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Recently Posted Private Classes

Guitar for beginners and intermediates + possibility of teching a few words of spanish :)
Do you want to learn how to play various styles while having fun? Or you just feel stagnated and you dont progress anymore? Then you should try out my classes: I dont specialize in any specific style, but I grew to learn at least the basic tricks of the main styles (flamenco, blues, acoustic folk, electric pop, a bit of jazz) It would truly be a pleasure to me to show you the keys about becoming a better guitar player, the details that make the difference. I can of course also show you how to play specific songs that you like, and how to slowly figure songs and melodies out by ear. If necessary I will correct your technique and show you how to maintain your guitar. Ill be looking forward to you! Pablo

International bass lessons in Vienna: Become the groove master in Vienna and start your journey to becoming a great bassist now
The bass can be the most underrated instrument. But if you learn its main function and play it masterfully, you can become the groove master and hero of the band. Many producers say that if the drums and bass are tight and well arranged, the song is already great! In my classes you will learn the most important aspects of playing bass so that you become a great and stable bassist as quickly as possible, based on the songs you like and want to learn. We develop the rest of the theory around the songs we learn, making the class cool and dynamic. Theory, technique, slap, chords and music production are the topics we will cover in class. I speak Spanish and Hungarian as native speakers, advanced English and intermediate German. Whether you're a beginner or want to refine your skills, I can help you achieve your musical goals. Join my exciting and personal bass lessons in Vienna, available as both individual and group lessons. Let's make music together!

Flute for flute lovers - ready to share my knowlage for anyone who loves music
If you are interested in music and want to learn to play the flute or improve your playing skills, I am here for you to achieve your goal! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, I can give lessons to anyone! The only thing you need is desire and having the instrument with you.

I PLAY VIOLIN! 🎻 AND WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? Violin lessons for all ages and levels
I am here to help you improve your superpowers or discover them together from the very beginning! I offer you to - learn to hold the instrument correctly - form a musical thought - Read music perfectly - Violin lessons according to the programme or rehearse the repertoire of your choice - Classical or popular music I look forward to making your violin lessons fun and relaxing! I would love to explore with you and discover your musical side 🎶.

Electric/Acoustic Guitar Courses (All levels and ages of students are welcome).
Hello, and welcome to my Guitar Courses page. I am a graduate of Kunstuniversität Graz (BA in Jazz Guitar, currently in my Master studies) and have been teaching for the past 9 years, started from Athens (Greece) and currently in Graz (Austria). Every student/musician has different needs, so each course is adapted to the students' needs. Topics that can be discussed/ taught in class: 1) Guitar/ Fretboard knowledge: It is really important to know your instrument, and it makes it much easier to learn songs you like, etc! 2) Accompaniment for songs: Chords, rhythmic patterns for them depending on the song style, strumming/finger techniques, etc. 3) Improvisation: Get the tools you need (arpeggios, triads, theory, lines) to play the music you like (mostly advised for Jazz) 4) Rhythm 5) Harmony, Modern music theory, and composition. 6) Technique: Alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid, legato playing, etc. 7) Repertoire according to your musical taste (from Rock, Jazz, Pop, Funk style, etc.) I am looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

Irati Lusarreta
Online or face to face Spanish lessons for kids, students or adults
If you are interested in learning Spanish or you started some years ago and want to refresh your knowledge I will be happy to help you. As a native speaker I will include films, songs and many other dynamic materials so learning will be an interesting and entertaining process.

English with Native Speaker! (7 Years of Teaching Experience)
Hello! My name is Griffin and I am a native English speaker from San Diego, California. I have been teaching English for 7 years across 3 countries. I have experience teaching a wide range of students with differing language levels from all over the world. I am based in Vienna, Austria but teach online as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime (:

Piano lessons for everyone (German, French, English)
Do you want to start playing the piano or refine your skills? ✨🎹 I would be very happy to accompany you on this journey. My name is Bella and I am originally from Paris. I am currently finishing my piano studies (Solo Master) at the mdw here in Vienna. I am a passionate classical concert pianist and I have also been teaching for many years. As a lover of the entire repertoire, I am happy to advise you musically and technically to help you find your musical path. I look forward to your message! 🌟

Flute lessons in Graz! Let's Play Traverse Flute Together!
I am a qualified music teacher and flautist with 20 years of experience in flute teaching. Are you beginners, late starters, intermediate or already advanced level with flute playing? In every age group, in every level you welcome to learn and play the flute with me. I studied flute and music in Turkey and then in France. I completed my master's degree and proficiency in art degrees. I have the title of Associate Professor in music education. I taught flute, flute ensemble and chamber music for 20 years.

MDW lecturer guides you in refining piano technique and musical understanding
You will learn to improve your technique, practice efficiently, memorize the music with confidence, prepare for concerts and exams in a motivating and entertaining atmosphere :D I am also happy to teach music theory and ear training in German, especially in preparation for entrance exams to German-speaking music universities. As a graduate of the HMTM Hannover and the Mozarteum University Salzburg, I have specialized in historical keyboard instruments and am equally familiar with music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras. In addition to my work as a lecturer at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw), I also coach piano students who attend music high schools and/or students that are preparing for entrance exams at music universities.

ART - drawing, improving drawing skills and shading, introduction into painting, collage, enjoying the creative process
Arts encourage self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. Creativity can also help with wellbeing and improving health and happiness! I offer classes to improve drawing and painting skills but most of all to find a channel to explore and enjoy your creative capabilities.

