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9 ableton live teachers in Ixelles‑Elsene

Music production nowadays starts with the complete control of the tools in hand. I offer tuition that serves both beginners and those who already have some notion of Ableton Live. Starting from the basic domain of DAW, we travel through the infinite world of Sound Design, Sequencing and Beat Composition, Edits, and Remixes to the Final Arrangement. I offer a tailored program for each student, looking at your own projects and developing them as we go along. Here's a description of what can be covered during sessions: 1) Introduction to Live Layout, Routes, Audio, and Midi. 2) Qualities of Sound: The basic characteristics of any sound and how we synthesize sounds electronically. 3) Sound synthesis - what is a synthesizer? Wave types. Analog: oscillator, filters (HPF, LPF, BPF, Notch, Formant, Envelope), pitch envelope, amplifier, LFO, envelopes, and timbre movements. 4) FM synthesis: Another type of sound synthesis. Operator: OSCs, harmonic designers, envelopes, LFOs, fills and mapping, pitch envelope, algorithms. Applied specific exercise: kick, snare, hi-hat, grave, pad (practical examples) - FM8 and others ... 5) Massive and the world of Wavetable Synths. What is wavetable: OSCs, filters, FMOSC, FX, envelopes, and routing. (LFO, STEPPER, PERFORMER - SIDECHAIN ​​MODE - MACROS) 6) Synthesis of Physical Modeling. Electric (Rhodes) - collision (mallet, resonators, corpus) - tension (modes, resonators, string, body, pickup, termination) physical modeling differences. 7) DRUM RACK SAMPLING Internal Routing, Channels, Internal Mixer, Choke Groups, Drum Sequencing, Straight vs. Trio, Sample Selection and Replacement, Drum Layers, Kick Isolation. 8) SAMPLING / WARPING History of sampling, old apparatus, sampler / simpler / impulse, zones in the midi map/velocity/automation warp points/pitch manipulation Exercises applied: - slice to new midi track - Kontakt - envelopes on clips Sampling and legal issues. 9) Edits and Remixes: Reinterpreting songs. How to cut, isolate, and rename elements, the construction of an edit. 10) Fx and other Vsts and Hardware KONTAKT / REAKTOR / SERUM / DIVA / CS80 / SH-01a 11) Max for Live / Arrangement Max for live fx, max for live routing, max for live video, max for live developing 12) Arrangement 2 The program can be done individually, with 12 classes in total. The sessions are two hours long. I also offer Mixing and Mastering services which can be combined with lessons so that we have mastered pieces of work at the end, ready to release!
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Trusted teacher: The course I offer focuses on music production with Ableton Live and sound synthesis on both hardware and software instruments. LESSONS CAN TAKE PLACE BOTH IN PERSON AND ONLINE; in the second scenario, we will use Zoom and Audiomovers to stream HQ audio. PROGRAM 1. What is a DAW? What does it allow one to do? > History of recording technologies; how did we come to the DAWs? 2. Ableton PREFERENCES and settings 3. Ableton’s sections (Sounds, Drums, Audio/MIDI Fx…) 4. What is a Vst/Plug-in? > Create your Plug-in folder 5. Color coding and labeling 6. What is MIDI? And what is a MIDI track? 7. What is an audio track? 8. Arrangement and Session view 9. FUNCTIONAL TOOLBAR: change tempo, metronome, play-stop-record, loop function, + button for MIDI, computer MIDI keyboard, MIDI mapping 10. Recording into Ableton and channel routing (MIDI/Audio from/to, Monitor settings) 11. Exporting a track 12. AUDIO (recorded and samples): a. Warp and Loop b. Transpose, detune, and playback algorithm c. Reverse d. Length and position e. Sample, Launch, and Envelope extensions f. Swing/Groove 12. MIDI: a. Sounds and drum programming b. Computer MIDI keyboard vs external MIDI keyboard/controller c. Piano roll (Notes, Launch, Envelope) d. Quantization e. Fold function f. Headphone function g. Loop length and position h. Swing/Groove 13. SOUND DESIGN: a. Understanding frequencies and frequency range b. Subtractive and additive synthesis, FM, Wavetable, Granular c. What is a synthesizer and how does it work? d. Monophony and polyphony e. Analysis of the synthesizer sections (VCO, VCF, LFO, VCA, Envelope generator) f. Practical work on Analog and Operator g. Signal and modulation routing h. Vibrato, tremolo, unison, glide, voices 14. AUDIO FX: a. Overview on the stock Ableton Fx: Auto Filter, EQ Eight, Compressor, Glue Compressor, Reverb, Delay, Echo, Chorus, b. Flanger, Saturator, Gate, Utility c. Return Channels and relative signal routing 15. MIDI Fx: a. Arpeggiator b. Chord c. Random d. Velocity
