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Former student at the École Normale offers private French lessons
I am a former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (Ulm), holder of a master's degree in modern letters and a bachelor's degree in humanities (literature, history, philosophy) as well as a bachelor's degree in philosophy, I propose private lessons for all levels in French. I am a former student at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. I have a master's degree in literature and a bachelor's degree in Humanities (literature, history, philosophy) as well as a bachelor's degree in philosophy. I offer tutoring for any grade in french.

Math, physics, English and French courses for Primary/Secondary level
I am a French student with a double degree in engineering, and I teach math, physics, English and French at the primary/secondary level. I can travel anywhere on the island of Montreal. My advanced skills in math and physics come from my 5 years of study in France during my engineering degree. As for English, I have a C2 level due to my high school years spent in the United States with a host family.

Enhanced English Communication for Healthcare Professionals
A motivated and engaging tutor for healthcare professionals (or aspiring healthcare professionals) who want to improve their English communication skills to increase their career options. I have had a 20 + year career in clinical Midwifery in Ontario, Canada working within a diverse community. I have also held a leadership position for many years and have just completed a Master of Science in Healthcare Quality.

French lessons oriented towards vocabulary, grammar, reading and everyday exchanges.
I am a French student graduated from La Sorbonne who is looking to improve his English. This class would be an opportunity to have a give/give experience between you and me. I want to create a human relationship with anyone wishing to improve their French in a light atmosphere, based on exchange. I adapt my methodology according to the expectations of my students.

Speak English with Confidence!~Canadian ESL Tutoring
The most common reason why learners have tutoring with me is to improve their speaking. Expressing yourself clearly in English can be quite challenging and requires regular practice and correction. I can help! This lesson type will help you improve everyday (colloquial) English. (However, there is some flexibility, so we can cover other topics also.) I do minimal preparation (no more than ten minutes) for each lesson. I specialize in helping learners find their “voice” in English so that they can express their true thoughts and feelings. They will learn about themselves, others, and the world—not just English. I usually use https://esldiscussions.com/ as the content, but you might want to talk about your day, your life, the news, or another topic that interests you. If you are not sure what topics you would like to choose, we can talk about this during our first lesson. There will be homework after every lesson: reviewing each lesson’s notes and bringing questions from school, work, or self-study. Also, you may write down ideas for the next lesson’s topic(s). but this is optional. During your speaking lessons, I will also target other aspects of your spoken English that you would like to improve, such as your listening, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and idiom and phrasal verb use. Please note that if you would like online lessons, I will create your own Google Doc for your lessons and usually use Skype. A Google Doc is cloud-based and will allow you to see the notes I’m typing. As a result, you can look at them during and after each lesson. I can record your lessons on Skype so that you can listen to them later.

Montreal - Computer Music Lessons on Ableton Live
If you are looking to get started with Computer Aided Production, you have come to the right place! A musician who has always been passionate about electronic music and also a guitar teacher, I have a pedagogue spirit and I like being able to pass on my knowledge. I like to provide a relaxed atmosphere and I can adapt to a lot of different kinds of electronic music. This course is aimed at musicians and those interested in learning to compose music entirely by computer, from scratch. I established a lesson plan allowing to start from the minimum and thus to go over all the important stages, from the composition to the arrangement, until the mixing and the publication of the pieces or of a final project. Beginner to advanced level, the training includes: -Ableton Live software basics (Workflows, configuration, interface & shortcuts) -Basics of musical production (Write a melody and a chord progression, structure a song according to the style chosen) -MIDI basics (Use of VSTs, insertion and configuration of external instruments) - Sound Design basics (ADSR basics, use of layering for virtual instruments, sample processing) -Using audio effects (Review of available effects and how to integrate and use them effectively) -Learn to mix a song and / or a complete project and prepare the mastering of the latter (Gain staging, spatialization, frequency sweep and use of compressors, mixing templates and use of a reference track) -Publication of projects (basic mastering, study on the different broadcasting and music streaming services) The goal is to acquire the right basic knowledge in a short time, in order to be able to be autonomous on the creation, the publication and the management of your own projects. I teach the lessons, either: -At my home directly, I have a small studio in my apartment, not far from downtown Montreal; -At your home, the costs are a little higher due to transport; -Remote by webcam with sound and screen sharing I give a first lesson of one hour at the start of the process so that I can take the time to discuss your project and determine the objectives together. Contact me directly to discuss your expectations! Alexis

Courses of French, Mathematics and Applied Physics at the Secondary level
Refresher courses in a school setting, help with homework and revision. I have a French General Baccalaureate with a specialization in Mathematics, Applied Physics and Computer Science with AudioVisual Option and I am currently in the 1st cycle in a second Baccalaureate in Computer Science. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information on the courses I provide. I also do lessons for the youngest who want to deepen their knowledge, for a lower price.

Normalien (Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris) Agrégé teaches Mathematics at the Secondary to License level: Montreal /online
Introduction : Having studied 4 years at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) after 2 preparatory years (MPSI / MP*) at the Lycée Louis Le Grand (Paris), I have been giving private lessons in the Superior for 4 years now during which I have been able to improve my pedagogy and my communication. Having been admitted to the competition for the aggregation of Mathematics, I identify with and understand very well the difficulties of students in Mathematics. My Methodology: My goal is to give you a taste for mathematics, by making it more concrete and understandable. I will answer your questions, take care of doing your tutorials and homework with you, while highlighting their relevance and usefulness. Repetition being the mother of pedagogy, we will practice the different notions seen in class on classic and varied exercises to better appropriate them. All in a friendly and humble setting 😉

Meditation & Yoga for balance and well-being
Individual yoga classes by videoconference or at home. My classes are varied and I base my teaching on an approach of lightness and simplicity. I am patient and caring. All practices will be adapted to the abilities and comfort of each. I accompany my classes with music adopted to the class style and I offer a small massage at the end to bring you into a state of great relaxation. I offer a variety of courses that can be combined as needed: 1- Meditation-use of various techniques 2- Sweet Hatha (beginner) 3- Hatha flow (intermediate) 4- Vinyasa (advanced) 5- Yoga love (Natalie specialty) After my course you will feel: * Increase your energy level * Greater flow of energy in your body * Relaxation of body and mind * Feeling of great well-being and joy * Clarity of mind * Feeling of euphoria * Better flexibility and strength My classes can be given in English or French according to your preferences.

Private course in statistical programming under R/R Studio
R is a programming language and free software for statistics and data science. This course is intended for anyone, knowing or not knowing how to program, wishing to learn how to use R to work with databases (cleaning, modification, etc.) or to carry out statistical analyses. I have been using the R language for 7 years to carry out scientific studies in the field of health. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Pedagogical courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry
My lessons are adapted to the student and the course of his teacher, with the aim of making the student autonomous in the subject matter. To do this, during the lessons, I rely on the resources provided by the teacher (I can add more, if necessary), and I try to adapt to each student. Beyond academic success, my goal is to enable him to understand the key concepts of a discipline and to teach him to find and solve any difficulties. Thus, I give my lessons in ways that make the person I teach autonomous.

French as a second language courses for beginners, intermediate - students/professionals
After several years teaching French to foreigners, in particular to students and adults in the professional world who have chosen to come and settle in metropolitan France. In addition, my mastery of seven living languages allows me to understand the phonetic constructions of the student in order to allow him to hear how the French syllable system works. Former student of the Preparatory Class for entry to the École Normale Supérieure de Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Lyon LSH), the instruction I received in French language and literature, throughout my school career, was excellent. . Mastering all the principles of grammar and spelling, conjugation and agreements, I have with me the experience of more than ten years of tutoring and teaching French. From Chinese academics to foreigners from Latin America wishing to incorporate into French society, the panel of students with whom I had the opportunity to work allowed me to set up a structured teaching system, easy and effective. I go to the student's home, can go to the library, on campus or to a café, just as it is possible to work remotely via videoconference.

Maths/ Physics/ IT/ Electronics lessons
Double-degree student at ÉTS Montreal/INSA Rennes (France) in aerospace/computer-electronics, I studied for 4 years in France subjects such as maths, physics, as well as computer science and electronics. I am willing to give lessons at all levels, preferably by videoconference. In France, I gave maths/physics lessons at all levels. I can also speak in English

French lessons for all levels (beginner to advanced)
Hello everyone, My name is Anthony, I have been a student in Toronto for 7 months now. I come from France so I master the language perfectly. I can teach at all levels from beginners to more experienced people. During my lessons I will speak to you mainly in French because I find that to learn the language it is something that is important. However, I will still be able to communicate with you in English.

