Spanish for adults lessons in Belgium.

Find your perfect private spanish for adults tutor in Belgium.
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Spanish for adults lessons in Belgium.

Find your perfect private spanish for adults tutor in Belgium. Learn spanish for adults with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Spanish for Adults
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Trusted teacher: Hola a todos, Mon nom est Álvaro, je suis espagnole, originaire de Galicia. J'ai un diplôme en enseignement primaire et j'ai d'expérience en donnant des cours d'espagnol aux enfants jusqu'à 12 ans. J'ai aussi d'expérience comme professeur d'espagnol comme langue étrangère. Mes compétences linguistiques sont: Native (espagnol et galicienne). Intermédiaire (anglaise et portuguaise). Références disponibles sur demande. Je donne des cours d'espagnol très dynamiques, pour tous les niveaux et tous les âges à Bruxelles capitale. Je m'adapte à chaque élève et à ses besoins et intérêts. Le cours peuvent être individuelles ou en groupe. Je me déplace aussi au domicile des élèves, ou à tout autre lieu où ils veulent suivre le cours. Je donne des cours aussi par webcam si necessaire. Si vous êtes intéressé ou si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Merci beaucoup! Álvaro Hello! My name is Álvaro and I am from Galicia (Spain). I have a degree in Primary Teaching and I count with extensive experience as a Spanish teacher for children up to 12 years old and as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. My language skills are: Native (Spanish and Galician). Intermediate (English and Portuguese). References available on request. I give very dynamic Spanish courses, of all levels and for all ages in Brussels capital. I adapt to each student and his needs and interests. Courses are given individually or in groups. I can move to the home of the learner (included in the price in Brussels capital). If you are interested or you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Alvaro
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Marco - Brussels24€
Trusted teacher: -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Who I am -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- I offer tailor-made English, French and Spanish tutoring for all ages and levels on Brussels. I am a 23-year-old from Brussels, my native languages ​​are French and Spanish and I have the diploma of English language professor CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University and as the European baccalaureate oriented languages ​​and literature. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Educational Techniques and Methods -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Sessions adapted to the objectives of the students, whether to learn to speak, write, read, for work, to do work, to prepare exams, to work pronunciation, to carry out translations, to obtain academic support or whatever. other you need. I have a strong background in English as a foreign language teacher (CELTA) and apply the same principles to my native languages, that is, French and Spanish. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Practical aspects -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Courses given individually or in groups. Travel to the students' home, or any other place where they want to make an appointment. I also give classes via webcam. Flexible schedules, I am free every day of the week -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Specificities as a teacher -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- My + as a teacher: - Courses are for all audiences, regardless of your first language. - I can give you explanations in French / English / Spanish if necessary. - You pay for EFFECTIVE and TAILORED lessons, tailored to your needs, level and style of learning no need to waste time / money to learn things that are of little use to you -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- About me -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- My name is Marco, I teach French, Spanish and English to people of all ages and levels in Brussels. I am 23 years old and I was born in Brussels. French and Spanish are my native languages. My qualifications are CELTA, which is Cambridge's Certificate in Teaching in English to Speakers of Other Languages, as well as the European Baccalaureate with language and literature options. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Techniques and methods of instruction -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- My language is English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish. I also have translations in English / French / Spanish and can help you with proofreading, post-editing as well as editing. My training to teach English as a foreign language I can teach my French and Spanish, my native languages, using the same language teaching principles. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Where and when? -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- I give one-to-one and group lessons in Brussels. We can not wait to go back. I also teach online lessons. We can have our lessons on any day and at anytime of the week, my schedules are flexible. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Advantages of my lessons -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- This is what you get from booking lessons with me: - Lessons that are exclusively given in the language you want to learn. - Explanations in English / French / Spanish if you need them. - Lessons that are adapted to YOUR level and goals. - Receive additional homework, learning resources and advice. - Discounts for groups and multiple lessons booked. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Quien soy -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Doy clases de francés, inglés y espaà ± ol para todos los niveles y todas las edades en Bruselas y por webcam. Me llamo Marco, tengo 23 años y nací in Bruselas. Mis lenguas motheras son el francés y el español. Tengo el certificado de profesor de inglés lengua extranjera CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) of the Universidad de Cambridge and the Bachillerato Europeo con comerciones lingüísticas y literarias. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Técnicas y metodos de docencia -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Las clases están adaptación a los objectivos de los alumnos, a sea para aprender a hablar, trabajar the oral comprehension, aprender a escribir, a leer, trabajar pronunciación, aprender el idioma para trabajar, pasar exámenes . También corrijo trabajos y hago traducciones. Tengo una formación sólida de profesor of inglés lengua extranjera (CELTA). Utilizo mi metodología de profesor of lengua extranjera by enseñar mis dos lenguas motherhood, es decir el francés y el español. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Donde y cuando se dan las clases -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Las clases se dan individuallye o en grupo. Me desplazo has known domicilio o in cualquier otro lugar in donde quieran tener la clase (coffee, ...) También doy clase por webcam. Mis horarios son muy flexible. Estoy free para dar clase cualquier día is the frecuencia that the prefiera. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Especificidades como profesor -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Las ventajas of mis clases: - Se dan las clases en el idioma that desea aprender. - Puedo darle explicaciones en espaà ± ol / inglés / francés si lo necesita. - Las clases están adaptadas a SUS objetivos There is SU nivel. Los alumnos progresan de manera eficaz. No tienmp that perder tiempo, energía y dinero buscando recursos de aprendizaje inadaptados perfil. - Ayuda a distancia: Siempre me pueden contactar between las clases, para preguntas sobre el idioma, if necesitan deberes extra, o para recibir textos, reglas of gramática, o cualquier otra costa para poder seguir aprendiendo de manera autónoma extra). - Descuentos para las clases in grupo y / o pagadas de antemano. - Flexible Horarios.
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Cours des langues (espagnol/anglais). Traduction, intérpretation. (Ixelles-Elsene)
A fantastic Spanish teacher, Highly recommended. She is very thorough and has taught me to comprehend Spanish grammar to a level beyond my expectations. She teaches with clarity and precision that has allowed me to consolidate concepts within the language that had previously eluded me.She makes learning Spanish a highly enjoyable experience by creating a relaxed and fun environment to learn. I highly recommend her.
Review by ADNAN
Parfaite bilingue français-espagnol offre des cours d'espagnol (Schaarbeek)
She teaches me French in English. I'm a very beginner and this is my first time to learn French in my life. She is very friendly and also has passion to improve your skill and knowledge. One thing I really appreciate is she tries to explain one thing in multiple ways. So that, you can easily find a hint to understand an answer to your question. I'm very satisfied with her and her way of teaching. Thank you, Zahia.
Review by YUSUKE
Spanish lessons for all levels/ Cours d'Espagnol pour tous les niveaux (Ixelles-Elsene)
Alvaro Calvo
Alvaro has a very professional approach and I really enjoyed the class with him. He adapts fast to the need and level of the student, and understands how to push you to the next level while paying attention to keep it fun and interesting. I can highly recommend Alvaro to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful language.
Review by MARIANN