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Trusted teacher: Hi! Thanks for showing an interest in my tuition! I've spent my entire adult life passionately obsessed with music and sound and now i take great pleasure in sharing my skills and techniques with anyone willing to learn... Nowadays its too easy to get a sample pack from here and a preset from there and effectively paint by numbers but what i teach is creative expression and how to make music your craft. The end result doesn't come as quickly or easily, but when it does its unmistakably yours. So! I run two courses. One for complete beginners, or those looking to formalise their skill set from the bottom up and one for more experienced producers who are looking to build on their technical knowledge and/or improve in certain areas of production. Below is some detailed information on both courses - //// Beginner (10 x 2 hour lessons) My beginner course has been carefully nurtured over the last 3 years to teach you the fundamental skills you’ll need to write unique, original and exciting electronic music. I don’t just teach you how to write D&B, or Techno. Instead i aim to teach the underlining language of music production and creativity. This will give you the freedom to evolve and grow as a producer in any direction you choose later on. Drawing from my own musical education, I start by teaching you one of the simplest forms of electronic music production. A style pioneered by the early hip hop producers and one that yields instantly impressive results. From there i will introduce you to all of the key techniques you will need to be a highly adaptable producer. Once completed, you will know how to make the music that is in your head and most importantly how to have loads of fun being creative with music and sound. Some of the key subjects we will cover are: * Ableton software training. * Drum programming, working with breakbeats and percussion. * How to dig for, and use samples from old records, film & tv * The language of synthesis and how to design sounds from scratch * Recording live sound and field recording FX (done using smartphon * How to arrange, mix and master tracks * Workflow, concept design and creative approaches. * (and most importantly) How to bring unique flare and originality to your music. //// Advanced (5 x 2 hour lessons) This course is aimed at experienced producers who are looking to improve in certain areas and broaden their skillset. There is no set curriculum for this type of course. They are designed based on the needs of the individual. We work together to establish key areas to focus on. I start by analysing your existing music to establish areas that can be improved on and i ask you to fill in a set of questions which outline your goals and things you would like to achieve. From there i devise a set of lesson that are as effective as possible and optimise our time together. /// The lessons are always 1-2-1 with myself and are conducted over Zoom. This works really well. We can share our screens and the computer audio. I also record each lesson so you can go back and rewatch tricks and techniques in your own time which is something that has proved to be super helpful to my students. /// All my students go away with roughly 10gb of samples from my own collection. I provide as and when they are relevant to a lesson or module. They are not commercially available sample packs. They are sounds i have designed or collected and many of them i have been using for 20 years! /// Last (but far from least!) All of my students gain exclusive access to my schools WhatsApp group and Discord. Which is a place for my previous and existing students to give and receive track feedback, from myself and other members. And also where students can help each other with anything music related. I occasionally set fun production challenges and drop the odd useful set of sounds in there too. The group has nearly 200 members now and many of them collaborate together, meet for mixing sessions in London. And recently there has been talk of organising a record label and club night which is amazing! There is fun to be had and music to be made! If you are interested to know more and would like to meet me and discuss things further, please book yourself in for a 1 hour session where we can go over everything in detail and in a way that is relevant to you. Once we have a clear idea of the best course of action we can look at booking a course for you. /// Things you'll need for either course - Ableton Suite (3 month free trial available from their website or google 'ableton trial') A computer that is compatible with Ableton's system requirements (also found on their website) Some decent headphones (i use Audio Technica ath-m50x and highly recommend them) A decent internet connection. A quiet environment where you can concentrate Thanks and speak soon! George