Harmonica lessons for beginners to advanced
I offer personal harmonica lessons in a variety of genres. The content is entirely based on your interests and is very much oriented towards actual playing and improvising. With me you can learn everything you need for the blues harp. From the first notes, replaying your favorite songs and special techniques to fluid improvisation and playing together with other musicians. I'm also happy to convey a solid understanding of the music theory behind the harmonica, but if you don't feel like learning theory, that's no problem for me. I welcome adults and young people over 12 years of age. Hourly prices can be negotiated by telephone, the price stated is a guideline, not a fixed price.

Accordion lessons and music theory. fun and learning!
I have been teaching classes for all ages for many years. Depending on this, as well as the level of play, I adapt to different teaching methods. We are all unique and different people require different approaches. But what is most important to me is that every student loves music more and progresses with this class. On the accordion you can play a wide variety of music genres: classical, jazz, dances such as tango and waltz and others, and everything sounds interesting and special. If you are interested and interested, get in touch! I would be very happy! :)

Music theory lessons (ear training / sight reading)
Are you struggling with ear training / sight reading lessons in music school? Or are you simply interested in developing those skills? I am offering music theory lessons (ear training, sight reading) for beginners or for students of music on different levels. I am here in Graz studying classical singing and opera performance in Master's programme. I come from Estonia and there, aside from singing studies, I worked as a teacher of music theory subjects (solfeggio, prima vista, basic theory) at the Georg Ots Tallinn Music College (conservatory level) for 4 years (2018-2022) and was the head teacher of the department for music theory for 2 years (2020-2022). I also had multiple private students and offered a course to help people prepare their music theory knowledge and skills for the entrance exams to the conservatory. If you feel that my experience could be helpful for you, please do not hesitate to contact me! We will find a fitting schedule and study plan that is personalised for you and your needs!

Piano and music theory teacher taught by MDW piano student
I'm teaching piano and music theory to students of all ages and different levels. In my lessons it's important for me to seek an individual approach as well as adjust to the student's level and personality traits. Depending on the student's previous experience we will learn and work on repertoire and develop skills a musician needs, such as notes reading, technique, understanding of music.

Learn Spanish with a new and fun method
I am 27 years old and have been working as a Spanish teacher for foreigners for two years. I am passionate about my work and have developed my own style that focuses on the actual use of Spanish. I invite you to discover it without obligation. The first class is free!

Learn from a concert flautist with 30 years of teaching experience!
Transverse flute lessons from a qualified music teacher and concert flutist who has successfully taught more than 200 pupils and students for 30 years. The teaching material is always personalized and ranges from baroque and classical to jazz and improvisation. The lessons last approximately 65 minutes. As the lessons progress, the most important thing is that making music is fun while learning. Both beginners (who cannot yet read music) and professionals who also have a diploma are welcome. Newcomers who have already learned the instrument but haven't had it in their hands for several years are of course welcome. We also play together regularly - voluntarily, of course - to play beautiful chamber music such as duos, trios and quartets.

Piano lessons in English for all ages and skill levels
Hi! I am a professional pianist with over 15 years of formal education. I have won numerous prizes on competitions all over Europe, and had many live performances. Currently, I am studying as a post-graduate student at the Kunst University in Graz, with a Master's degree in piano and piano pedagogy from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. I offer piano lessons at your home, aimed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We can work on any genre of music as long as we can find a suitable music score for it. The lessons are only in English! If you are interested, feel free to contact me

Singing lessons with an experienced musical actress
WHAT'S WAITING FOR YOU In addition to classical singing techniques, I work with embodiment in my lessons so that your voice is really connected to your body. I want to make sure that you sing healthily at all times. I pick you up where you are, address your personal wishes and ideas and accompany you on your way to your unique voice. Of course I have tips on timbres in different styles (mixed media, belting, lyrical...) and genres (musical, pop, chanson...). The focus of my lessons is on strengthening your intuition and getting to know yourself and your individual voice so that you become a confident singer. Your body needs something different every day - with me you will learn the right tools to bring you from every state into the presence you need for singing. I would also be happy to help you prepare for upcoming entrance exams. ABOUT ME I am a professional musical actress and singer-songwriter. In recent years I have appeared in musicals such as Mozart! and Schikaneder in Vienna's Raimundtheater, who played Anita Berber in BERLIN BERLIN and were allowed to create the lead role in the premiere of The Shadow Empress at the Tiroler Landestheater. In 2020 I produced my first album halb.inendlichkeit. I am happy to share my knowledge of voice & vocal technique and my stage experience with you. I also work with the technique of embodiment, which I learned as part of my physical theater training. I am convinced that singing is especially touching when it is practiced with joy and from the heart. I would like to accompany you in finding your unique voice.

Elif Nisa
Englisch Tutor for students who have a hard time in Englisch
Hey, my name is Elif and I am 16 years old. I want to help little children who have difficulties in school, especially in Englisch. I have great Englisch grammar knowledge and very patient with kids. I have already given tutoring classes before. I look forward for new students!!

Professional piano lessons in Vienna! The joy of playing: pieces from classical to pop and film music!
Piano lessons in Vienna for beginners and advanced! I have been sharing my knowledge as a piano teacher for over 6 years, both privately and at the Klangspiele music school in Vienna. In my piano lessons, I work with my students on a wide repertoire, ranging from classical works to pop and film music. It is particularly important to me to respond to the individual needs of my students and to awaken their enthusiasm for making music. I always enjoy working with children and adults of different ages. Lessons take place weekly in my cozy home in the 3rd district on a high-quality Yamaha piano. With my cheerful and communicative manner, I ensure that the lessons always remain interesting and lively. It shouldn't be boring :) You are welcome to visit my website and contact me via my email address: