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Recently Posted Private Classes

Learn Turkish : Private Language Course for Every Level
GENERAL TURKISH CLASSES This course includes conversation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. When you book the lesson, a placement test will be provided. This test makes it easy to see where you might need to focus in order to improve your level. Lessons are private and you will have a personalized lesson plan. • Turkish Beginners A1&A2 : This course is suitable for people who can carry out very basic conversation and above, adults and teenagers. DESCRIPTION: Students are encouraged to speak as much as possible. . Lessons contain a warmer, comprehensive tasks, video or audio clips, discussion questions/concept checking/cool down . Introduction to the simple present tense. . Focus on high-frequency phrases and vocabulary words. . Skills introduction/building - writing, listening, reading, speaking, basic grammar structures, pronunciation, vocabulary. . Controlled and free speaking activity. . Introduction to very basic grammar forms. . Quizzes, games and other fun activities. . Minimal homework tasks. . Working to the needs and strengths of each individual student. • Turkish Intermediate B1: This course includes conversation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. When you book the lesson, a placement test will be provided. This test makes it easy to see where you might need to focus in order to improve your level. Lessons are private and you will have a personalized lesson plan. This is suited to students who are making a transition from A2. You know the basics, but cannot always use them accurately or can only carry out quite basic conversations. Stronger students at this level can also speak about less familiar topics, but will often speak with long pauses. DESCRIPTION: . Warmer, comprehensive tasks, discussion questions/concept checking . Phonetics . Build fluency and pronunciation using repetition . New vocabulary and A2 revision . Simple grammatical forms . Present, past, future, present continuous . Listening practice to identify plurals, prepositions, verb tenses and more . Speaking practice . Building of writing/spelling level by using dictation, spelling quizzes and mini essays on familiar topics . Homework • Turkish Upper-Intermediate B2: You have progressed a lot since A1/A2 and can talk about a lot of everyday topics very easily. You can handle many difficult topics.The difference between you and a B1 student is that you understand a lot more than you are able to say. If there is a word that you want to say, but you don't know how to, you know how to find a way around it. DESCRIPTION: . Speaking is key . Warm up activities followed by comprehensive tasks . We will work on magazine/newspaper articles intensively, to build reading skills . You will use audio to determine the speaker's mood, intonation, formal, informal . More phonetics . Dictation, exercises, quizzes . Grammar . Making request and complaining . Intensive focus on pronunciation • Turkish Advanced C1&C2 Goals of this level is: -He/she can understand a wide range of more demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning in them. -He/she can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for the right expression. -He/she can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. He/she can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing correct use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices. The lessons will contain a variety or mixtures of the above and more, depending on specific student levels, progress of the course, student progression, length of lessons booked and as yet onforseen issues. TURKISH CONVERSATION CLASSES This course is designed for students who are focused on their speaking skills. I will correct and help you improve your pronunciation and understanding without any pressure in order for you to build up your confidence in speaking this language. We do all of this in context, focussing on the grammar mistakes that you make most often and looking at new vocabulary that you will actually use. Each lesson curates fluency and accuracy by speaking about a different theme. The supporting material and the vocabulary list will be sent as a pdf to the participants. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Organizers reserve the right to remove any member at its sole discretion.

Cours de Chant (jazz, lyrique, musique brésilienne)
Chanteuse depuis l'âge de 5 ans venant d'une famille de musiciens célèbre au Brésil, je chante de manière professionnelle depuis la plus tendre enfance. J'ai étudié différentes types et techniques de chant et travaillé dans des projets musicales variés (chœurs lyriques, concerts de jazz...) J'ai commencé à donner des cours en 2015 pour adultes et enfants dans plusieurs écoles reconnus mondialement (School of Rock...). Dans mes cours, j'enseigne aux élèves comment utiliser leur voix de manière saine et avec plaisir afin de trouver leur propre voie tout en ayant la meilleure technique vocale et les outils nécessaires pour se développer artistiquement.