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Trusted teacher: I can help out beginner to intermediate producers. We can start all the way from the beginning or focus on specific topics that you would have questions about. I can teach you to produce tracks in an intuitive way without the use of music theory but can also incorporate the basics of music theory in the lessons. I’m specialised in sound design, playing live sets on stage and developing the identity of artists. It helps me to get intermediates to the next level. When you want to start with music production you need to work in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I work mainly with Ableton because it's very intuitive and "jammable". It's a great DAW to work in, especially for beginners. Preferably my lessons will be focused on Ableton but I can also work in other DAW's because the fundamentals are mostly the same in all of them. The following aspects will be covered in Ableton Live: 1. The Basics (overview of the layout) 2. Arrangement, session and clip view 3. Working with sequencers and MIDI 4. Recording and routing 5. Audio and MIDI effects 6. How to work with the built-in instruments in Ableton Live. 7. How to go from a basic beat to a finished track. 8. Mixing and mastering 9. The basics of music theory 10. Intermediate: sound design, synthese, synthesizers, sampling, field recordings 11. Intermediate: developing your own liveset with MIDI controllers, drumcomputers and synthesizers 12. Intermediate: developing your own sound and identity If you have any question, don't hesitate to message me!
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Trusted teacher: Hi everyone, seems like Corona is not easing up and clubs, concert halls are remaining closed. So, I have time for new students for music theory, piano, improvisation, composing, music production on Ableton, and singing. From beginner to advanced levels, you all are more than welcome ! Helping others to discover their musical tendencies is my superpower, it’s been a desire for years. When I do a music lesson, I firstly observe their strong side and help them feel in touch with that. I create a personal working journey for every other student and do teach what they want to learn through the easiest way they can internalize a simple idea, making music with more than 14 years of experience in the music education field,. I’m here For beginners who want to learn basics in music theory & harmony, improvise on the keyboard & piano, create chord progressions on your own, understand the logic behind composing & producing, and know actually what they are doing on your own productions. For advanced, to freshen up your knowledge, get deeper on a subject, or gain another perspective towards your musical approach. Worldwide for online lessons or private in Amsterdam. Don’t be shy, please get in touch ! WHO IS SHE? My name is Lora, I am a classically trained pianist with a degree in Composition & Performance. I received training in music in various disciplines as a composer in my bachelor's degree and as a sound designer in my Masters's degree. Today combining them to make my own music, besides, help music lovers to find their own way of learning and reflecting on music is what I mainly do. In the last fourteen years, I have worked with students of all ages and from different levels. My main purpose is to help the student to discover their tendencies and internalize a simple idea, making music. I give piano lessons at home or on location in Amsterdam and surroundings. It is my belief that whether it is piano or another instrument, creating melodies and sound with the assist of your body&mind is all by itself a beautiful idea to sustain.
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Music Theory / Piano / Music Production Lessons for all Levels (Amsterdam)
Best piano lesson I've ever had! Admittedly, this was also the first lesson I've ever had - however it was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. Starting at the ripe old age of 35 I was slightly concerned that I might be too old to start, but Deniz made the whole experience very easy to enjoy, and she adapted the lesson around the very little bits I was able to do, while filling in lots of information that I didn't know. Looking forward to carrying on my training and would highly recommend to anyone that's thinking of taking the plunge.
Review by MITCH
Ableton and production skills. Get your ideas heard! (Ghent)
Had a good understanding with Arnoult. His explanations were very clear, seems to know his stuff. Looking forward to the next lesson!
Review by GILLES
Guitar Lessons in Amsterdam Centrum (or via Skype) (Amsterdam)
Fun, easygoing, friendly and a great teacher interested in improving your guitar skills.
Review by JANIS