Pedro Pablo
Mathematics at primary, secondary, CEGEP and University levels
Private Mathematics classes for primary, secondary, CEGEP, university levels I have more than 23 years as a University professor in Colombia Very good recommendations and above all patience with the student is one of my qualities

Private lessons in Mathematics (College - High School - Cégep)
I want to offer math lessons for students in middle school, high school or Cégep. These courses are intended to help students in this discipline by relying on the courses and exercises given by their teacher. I will prepare the courses upstream and will propose a follow-up of the homework. I also want to help prepare for assessments/exams and provide moral support.

Basketball lessons, develop young talents, perfect in order to reach an elite level, become a real baller!
I offer the possibility of taking basketball lessons for young people who want to improve, reach a higher level and practice regularly. It's been 19 years that I practice the sport and 4 years that I coach. I am founding my own basketball school in Quebec. I coach at several schools in the Quebec region and I have access to gymnasiums for private practices. The aim of my course is to: - give young people confidence. - help him in his development to become a better basketball player. - practice skills like dribbling, shooting, defense, instinct, role, etc. - practice in small groups so that young people can challenge themselves and practice together. - many other things :) I show the basics and fundamentals of basketball (lay-up, shot, dribble, pass, defense, etc) for developing kids. For advanced players I take them to another level of training: perfecting dribbling, shooting, defense, game vision, etc. I have a "VertShock" program to improve impulse for players who want to dunk. Everything the player wants to improve I have what he needs! It is possible to practice for hours to master certain aspects of the sport, but first you have to know the right techniques. An important thing that I integrate into my teaching is to develop your *own* basketball style, play to your strengths, be creative, know your true role in a team. All because you have to play with pleasure if you want to improve.

Persian Traditional Music Lesson on Tar and Setar.
I teach Persian traditional music on tar and setar (Persian string instruments). I also teach music theory and ear training. If you are new to Persian traditional music or have some experience and want to take it to a more advanced level, you'll fit into my classes. Whether your goal is to be a fine musician or music is simply your hobby, classes will be customized to suit your goal. Please contact me to book the first SESSION; you will have a free lesson and the opportunity to ask your questions in person.

Kevin The Tutor - Experienced Online Math and Science Tutor
Hello! I'm an online Science and Math tutor and have been tutoring for over 4 years. I offer online lessons for university, high school, and primary school students in multiple subjects. I'm specialized in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics. I will show you how to solve complex problems, help you understand involved concepts, and prepare you for the exams. Whenever you need my support, I will help you with your homework and assignments, to ensure your great grades before the deadline. I work on high-quality graphic equipment, so all of the equations, graphs, and diagrams are clear and easy to understand. The audio is crisp and free of any noise since I use professional studio microphones. For the best results, I use Zoom and other dedicated platforms. I work hard to always meet the needs of my students. I will make your way to success easier! Additionally, recently I've started a YouTube channel where I share my lessons

Private jazz and pop piano lessons (French/English)
French: I have been teaching jazz and pop piano (all styles combined) for about ten years. I studied jazz improvisation on the piano at the University of Montreal. For those who would like to learn the basics of music theory, develop their hearing and be able to play a piece by ear, as well as know how to put together a piece of music from A to Z or understand how their favorite songs work, my course is made for you ! I adapt the lessons according to the level, needs and interests of the student. I teach music theory as well as music theory and instrumental technique. English: I have been teaching jazz and pop piano (all styles combined) for about ten years. I studied jazz improvisation on the piano at the University of Montreal. For those who would like to learn the basics of music theory, develop and train their listening skills and be able to play a piece by ear, as well as know how to put together a piece of music from A to Z or understand how their favorite songs work, my course is made for you! I adapt the lessons according to the level, needs and interests of the student. I teach music theory as well as instrumental technique.

Chess Tutoring/Chess classes fun and educational where you will learn everything from the basic rules to the hidden techniques.
Hello future students! We will learn everything from the basic rules of chess to the hidden techniques and mental aspects of chess that the best players use to win! You will be able to develop your critical thinking, patience, problem solving and memory. The classes are fun and educational. This page is for group classes, you can find another post that is for individual classes as well. If you do not find it, you can send me a message.

Our students in Canada say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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