Sevgi Katkay
Turkish Teacher. I teach Turkish to turks and foreign.
I give Turkish lessons to Turks and foreigners. I gain listening, reading comprehension and writing skills. I have special books, I have experience about 15 years. II use Turkish very well and I teach it easily. I teach fun lessons. I also introduce Turkish culture.

courses of piano, guitar, solfège, harmonie et composition. Learn your favorite songs
Courses of music tous niveaux, les courses peuvent être theoriques, pratiques ou mixtes au choix de l'élève. Vous apprendrez à maîtriser la technique d'un instrumento particulier, et éventuellement à comprendre le solfège et l'écriture musicale. Courses dynamics and games

Hello, I have been an independent trainer since 2001 and I take the liberty of offering you my services for one-hour face-to-face individual lessons in professional Dutch: Adults These courses are tailor-made and/or mainly based on the use of dialogues adapted to the level of the learner: repetition of sentences + correction of pronunciation + reaction(s) to questions. Main objective: to improve listening comprehension, pronunciation and oral expression. I also offer you my services to give individual face-to-face lessons of one hour of tutoring in: Dutch: Young adults: Higher Education + Teens: From secondary 1 to 6. These courses are tailor-made and/or mainly based on the use and exploitation of the audio tracks of the method used by the student: repetition of words and sentences + correction of pronunciation + reaction(s) to questions. Main objective: to improve listening comprehension, pronunciation and oral expression. I am available Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Hope to meet you Yves

Homework help from 1st primary to 4th secondary
I am available to help your children from primary to secondary 4 with their homework. I can provide help in Maths, Science, French, Dutch and English. In addition to homework support, I will help the student to structure their study and organize themselves in order to improve quickly. Being myself a student of 6th secondary, I acquired several working methods and I regularly help my sisters with their homework. I can speak French, Dutch or English, and I can go home or help the student by video call, Zoom or Teams type.

Student gives piano lessons in Brussels (1200). 15 years of experience including concerts
Having already taught for several years to fifteen different students, I am available to give lessons at my home (George Henri, 1200), or to come to the student's house. Ideal for a child who would like to try the piano (I can give lessons at home, on my piano). I also teach the music theory necessary for a good learning of the piano. I also give guitar and bass lessons, and I can generally give lessons remotely (Zoom etc.). I am bilingual and can teach in English.

Voice lessons, classical singing, vocal technique and interpretation
Vocal lessons will help students to develop personalized warm-up exercises, to improve breathing techniques, work on articulation, to work in general on students' vocal technique. Vocal lessons will give confidence, a musical view, and of course professional approach.

Tailor-made music lessons / for beginners - by music teacher
Hi there! Are you a beginner in the music world and would you like to learn and understand music? Then I'd love to help you with that! During the lessons we will work with reading notes, rhythmic exercises, hearing exercises, dictation, singing lessons, etc... I myself am a music teacher in secondary education (bachelor in music education) and I am also very passionate about music. Let's get started together. I'd love to hear from you!

Spaanstalige geeft Spaanse en Engelse lessen voor kinderen.
I am a Spanish native speaker and also english and I understand dutch . I am 17 years old. I have experience in teaching children. I would make this classes in a dinamic, fun , playfull... way of learning. I am sure your children will love it!!!!

Private Piano lessons at home with a qualified pianist
Good morning! I am a Belgian-Costa Rican pianist. I studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in Madrid. I am looking for new students for my piano studio. I can give lessons for beginners as well as lessons for more advanced levels. I speak Spanish, English and French.

Korean language for person who enjoy korean culture
Enjoy Korean Dramas Korean cinema and TV culture are especially fascinating. And the quality is very high. Boong Joon Ho’s Parasite won 4 Academy Awards as proof of that. If you want to experience Korean films and Korean dramas to their full extent, speaking Korean is a must. You’ll be able to read the subtitles and understand the characters. In fact, if you enjoy Korean entertainment, you can also substitute your language classes. Why learn Korean with boring grammar drills, when you can immerse yourself with exciting K-Dramas!?

My name is Sarah. Yoga-meditation is my passion, I started practicing there when I was 20 years old. This allowed me to preserve my well-being.
In Viet Nam I was able to practice yoga daily. At the age of 25, I was teaching yoga and aerobics in Viet Nam. Thanks to that I gained a lot of experience in the field. In this way, I now obtain know-how and know-how. I wish to make you travel in the present moment, it is a technique to recover moments of mindfulness. Meditation and breathing, the two elements deeply linked. For this, the correct breathing technique is very important. I would like to share this technique with you during yoga practice at my workshop. I hope to bring you positive energies during the course.

