a teacher of both Suzuki and traditional violin, and has been teaching for the past sixteen years. She has taught privately in Greece and the UK, at various music conservatories in Athens, the Junior Department of the Royal Academy of Music in London, St Catherine’s British School in Athens and most recently at South Shore Conservatory in Boston, MA. She currently teaches at École FACE in Montreal, maintains a private teaching studio in NDG and also offers lessons via Skype or FaceTime. Daphne also enjoys coaching ensembles, and has worked with the South Shore Conservatory Youth Orchestra (SSCYO). In 2012 she coached and directed the inaugural concert of the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Baroque Consortium (ASON) at the Goethe Institute in Athens. Learning a musical instrument can be an equally exciting and daunting journey. Having gone through ups and downs herself throughout her own musical career, she values the need to have a constant love of music and a nurturing, supportive teacher. Daphne’s aim is to create a solid technical foundation in all her students, regardless of their age, and create a challenging yet supportive environment. Being a Suzuki kid herself, she loves having come full circle, and sharing the principles of the Method with both Suzuki and traditional students.

Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata ... without macho words or misogyny
If you want to have fun and learn the basic technique (beginners, and or intermediate level), or just practice if you can already dance. Like all rhythms in most of the American continent, Cumbia has African origins, but above all indigenous. From the 1940s cumbia began to be more popular in territory currently known as Colombia. His steps find equivalence in movements of Tai-chi, an ancient martial art known for its self-defense techniques and its health benefits. As an exercise, it combines gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness. Dancing has relaxation effects, also seems to reduce spiritual pain and in some cases eliminates symptoms of depression. Come dance Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa and even Reggaeton in a safe and inclusive space. Music without chauvinist words or misogyny.

Mathematics for primary and secondary level
I am a CEGEP student in natural science, so I can help in elementary and secondary math. I would like to become a math teacher. I can also help in history since it fascinates me. I am bilingual so I can help in English.

Physics, Maths, chemistry CEGEP / university / secondary level
Recently graduated with a doctorate (PhD) in physics (biophotonics),. I offer private lessons for all secondary / CEGEP / university students in all scientific subjects: physics, chemistry, mathematics, if necessary pre-university IT. 2 years of course experience given in Paris, I enjoy going back to the underlying concepts and giving applications in real life. Organization of the course: resumption of the theory, and then exercises. I like to take stock regularly with the parents and the student to move forward together and improve the exchange.

Learn Good French or Prepare your french exam in easy way!
Hello, I am french Teacher since 2007. I teach french as a second language and also french literature and culture. I am also DELF/DALF and TEF examinator. My goak is to help students achieve their goals in short time by creating a learning plan for them, which I personalize depending on the students goals. i assign homework after every class and provide periodic asssessment . This class is for those who want to learn french for fun, for school or for immigration. Don't worry about the grammar. I know how to make it easy for you. If you are beginner or in advanced level I can help improve you french and be fluent in a short time.

Private Course in Mathematics and Computer Science
Hello, Graduated in 2017 as a computer engineer and application developer for a computer company, I have acquired strong programming skills over the last 5 years. Today, I give tutoring all levels on the following technologies: JAVA / PHP / HTML / CSS / SQL If you need help to: - Realize a TP / Project - Review specific points on a chapter - Prepare a control - Or simply learn programming So I can help you! My method is simple: each of my classes is followed by exercises to put into practice what you have just learned. I use a lot of schemas because they are easier to understand than a long explanatory text. For anyone outside Montreal, know that I also give lessons via skype through screen sharing, and that the course is as instructor as a face to face. You are interested ? send me a message on Apprentices!

Biology, Elementary Science, Midterms, Exam and Test Preparations, Science Projects, Science Paper Writing and Presentation Aid
I specialise in tutoring science, most specifically biology in life sciences. My goal is to propel students to love the process of learning and embrace it to get best results within the classroom and outside. After all, life itself is a school and learning to solve challenges is a great way to get ahead in life. I provide a tailored teaching model, specific for each student because I make sure to understand my students and how they best learn. In my classroom, you will learn all about biology, the evolution of life and microbes as they relate to global environmental changes. I unravel science in the most fascinating way especially to children and teenagers who are yet to choose their career majors. For those already on the path, I affirm how cool science is. I have a Bachelors degree with honours in Microbiology, a masters degree in Environmental Science and Ecology and I am currently in a PhD programme in Biology.

Cello lessons for all ages and levels! Learn to play the cello!
Cello lessons for all levels and ages! Hello there, I am Sahara and I’m 24 years old. I hold my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Mcgill University in cello performance. This past year I’ve worked for music agencies in Tokyo, toured Japan, and returned to Montreal to pursue a chamber music career. I have a passion for teaching all ages. I believe that every student has a natural gift to bring to music and their instrument- and it is my job to nurture it while facilitating proper technique and approach that will allow them to play their best. I tailor my style for every student, and I am all about open communication. Please contact me for more information!

Tutorat en Français, Anglais et aide aux devoirs niveau débutant
Apprentissage du Français et de l'anglais facilement et de manière ludique avec des petits tips pour continuer d'évoluer en dehors des cours. De la grammaire au vocabulaire en passant par la syntaxe et l'utilisation des mots dans les situations adaptées ce cours est fait pour les débutants et niveaux intermédiaires. Également possible d'aider au devoirs d'enfants.

French private lessons for all, all ages and all levels!
Homework help, French lessons for all levels. Children, foreigners or adults wishing to improve their skills in writing and / or reading. Private lesson adapted to the level of each, personalized exercises in a good mood!

Mathematics, secondary school, post secondary school, college and university levels.
I am a Master student in Mathematics at McGill University, I will show you the naturality of the existance of any object, Lemma and Theorem in Mathematics, and once you find them an essential part of the universe and understand mathematicians do what they have to do, you'll say " sh*t, now I get it, why I did not think of it myself ??? ". The beauty of that moment is spectacular.

French as a second language courses. English and math.
I live in Trois-Rivières, and I am ready to give my services for support courts of the 3 main school subjects. I would like the courts to be with students of 12 and under. I move everywhere in Trois-Rivieres. Thank you for your understanding.

To learn how to play the game of intelligence-Chess .Chess is a gymnasium of mind and develops the ability to think out of the box.
Chess is a gymnasium of mind and passion of mine. I am a USCF rated chess player and having experience of teaching chess in schools for more than 15 years. The kids will learn basic, fundamentals, vocabulary, theory of game of intelligence and will develop the ability to think out of the box.

Chess lessons for students of all ages and levels
Having worked, during my competitive journey, with several of the best coaches in Quebec, it is now my pleasure to pass on the synthesis of my experience and all that I have learned to players of all ages. In the first lessons, I try to find your level and your weaknesses in order to try to work on them in a personalized way. I also make sure to see the ultimate level targeted by the student in order to get there in the most realistic way possible. I firmly believe that the best way to improve is by having fun and my lessons reflect that! I can also teach in english!

Our students in Canada say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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