Group Dance Lessons - Rock 'n' Roll / Acrobatic Rock / Slow Fast
Group lessons in 4-stroke Rock 'n' Roll, Acrobatic Rock and Slow Rapide are aimed at people of all ages and all levels (beginner / intermediate / advanced). The Slow Rapide classes are a creation of our school and will allow you to discover a new, more dynamic form of slow, allowing you to dance to modern and rhythmic music. The quality of our lessons, as well as prices adapted to your expectations, are our priorities! Guaranteed atmosphere during evenings that will allow you to put your knowledge into practice with enthusiasts of all levels.

Tutoring primary education all subjects / first grade secondary / Latin first grade
Since 2000 active in "ordinary" and Freinet education. I like to make you strong. We first investigate when it became difficult and then build up step by step. As a teacher of primary education, I can help you for all subjects of primary education. I also provide support for Dutch non-native newcomers communication and spelling support mathematics / Dutch / French first secondary ASO tutoring Latin first grade secondary homework support

Cello, music theory and musical awakening lessons
Final year student at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, I offer cello or music theory lessons suitable for everyone. I accompany the students towards their desires (classical, pop, etc.) while teaching them the technique necessary to achieve it. The courses are different according to each student in order to provide everyone with what they need.

Conservatory graduate gives private lessons in modern singing and jazz
The method I use in my singing lessons is divided into two main parts: the technique and the repertoire. In vocal technique, we will work on specific aspects such as the anatomy of the phonatory apparatus, its functioning, breathing, vocal emission, extension exercises, vocal register, vocal agility and vocal hygiene. . In the repertoire, we will mainly work on songs that help and support the development of everyone's artistic personality, and we will choose songs that can help the student acquire new vocal language and vocal cues. With me you can work on songs in Italian (I am a native Italian speaker), in English (I graduated from the Brussels Conservatory in English under the direction of my singing teacher David Linx), in French and in Spanish (languages that I studied, spoke and sung) and finally in Portuguese (a language that I studied a lot thanks to the Brazilian music that I sang and from which I learned a lot). My method is for anyone of any age who has decided to use their voice consciously, so not only singers but also actors, teachers and anyone who has to use the voice in their profession. With children, the method will focus more on rhythm, singing and musical awakening. In addition, we will explore topics such as complementary piano (piano accompaniment with voice), songwriting (writing your first songs or helping you write and write an unreleased song), recording and producing songs. a cover or your own original song. In short, there are so many things to learn about voice and music that the avenues are endless and I am always looking for them, constantly updating and with great passion that I can't wait to pass on to you. Bianca

Learn while having fun ; LOVE & learn: Arabic (classic) and the Tunisian dialect / basic English
I'm Malak (Kokita), I'm doing a master's degree in law, I offer classical Arabic lessons (my mother tongue), the Tunisian dialect and basic English lessons! My goal is to motivate children to learn and above all to love languages while having fun. My course contains: part 1: Animation+Practice: oral reading / Arabic song / theater / games .. Part 2: theory: diction and writing exercises.

Valentin Gautron
Lyric Singing lessons, build vocal technique and explore the lyrical repertoire
My name is Valentin, I have been making music for almost 10 years. I trained in opera singing at the Conservatories of Toulouse (France) and Brussels. I want to bring you a healthy approach to the lyrical voice. Offer you a gateway into lyrical technique, or accompany you along this path. All this in a benevolent and constructive atmosphere. It is with pleasure that I could advise you of the repertoire, even if I of course encourage proposals.

COURSES AfroLatin Bachata Salsa Methodology and pedagogical follow-up with our DCM training module
WANT to learn Salsa and Bachata?? NEW SESSION / NEW CLASSES I offer group lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays in our dance schools as well as privately by appointment. Methodology and pedagogical follow-up, with our DCM module, energy and originality. Laughing, having fun, moving, boosting up after work and having a good time with friends, colleagues... it's possible! Come and learn, acquire good basics or improve your skills in BACHATA and Salsa, all in a good mood and conviviality. Come and test… You will LOVE Access with or without a partner Beginner Level & Intensive InterLearning So don't wait any longer! Join us!

Italian Language Course with a Native speaker for any level
If you would like to improve your Italian language skills or you would like to start from scratch to navigate this language, this is the course for you. I am an Italian student living in Ghent and I offer Italian lessons for any level. We can go over grammar or simply chat to improve your communication skills.